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October 26, 2021

What Do Dreams Mean, How To Interpret Dreams UYT311

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Psychic Or Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams

Everybody dreams. Even if you don’t remember your dreams, you do dream. So what do dreams mean? What are they trying to tell you? Everyone wants to know how to interpret dreams. Many of you remember your dreams and actually experience your dreams. You have had some kind of what you might call psychic, spiritual, inspirational, or intuitive experience in your dreams.

What Do Dreams Mean, How To Interpret Dreams?

What Are Dreams?

Dreams are not necessarily random thoughts as you sleep. There is much more to them. Some statistics say, depending on the study, 65% to 98% of people have had some kind of premonition in their dreams. That’s a large percentage.

Regardless of these statistics, the majority of you just seem to take them as non-events. It’s one of those things that people enjoy their dreams, and it is a fun thing that just happens. But at the same time, these people would like their dreams interpreted to find out exactly what’s going on in this etherial plane.

The Psychology Of Dreams From A Psychic Perspectivelearn to explain your dreams

You have asked the question regarding dream interpretation, but perhaps we should define what dreams are before we go there. There are different categories of dreams. You can split dream experiences into two separate camps. One you might call a genuine dream or a genuine spiritual experience. An experience where it’s you and your consciousness actually traveling outside of your body in your astral body. You are having some kind of adventure.

The other type of dream experience is where your body processes the different things you’ve been through that day as a chemical or biochemical procedure. How you tell the difference between those two types of dreams is that one of them has a storyline, and one doesn’t.

So if the dream that you’re remembering is entirely muddled, just completely jumbled and muddled. And maybe some of the content is drawing from things you can point to that happened to you that day. Things that you’re just processing on a body level. But if your dream does have an actual storyline, then, in that case, it is a genuine dream or a genuine out-of-body experience, a genuine experience of astral traveling.

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Let me qualify what I mean. When I say a dream has a storyline, it is in your physical, three or four-dimensional time, space reality. It’s very linear. It has a beginning, and it has an ending. And this happens, then that happens, then the next thing happens. But also because dreams are taking place outside of time, space then the experience of time and progression within the dream can seem a bit different.

But you are still saying the dream has a storyline and a theme that you are exploring. So you might be exploring it a little multi-dimensionally. Because you think sometimes the order in which things happen in dreams is slightly different from the order in which things happen in your waking reality.

Another Dream Variationastral projection for beginners

The second form of dreams is more than that of a body-level process. It is you, the consciousness, having an out-of-body experience. And the out-of-body experience can be in what you call your astral body. Your astral body is a lighter body than your physical body. And it is a vehicle that you use to traverse and have adventures in the astral plane. So the astral realm is a realm of experience very closely associated with earth plane reality.

You might go there to work through the different themes that are going on in your life. So, for example, you might have a problem that you’re seeking a solution for. And you could have the type of dream where you are struggling with that question and trying to figure out a solution that you can now bring into your waking reality. So some of your adventures on the astral plane can relate very directly to your waking experience.

What About Nightmares?

A nightmare could be a dream experience that you are having in your astral body where you’ve got caught up in the lower realms of the astral plane. Because just like on the earth plane reality, there are certain cities and streets you wouldn’t want to walk down at night. It’s the same thing on the astral plane. These can have a lower frequency or bandwidth.

So a nightmare could be that you have got caught up in one of these unpleasant vibrational levels. Possibly because there may be a vibration within yourself that’s matching that. This form of dreaming, astral travel, allows you to work through these types of issues. is astral projection real

Also, on the astral plane, there is no time and space. That means that some of your dream experiences could be you exploring your past or your past lives. On the other hand, it could be that you are having an experience of exploring your future or your future lives. So, for example, premonitions. You may receive a premonition in a dream. Most of you have had a dream premonition. That is, you are exploring your future and future potentials in your dream state.

This is possible. You were exploring the future and the past when you were out of your physical body and in your astral body. In your physical body, you can only be right here right now. But in your astral body, you can move through time and space in a slightly different fashion. So it is essential to build and understand this picture of the different categories of dreams before you even talk about dream interpretation.

Deeper Dream Interpretation Answers

When you are sleeping at night, it is possible for you to even go beyond the astral plane. To experience even higher dimensions of reality outside of those regions or realms closely associated with earth plane reality. And as you move up into those higher dimensions of reality, they become less and less similar to what you experience in your waking life, mainly because they’re multi-dimensional.

And so, for most of you to bring that type of dream experience back into your waking consciousness and explain your dreams, there’s a translation of information that has to happen. There has to be a step down from a very high vibration, multi-dimensional level of experience all the way down into your 3d or 4d level of experience.

How To Lucid Dreamspiritual meaning of dreams

Another form of this higher frequency dream state is lucid dreaming. A lucid dream is when you are conscious while you are dreaming. In this state, you might even be able to actually direct your dream experience. And this is more like what takes place when you are astral traveling in your astral body.

Understanding The Different Levels Of Dream Meanings

Dreams and how to interpret dreams depend on the type of dream state you are in. It is essential to understand and be aware of where the information is coming from. Because depending on what type of dream it is, you might interpret it differently.

So a dream that’s coming from those higher realms of consciousness. May signify that you are receiving a guidance stream. And by the time it trickles down into your conscious awareness, you are dealing with something quite highly symbolic. So you will need to translate those dream symbols into some form of meaning. Then, of course, it’s also possible for you to receive guidance in the astral realm. Finally, you can meet and communicate with your guides at all of those different levels of experience.

Dream Meanings In A Nutshell

As for the different dream states and their meaning, you can have a guidance dream. You can have a dream where you’re trying to work a problem out. You can have a dream where you are connecting with and communicating with a different aspect of yourself from a past life, or from a future life, and so on.

Remembering Dreams

Now, remember that when you are asleep, and you are dreaming, different things are happening. You are traveling outside of your body, expanding your experience beyond time and space. If you’re expanding your experience beyond time and space, how could you fit that into your waking consciousness? And the answer is you can’t. Because your waking consciousness is limited.

There’s only a certain amount of content that can fit into your waking experience. Because you are limited by time and space. There’s only so much you can think about or be aware of at a time. Whereas out of the body, you could you can actually be having multiple dreams simultaneously. And so, you don’t bring all of your out-of-body experience into your waking consciousness. Simply you don’t remember all of your dreams purposefully because you couldn’t fit all of that content into your conscious perspective. It just wouldn’t all make sense, and it’s not meant to make sense because you are an infinite being.

You know, beyond time and space, you’re an infinite being. And so, some of these realms of experience that you exist in are not relevant to your earthly life. So it wouldn’t make sense to bring into your consciousness in your earthly life. But some things do. And those are the dreams that you remember.

Dreams are a fantastic way for your unconscious mind to communicate with your conscious mind. They’re a fantastic way for your higher being that exists beyond time and space to communicate with your body personality level that exists within time and space. So they can be a great way to receive guidance.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Do Dreams Mean, How To Interpret Dreams, where we discuss some of the salient points of analyzing dreams.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Do Dreams Mean, How To Interpret Dreams:

  • I feel like my dreams lately have definitely had a storyline and theme. They have been family-based.
  • I dream EVERY SINGLE NIGHT At least 3-4 different dreams. They are scenarios that could typically happen in my real life. Very rarely do I dream of weird, unrealistic things
  • I do pretty clearly remember visitation dreams. When I connect with someone in my dreams, I actually have more visitation dreams from people who are alive still than I do those that have passed. Those details/connections are apparent. They don’t fade with time. I don’t remember any other dreams. I believe the rest are probably processing dreams, or maybe like you said, stuff I’m not meant to remember. I do remember one of those scary dreams, you know the lower vibration ones too, those I’d rather forget, lol!
  • When I was young, I had a reoccurring dream that I was falling off a cliff and always woke up before I’d actually crash. I was by myself.
  • I’ve always been super intuitive and thought I had a gift. I’ve always thought I more on the Clairsentience/Claircognizance. But with me having these vivid symbolic dreams, does this mean anything.
  • I dreamed I saw many of my ancestors, and one of them turned into a dog/wolf and left behind a book that led me to research Zulu tribes and South Africa when I woke up. Is my family connected to Zulu? Or did it mean something else?
  • I’ve had a handful of dreams over the years where I can breathe underwater as a human. It usually starts with me swimming below the surface. Then, I start to get worried that I need air, and then this calm washes over me, and I’m able to breathe underwater – not through my mouth or nose – but my lungs expand and contract. Could this be related to breathing problems during sleep even if I have no history or knowledge of breathing problems? Or can dreams cause a physiological reaction otherwise?
  • Most of my dreams seem very detailed, there are times when I know I’m in a dream, but I can’t control what is happening. So why is that Dr. Lesley?
  • I recently became initiated as an Adept, and guides speak to me often and wake me. I try to recall it. Yet as soon as I open my eyes, the information I received is gone. I keep pen and paper also. I do recall many, and those are the ones I was involved in.
    Can we share dreams/nightmares with someone? For example, I had a nightmare years ago and found out later my dad had much the same dream. However, I could not determine the time frame, so I don’t know if we had the same dream at the same time, but we did share the same type of dream nonetheless?
  • My mom passed away last year. I have dreams of her communicating with me in different ways. Is this my subconscious or her trying to connect with me from the other side?
  • I guess I wonder if dreams can physically affect our bodies or our physical state affects our dreams?
  • I had a dream last night that my son was knocking on my bedroom door. I am so happy that it was the first time I woke up and felt his presence. What is funny about this dream is; I have been wanting a dream for the last 4 months. The knock on the door was so real. First, I thought it was my sister knocking on my door. Then I realized it was my dream state. As soon as I let go of the need to have a dream from him. Then I got this knock on my door. What would the symbol of the closed-door mean?

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