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August 11, 2016

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guide Safely! – UYT016

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Where Do You Turn For Help When You Are Alone In Life?

So you would like to know how to communicate with your spirit guide safely to help withyou can learn to communicate with your spirit guides and angels those issues in your life that you cannot master or overcome alone. Many people have different opinions about spirit beings. They feel that some are good and some not so much. First, let me explain that all spirit guides are wonderful and want only the best for you. They do not have a hidden agenda of any sort other than to be as helpful as possible. Have you ever heard of a mean guardian angel? The same holds for these entities. As for how easy it is to contact them well, I will disclose that secret to you now. All you have to do is ask!!!

When No One Seems To Be Able To Help!

So why is contacting spirit guides so beneficial? You may have many daunting challenges in your life that seem insurmountable. You cannot seem to get over the hump created to keep you from the happy side of life. It can get very lonely when you have these tasks that no one seems to help you with, let alone understand what you are going through. People tend to shy away when they go through challenges, and if they do offer assistance, it is usually wrong. The problem is that they see you and the issue through their human filters and past experiences.

I have been there, having been in a position having to make decisions that can change my life and those around me and end up feeling really torn. I was at a point where I did not have a clue. I realized that no one could help with the decisions I had to make. Well, I finally did find help. In actuality, help found me, my Spirit Guides. They helped guide me by giving me the where-with-all to look deep inside myself to find those answers. I discovered that life could become so much easier if you work with your spirit guides, and happiness is less elusive.

Who Are These Enlightened Beings?

So you may ask, “What are Spirit Guides?” Just as there are many people with corporal bodies, there are also other beings as well. Those in spirit form. Some of who are these unknown enlightened beingsthese being are Spirit Guides. They are exactly that, Guides in Spirit form. They are energy beings who can team up with you to help you with your life situations. Just as there are many different personalities in body form, there are many different personalities out-of-body. Some are advanced, ascended, enlightened beings; others are the opposite, and there are all levels in between.

Many have had physical bodies. Some have not; some souls may alternate (you may even have been a guide). They are somewhat like angels and actually are in many cases. We examine the different types of guides, how they specialize in different areas, how to recognize them, and how they can help you in other podcasts.

Is It Difficult To Speak With Guides In Spirit Form?

Now you would like to know how do spirit guides communicate. The easiest way to talk to spirit guides and angels is to ask them. Seriously, yes! I know it sounds too simple but really. Asking spirit guides for signs works as well, but it delays the experience. Why not just get right to the heart of it and ask your spirit guides for help.

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guide Safely And Easily?

A “ meet your spirit guide meditation ” helps as well. This meditation is a light meditation where you open yourself up to an introduction or a conversation or listen to these beings. You can have different Guides for different things. I have guides to help me with things like my readings, healing sessions, long-distance healings even when I write my books. If you have issues doing so, an Intuitive or Psychic Reader can help introduce you. The best advice I can give you is to jump right in. If you have some issues, I have provided a quick link below to receive a free reading.

In this podcast, you will learn:-

  • About spirit guide contracts
  • Tips on interpreting messages from spirit guides
  • How guides are both different and similar to you

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guide Safely, and begin understanding signs of spirits connecting with you and how to see your spirit guide.

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

Get Your Free Psychic Abilities Quiz

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