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May 3, 2022

Can Eating A High Vibration Diet Affect Your Intuition? UYT329

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High Vibration Foods Can Be Very Beneficial

Can eating a high vibration diet affect your intuition. All foods have a vibrational frequency. And this frequency can either enhance or deter your intuitive abilities. In turn, your intuition can help you choose the right foods for you and your body. You should always apply your own unique perspective and listen to your own higher guidance about things such as diet.

Can Eating A High Vibration Diet Affect Your Intuition?

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is trendy right now. This type of eating regime is all about following your intuition. It’s all about how you can use your intuition to choose a specific diet that’s uniquely appropriate for you. When it comes to this particular dieting method, no one size fits all. So on intuition and diet, one thing that you would say is your intuition is a crucial factor.

What Can Cause You To Lose Your Intuitive Connection?

You all have intuitive abilities that help you make your day-to-day choices and decisions. Yet these beautiful gifts are not always readily accessible. Often when you are sick, it’s harder for you to access your intuition. These intuitive downtimes often include when you are distracted by mental, emotional, or other adverse physical symptoms.

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You may find that you are unwell and your body is screaming really loud, or if you’re in pain, it’s much harder to access your intuition. And so it makes sense for you to want to support your bodies with healthy nutrition so that you can stay healthy. Because when you are healthy, it is easier for you to access your intuition. And in turn, when your intuition is active, you can make better dietary choices. trusting intuition is key to how to awaken your intuition

This ability to make better, intuitive choices is mainly because your body is now aligned. It’s not screaming at you. So the relationship between intuition and diet is that it makes it easier for you to stay healthy and tune in to your intuition. So nurturing mental, emotional and physical health helps you stay focused and supports your intuition.

The clearer your vibration, the more intuitive you are. A good analogy is that of a dirty window scenario. Your energy field is like a window into reality. You see the world through it, and the world sees you through that same window. If the window is filthy, then you’re not going to be able to see very clearly. If this is true, then it stands to reason you’re not going to be able to interact with reality clearly.

So if you are filling your system with junk, whether it’s junk food, emotions, thoughts, or beliefs, you’re going to have a foggy window. And you’re not going to be very clear about your intuition. So, on a physical level, if you feed your body unhealthy mental attitudes, emotions, and really unhealthy food, then your energy field won’t be clear. It will be harder for you to be intuitive. So there is a direct spiritual or psychic relationship between food and health. So we can agree that it is easier to access your intuition when you feel healthy.

How To Raise Your Spiritual Vibration With Food

Let’s take a look at food itself. Everything is made up of energy, and energy has a specific frequency through vibration. So everything has a vibration. Food is a part of everything, and it has a specific vibration. Let’s look at some extreme examples to help illustrate the difference between high vibration foods and low vibration foods.

Many types of meat that are consumed daily are factory-farmed animals. It is not difficult to understand that these animals will have a lower frequency or vibration than a free-range organic animal. This will hold true whether it is a cow, goat, sheep, chicken, or turkey. Even fish that swim free in the ocean versus those raised on a fish farm will fall under this consideration. It’s going to have a different vibrational frequency.

Loved and cared for animals will have a different vibration than abused, mistreated ones. This is nofree range animals have a high vibration different than a loved and cared for human will have a different vibration than an abused and mistreated one. So due to the living conditions that an animal is in, you may be accumulating a high vibration or a low vibration. And the same thing applies to plants.

A plant grown on depleted land or in a vast monoculture and sprayed with pesticides and herbicides will have a different vibration than an organic crop grown on fertile soil.

So you can start to see that you can have a choice about the food that you are choosing to consume and its vibrational status. Another very pertinent thing to consider is that because we have such a high population on the planet, much of your food contains toxins. These toxins can impact the health of your body.

What Can Constitute A High Vibration Diet?

Again it’s a good idea to be mindful of what you eat. You should be intuitive about what goes in your body. Read the label. Choose wisely. Again, if you’re feeling sick, that will distract you from being able to tune in to your intuition.

All of that said, the idea that different foods contain different vibrational frequencies, what if you are consuming the same food grown differently. Will it also have a different frequency? For instance, if you can’t afford organic food, is there something you can do? Not to worry because there are things that you can do.

There are practical things that you can do like washing your food. There are also energetic practices thatwash your foods for a high vibration diet can help you alter the vibration of your food. You can do these practices before you eat it. An example of that would be blessing your food depending on your culture. Saying a prayer over your food or running pure positive healing energy through your food will cleanse out the vibrations within the food that are out of alignment.

So you cleanse your food energetically before you eat it. But you can also transmute it within your system after you eat it. Remember, you are the God of your own universe, so you can alter anything within your own system. So basically, you can eat what you will and just tell your body to keep what will be nutritional and just remove the rest.

The key is a better relationship between your bodies and your spiritual essence. Learn to communicate with your bodies. Listen to your bodies to operate in alignment both in body and spirit. The interpreter to do this is your intuitive senses.

High Vibration Diets

So is there an intuition diet? You will probably find some different, very varied opinions on this topic. Some people may say you should eat a vegan diet or vegetarian diet because that will raise your vibration. The thought here is that lighter foods have a higher vibration, making your animal body have a lighter vibration.

However, if you think that eating a vegan diet will be the answer to developing your intuition, you are most probably mistaken. You can choose to eat a vegan diet, and that’s great. But suppose you feed yourself negative thoughts, toxic emotions, unhealthy relationships, and nonsupportive belief systems. In that case, you can eat all the vegan food you like or all the vegetarian foods you like. Unfortunately, you’re still going to have a dirty window to look through.

Other people advocate fasting and cleansing and all of these things. If you are in alignment with what your body needs, that can be an asset in some form. But in and of themselves, they are not the solution to developing your intuition. So yes, there are all sorts of diets out there, aren’t there? Paleo keto, low carb, sugar-free, gluten-free.

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You name it, it’s all out there. Yet there is no ultimate intuition diet. However, there is a diet that works for you and your unique constitution. And so what’s a healthy diet for you might not be a healthy diet for another. So you need to use your intuition to find out what works for you, your unique body, your unique genetics, your unique preferences. It is different for everyone.

And so, really, what you want to do is respect that everyone is different and respect that everyone right to choose what’s appropriate for them. Because as a vegan, you can be judging meat-eaters. Then you’re feeding your body the negative emotion of judgment. You can be a paleo aficionado and judge vegetarians and vegans. Again, you would be feeding yourself negative emotions of judgment. And so, neither of those is a healthy diet when it’s a diet of judgment. And so, choose what feels good for you. And I’ll also say at this point. Ethics and spirituality are two different things.

If your body tells you something great. If your intuition is telling you something like, Oh, don’t eat that pizza, don’t order a pizza. You could test it. Go ahead and order that pizza and see how you feel afterward. You are probably guaranteed to not feel all that great afterward. Sometimes you may need pizza, and that doesn’t affect you. But if your intuition says don’t eat or drink something, you shouldn’t do it. Because you will get a negative result from that food or beverage?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Can Eating A High Vibration Diet Affect Your Intuition as we look at the correlation between good health, healthy eating, life habits, and your intuition.

Your Free Intuition Myth E-book

Your Free Intuition Myth E-book

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Can Eating A High Vibration Diet Affect Your Intuition:

  • Ligia – Hi, Dr. Lesley and Corry! I’ve wanted to go vegan for the longest time, but I can never do it. Is this because I am not meant to be vegan? Or should I keep trying?
  • Misty – I also have heard people say that addictions to food or anything really is because you are running a chakra too high?
  • Shannon – Hi, Lovely Lesley! Lately, I’ll get hungry, but I have no cravings for food. It almost doesn’t appeal to me. Sometimes I’m not hungry at all. Can you explain why this might happen? Thank you.
  • Tracy – I love good dark chocolate! My guides have told me for years to eat in moderation. Basically, have what I want but don’t overeat anything. Also, is it true that your body personality will crave foods because of where you are in life? Still, your spirit doesn’t actually favor any particular foods?
  • Misty – I have been craving chocolate lately? Any ideas?
  • Brian – I’ve also heard chocolate is a craving when a person needs grounding that chocolate helps ground somehow.
  • SG – Can you see if the Candida diet will work for me? I’ve been skeptical about it.

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