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October 28, 2017

How Do I Interpret My Dreams?-UYT099

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What Your Dreams Are Telling You?

“How do I interpret my dreams? What do they mean?” We have all have looked for dream learn to explain your dreamsinterpretation answers at one time or another. Do you remember your dreams? If you are like most people you do not recall much of your dream state. Little tidbits here and there most probably are lucid.

Maybe, again, like most people you will have somewhat of a memory of one or two a night. We all enter this state each night as we sleep and have many different nocturnal experiences. One thing for certain, we All Dream. And I am sure you would all like to learn how to interpret your dreams. First, let’s take a look at what are dreams to start with.

Explain Your Dreams

Dreams, what they mean, and knowing how they pertain to your life can be a real help. Generally, you may be at a loss to do just that. So what do you do in this case? Often people think that dreams are mystical only to be understood by psychics, or sitting in a psychologist’s office spilling your innermost secrets.

However, you do not have to go those routes to analyze your dreams. It can be far from that. The main goal may stay the same and that is to get to know yourself better. These interpretations can be invaluable to your life.

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Why Do You Dream?

As you know you are actually more than just your physical self. You are also your conscious and subconscious minds as well as that of your true nature which is Spirit. What the state of reaming does is allow these parts of you to come together. These dreams do so much for us. They can relieve our emotional pain and anxiety. They can take us to amazing places both in this reality and in others. Dreams can help you visit past lives. All these things can help you in your present journey.

Being able to comprehend what goes on in your dream state can really be an aid to the understanding of who you are deep inside. It can awaken the true you.

How Do I Interpret My Dreams And Dream Analysis?psychology of dreams

Most of you have been subjected to a misunderstanding of the nature of dreams and how to analyze them. This is the misinterpretation that all individual dreams about specific things have very specific meaning to everyone. However, everyone is different, unique in so many ways. So how can we pigeon hole every dream meaning for everyone?

Individual’s dreams are particularly pertinent to their lives and experiences. Much of why you dream and what you dream about is directly related to your awakening and personal discovery. Yet there can be commonalities found in dreams that can be used to help you sort through them and their meaning.

Dream Interpretation Using Journals

It is as important to dream as it is to sleep. So why do we tend to discount or even ignore these dreams and their messages? Many people have learned to interpret them. These interpretations can give you insights into your growth cycles. There are ways to learn how to not only remember your dreams but find their meanings as well.

The first key to doing so is a dream journal. Journaling is the most useful tool in helping you remember and understand your dreams. Most people do not remember all their dreams and many think that they don’t dream at all. Everyone dreams! The issue isn’t the lack of dreams it is the lack of remembering them. To understand your dreams, you must first be able to retain them. The easiest way to do this is to keep some form of notation device beside your bed so that when you rouse you can jot the dreams down in some way.

You can use a notepad and pen. In our modern society, you can use a digital recording device even your mobile phone to record them.

Dream Journal Example

I used to employ a digital recorder I kept under my pillow. If I would wake with a dream in learn about some journal examplesmind I would quickly record it. After a while, I would wake up in the morning and check my notations. The interesting thing is I will have recorded more dreams than I remembered having. I would actually record my dreams in my sleep. It was a whole new world for me to explore. Dreams of far off adventures, travel, past lives, and astral traveling were very common and ever so helpful to me in my spiritual and personal growth.

Using this information can help you understand the innermost secrets of your life. Even those that you aren’t fully aware of in your waking state. You can become an aggressor or victim, a hero, or villain.

The Psychology Of Dreams

You can find a dream dictionary online which supposedly holds a dream meaning for specific things or activities. Instead of giving in to prescribed and universal meanings for these representations, you can translate them through your spiritual intuition using meditation practice.

No matter how much someone will try to express their thoughts about your dreams they are specific to you and only you. You can learn much about yourself from even the most ordinary dreams. Everything that comes to you in your dreams has relevance for you. There is so much depth to each lovely spirit. You can do so and discover so much about who you really are in spiritual meaning of dreamsyour dreams.

This is a whole new reality other than the waking state but a reality none the less. This reality and the dreams that occur during it do have significant meaning in both our spiritual and corporal lives. There are many types of dreams. Some seem so real. Of course, there are nightmares, night terrors, as well. One popular question I often get is “Is astral travel dreaming?” We all have wondered “what does my dream mean.” These are all explainable. There is a whole psychology of dreams.
So when you are wondering about, “what do dreams mean when you dream about someone” or ” what does it mean when I remember I died in my dream” there are ways to determine these completely on your own. All your dream stories are yours as are their meanings. Deam on and have fun.

In this Podcast How Do I Interpret My Dreams you will learn:

  • How to lucid dream.
  • How to remember your dreams.
  • Why a journal is important and journal examples.
  • How to interpret them.
  • The spiritual meaning of dreams and prophetic dream interpretation.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Do I Interpret My Dreams, and discover the importance of your dream state.

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