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November 19, 2019

Have You Ever Felt An Emptiness In Life? UYT223

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Is Overcoming Emptiness Challenging For You?

No matter who you are you most probably have felt an emptiness in life at some point and in the void can be a lonley placesome manner. Whether it was a spiritual emptiness or an emotional void where love has eluded you ‘ the void’ can be a lonesome difficult place to be in along your journey of life. However, once you have stepped into the void and back out again you may have taken a moment or longer to think about how passing through the trial has benefited you. Where did you end up? I am sure that you have heard the ‘is the glass half full or half empty speech’ more than once in your life. Great, because this can give you a little remembrance of previous trials and tribulations and what you learned.

The Void Explained

Your life journey is all about how you choose to travel through it. How you handle the different experiences. Whether you are discussing the lack of joy or any type of emptiness ‘the void’ is a real place and what you do while in this limbo determines whether you are living it to the fullest. Another way to look at it is whether an experience is good or bad.

The wonderful Buddhist parable of the farmer and the horse holds so true for all. The story goes something like this.

One day a poor farmer found a horse and his neighbor commented on how lucky he was. The farmer just replied, “we’ll see”. The horse ran away because his son left the gate open and his neighbor commented on what bad luck he was having and the farmer just replied: “we’ll see”. Then while looking for the horse the son found more of them and brought home a small herd and the neighbor once more comment on the farmer’s good fortune and to this, the farmer once more replied: “we’ll see”.

Then the son was trying to tame one of the horses and was thrown and broke his leg. The neighbor, of course, commented about such bad luck and of course, the farmer replied with his usual “we’ll see”. A couple of days later the army came by looking to conscript young men to fight in a war and the son would have been a perfect candidate but he had broken his leg so the army passed him by.

There Is No Good Or Bad, There Just Is.

This story is a perfect example of how time can fill a void if you just wait to see. And more importantly, you can never truly judge an experience as being good or bad until you have passed through it.

What Is A Glass Half Full Kind Of Person?

One of the things you may find yourself doing is trying to avoid any experiences that may make do you understand the is the glass half full or half empty speechyou feel uncomfortable. You persist in ‘overcoming emptiness’ of the void because it is difficult or painful. You may go halfway into this specific emptiness meditation. This could be considered to be a half-full glass.

Take a moment and think about a glass that is half full of water. The water could be the purest and most delicious on the planet. You then fill the remainder with your favorite wine or any other beverage. What happens? Of course, you dilute both liquids and the result is not pleasant.

Why Experience An Emptiness In Life Can Be Fulfilling

Basically, as a glass half full person, you may think that you are experiencing life to the fullest but you are cheating yourself out of the complete experience. How can you fill possibly fill a glass with anything if the glass is full or half full already? Yes going into the void can be scary but coming out the other side can be ever so rewarding.

During his inauguration speech as the 32nd president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt stated “let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself? He was right. It has been shown through much research that 90% of what you may fear never happens.

The void, emptiness in life, does not have to be a fearful place but just a place of allowance. The more you fight it the more it will persist. Allow the Universe to fill your voids with those beautiful blessings that are waiting for when you finally allow the glass to be empty.

Join us as we too practice staying in the void on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Have You Ever Felt An Emptiness In Life as we allow the Universe to guide our show.

Here are some of the questions we answer on this podcast, Have You Ever Felt An Emptiness In Life:

  • How Aura balance and clairvoyance go hand in hand along with EMF.
  • Please tell me about different ways to raise your vibration and the most powerful way to ignite your intuition. Also maybe different resources to help awaken your intuition or strengthen your intuition and connect with guides when you might not financially be able to take courses that will help strengthen all this.
  • Also which meditations seem to work best. Guided meditation, quiet meditation, sleeping guided meditations, etc.
  • Hearing what I assume is spirit voices as I am drifting off to sleep and when waking up I clearly make out my name and other words doesn’t happen all the time ..usually shortly after will get a phone call or a message about something usually good .how common is this sort of thing?
  • Please explain Kundalini awakenings.

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