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intuitive heart-centered communication system lemurian light language MacEchran And Chris Parr

Intuitive Heart-Centered Communication System, Lemurian Light Language, An interview With Fiona MacEchran And Chris Parr.

There are many languages spoken on the earth today and some date back many millennium. They all have one thing in common. They are all used to communicate. There are also languages that are channeled through mediums and spirit channels. The light language translation can only be carried out by the conduit, the individual doing this channeling that is used to relay the information to us. In this interview we discussangelic light language with macechran and chris parr exactly this type of language  with our two special guests, Fiona MacEchran and Chris Parr.  We discuss the Intuitive Heart-Centered Communication System Lemurian Light Language.  Speaking the language of light is a special gift they have received.

This ancient, universal, intuitive heart-centered communication system system has been used throughout our home galaxies, star systems and across time on Earth. They speak about interesting attributes of this particular language.  They believe that those who listen to Light Language or view written scripts have an inexplicable special sense of knowing them.  Our guests have found that this language has shown to have very positive healing affects.  This particular intuitive, heart-centered communication system is meant to help you in shifting your DNA. This shifting provides a re-calibration of your vibration. In turn, this may help to heal your light body and encoding you and empowering you with the tools you need to fulfill your divine mission here on Earth. They have also made a connection between this language and other energy healing practices. One interesting point they make is that these languages are similar to that of the dolphins and whales which some consider to be an intuitive heart-centered communication system.

There are so many questions that I am asked soul and angelic languages by my students. Some of these being:

  • They want to know how to learn light language.
  • They want to know if they light language translation is possible by regular people.
  • If learning light language possible for them.
  • What is light language activation?
  • Is light language healing a thing?

Some of these questions are covered in tonight’s discussion with Fiona and Chris. You can learn more about this topic on their website http://www.vanessalamorte.com/light-language.html.

In this podcast you will learn:-heart-centered communication system

  • What is the purpose of angelic Light Language?
  • How it help individuals, humanity and the planet?
  • How to use light language healing
  • Where the Light Language comes from.

Come join us for this in depth discussion about Lemurian Light Language an intuitive, heart-centered communication system on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Heart-Centered Communication System, Light Language.

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