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December 1, 2021

How Do I Stop Procrastinating | Tips For Overcoming Procrastination UYT316

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What Causes Procrastination?

Are you a professional procrastinator? Like many of your fellow human beings, you may have struggled with the question of “How do I stop procrastinating.” Before we discuss tips for overcoming procrastination, it would be beneficial to understand why you procrastinate. Procrastination the, why do today what you can postpone till tomorrow syndrome.

How Do I Stop Procrastinating – Tips For Overcoming Procrastination

What Are The Causes Of Procrastination?

One of the main reasons why we procrastinate is fear. FEAR is a great acronym that can be used for the causes of procrastination.

  • FFear
  • E – Expectations
  • A – Acceptance, Attachment
  • R – Resistance

Number 1 Causes OF Procrastination

F – Fear-Based Procrastination

Fear itself is the number one, the foremost thing that will cause you to procrastinate. Because if you are in a state of fear, you are not in a state of motion. You are stuck in life and are not moving forward. You are not changing.

Fear is the lowest vibration that exists in your world, and love is the highest vibration. And when you are in fear, everything stops moving. So if you are in a state of fear about something that you want to do or feel that you have to do, you will not feel as though you can move forward into that space of doing that thing. You are going to be like a deer in the headlights, frozen in your tracks.

There are many different things under that umbrella of fear, depending on what you are putting off. For example, suppose you are a shy person. In that case, you might put off meeting people, going to business meetings, going to your doctor or dentist.learn what causes fear and why

You may fear going to the doctor because they might find that you are sick. Sounds ludicrous, but that is a significant phenomenon right now because of the pandemic. Many people have avoided going to the doctor because they are afraid the doctor’s office or the hospital is a hotspot for infection. And so fear has caused these people to procrastinate and put off having their health evaluated.

The was a report on the radio news about the other day from a pediatric surgeon in Ontario. She said that more kids are coming in with tumors that are too large to work. And this is because they have delayed coming in. The reason for the delay is that the symptoms seem like minor COVID symptoms in many cases. So parents just procrastinate due to fear and delay the visit.

And then, of course, they don’t want to go into the hospital because there are like 90,000 patients in the hospital with COVID. And so there are three times as many kids that come in with overgrown tumors. They are the size of an orange or even grapefruit instead of a ping pong ball, which makes them much harder to operate on successfully.

This is one good example that illustrates the idea of a fear-based cause of procrastination. And you could come up with other examples, couldn’t you?

Another cause of fear-based procrastination is confrontation. Or the fear of having a significant or difficult conversation with somebody. Fear is easily the number one cause of procrastination.

Number 2 Causes OF Procrastination

E – Expectation-Based Procrastination

When you look into the future, there can be things you want to do or ways you want to live your life. These concepts can be considered to be perfect pictures, you know, projections of perfectionism. But another word for it is expectations. And because you feel unworthy or incapable of achieving these ideals, you are actually afraid to move forward because of expectations. one of the examples of procrastination is false expectations

What if you do it wrong? What if you are not good enough? What if you can’t meet the standards. Standards that your boss or your parents, your partner or whoever it is, expect of you. So in our culture, expectations are a considerable hold back to moving forward.

In our world, in our culture, most people have received programming, indoctrination about what they should do, what they should believe, and who they should be, and how they should behave. And most of you have put off being yourselves to do all the duties that other people have put upon you. So, it’s funny, but you think that many of you are procrastinating being yourselves. Procrastinate being your authentic selves because you are so caught up in other peoples’ expectations of who you should be.

And attached to that idea of expectations is the people pleaser mentality. So, you know, many of you spend all your time trying to keep everybody else happy and have made it a priority. And you put yourself at the bottom of the list. So you run around, expending your energy, meeting everyone else’s expectations.

And it might not be expectations of who you should be, but who you should be for them or what you should do for them or how you should help them. So, as a people-pleaser, trying to meet the expectations of others or just meet the expectations of your cultural programming causes you to procrastinate.

An excellent example of this is in your work life. You feel that you are not going to meet the standards that are set for you. You may have an exceptionally critical boss. Because of this, you become afraid to approach a particular project because of their expectations.

You can also consider perfectionism a form of expectation. Perfectionism can delay you in beginning a project or completing one, can’t it? You spend more time than you need to get things ready. All the ducks have to be in a row. So your expectation is that you should do this perfectly. But you are afraid that you are not good enough or afraid to fail. Therefore, you put off doing this thing.

Number 3 Causes OF Procrastination

A – Acceptance or Attachment-Based Procrastination

Another cause of procrastination is acceptance or the lack of acceptance. Acceptance is when your energy moves in a specific direction, and you go with the flow. Procrastination occurs when you do not accept the flow. When you stop and are stuck in a particular configuration. And so if you are not accepting, you are judging and criticizing, you’re stuck, you’re not moving forward.attachment can cause procrastination

An example of not accepting something is that you are involved in a car accident. And what happens is, and this is an extreme case, but you have an accident, you break your leg drastically. And, of course, part of the healing process is to get you up and begin to walk again.

But you have a problem accepting that this has happened to you and you can’t or will not be able to walk again. So you become attached to this outcome. You know, you accept that fact. And you let, or yourself or somebody else tell you, you will never walk again. And your progress through your life. You don’t walk.

This lack of acceptance can cause you t stay in bed saying, “Why did this happen to me.” You can’t accept it. It’s just terrible. It’s that person’s fault. It’s all that person’s fault. You know, this or that went wrong, then you are not moving forward; you are stuck in this thing that you are not accepting.

It is great to move forward, but just don’t get attached to the outcome. Because if you do and you fail, it may cause you to stop trying.

Number 4 Causes OF Procrastination

R – Resistance-Based Procrastination

There is a saying that goes, “what you resist persists.”

This is very true in the realm of procrastination as well. Let’s look at an example of this resistance. Relationships are a great example. You may be in a relationship, and perhaps, you know, it might be better for you to move on from it. But you resist making the change because you don’t want to be alone. Maybe your partner has lots of money, and you rely on them, or something like that. You are willing to stay in an unhappy circumstance just because it is easier. You resist the change.

So if you’re resisting something, then you’re stuck in the energy of that thing. And you have all had that feeling of resistance. You have got to go to work tomorrow, and you don’t really want to. Or you have got to do your taxes. Whatever it is resistance, resistance slows things down. It takes you a lot longer to get to something if you are in resistance to that thing.

How Do I Stop Procrastinating?

Procrastination, in effect, is fighting against the vibration of moving forward for whatever reason there may be. So overcoming procrastination would entail learning to recognize and control your personal energy, vibration, or frequency. Intuition is a form of energy. Procrastinating is the equivalent of not following your intuition about what is an appropriate course of action.

And, you know, sometimes you are procrastinating because you feel obligated to do something that isn’t something that your intuition would tell you to do. Listening to your intuition can get you out of that stuckness.

The best way to be connected with your intuition is to connect to your higher self, Spirit. You know, fear is being stuck in a low-energy vibe. You need to be in a state of flow, you need to get your energy moving, you need to get out of fear. And so and there are various ways that you can move out of fear. Meditation can release you from fear and is one of the simplest.

Specifically, Grounding Meditation is an excellent way for expelling negative energy and causing your vibrations to rise and flow freely.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

Another way to change the energy or the stuckness is through some form of amusement. Amusement has a very high vibration. And I’m sure you can all think of something where it seemed like an awful thing at the time. And then, in hindsight, you can actually laugh at it. And it doesn’t seem such a severe thing anymore, does it? So if you can get amused about something, then things seem more acceptable.

When you look at your life, you live in this world of duality. And you think that this reality you live in is all physical, but it’s not really physical. Everything boils down to energy and vibration, your vibration, and those two basic emotions of fear and love.

Almost everything you do every day takes decision-making. And once you start making decisions, those procrastinations come into play. And the most challenging thing for most of you to do is choose yourself and do things that are positive for yourself. You are always thinking about your bosses, friends, relatives, spouses, kids, or even society and government as a whole. Regardless of what, many of you think choosing yourself is the better choice for all. Choosing yourself will help you stop procrastination in its tracks.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley, How Do I Stop Procrastinating |Tips For Overcoming Procrastination, as we discuss examples of procrastination and how to overcome procrastination.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How Do I Stop Procrastinating |Tips For Overcoming Procrastination:

  • I try to avoid to-do lists except for urgent or immediate tasks, but to-do lists or not, I tend to prioritize certain tasks over others. I suppose I judge what’s urgent and what’s not, but when things become “past due” according to my judgment, that’s when I tend to put off doing those things, even if they’re simple.
  • I think I’ve been procrastinating on dating, although I don’t know that I feel “ready” to invite someone new into my life. Either way, dating these days can be time-consuming and feels like a daunting task. I don’t necessarily think I’m avoiding it because I’m open and have taken opportunities, but I’m not actively seeking.
  • I think we were talking about that today in class. (not wanting to be grounded and wanting to be flying)
  • Hi Dr. Lesley; I started an important new position at work, one where I should be trying harder than ever. But the more difficult, the more I find myself procrastinating. Why would that be?
  • Why is it so hard for me to get my diet and self-care on track? Every time I attempt to do better I fall off even when I know my health is at stake and could get worse. what can I do to stop this cycle?
  • Hello and thank you, I recently moved and am starting fresh and testing myself in a locale despite what’s going. I am getting a pull in my dreams and in my heart from an old flame and I am wondering…
  • Hey Dr. Lesley and Corry. I procrastinate A LOT. And the more I procrastinate, the lazier (I guess) I get. How do I get out of that cycle?
  • I recently listened to an archived show on Communicating with Deceased loved ones. I feel my grandparents strongly from time to time; is there a way I can validate?

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