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March 16, 2021

Learn To Recognize Emotional Manipulation Tactics And Lying UYT282

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Manipulative People Who Pretend To Be Nice Can Fool You, How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

When you have issues recognizing emotional manipulation tactics and lying, your psychic abilities can help. They will enable you to be more discerning about whether you’re being manipulated in some way or lied to. It can be challenging to know who you can trust specific individuals or even groups. You have all encountered situations in your life where you wonder whether you can believe a particular person or not. However, that is not the only area where you may have this challenge.

Learn To Recognize Emotional Manipulation Tactics And Lying

Who Is Using Manipulation Tactics On You, Another Word For Being Used

Another less recognized area of your life where emotional manipulation tactics could be used is in the spiritual realm. We more or less expect that you may not know who you can trust in the physical realm. However, you may never question spirits that come to you from the spirit realm. How do you know that someone you are talking to as a spirit is who they say they are? How do you know it’s your Spirit Guide, Archangel Michael, or a particular Ascended Master?

Another individual that frequently gets away with lying to you is Yourself. You might be lying to yourself because you don’t want to face something or just be confused. This is not so uncommon. Can you decipher the difference between your intuition speaking, ego, emotions or intellect, or some other aspect of self?

This can be a little bit of a minefield for people. To know which voices to trust because there are many, many different voices speaking to you all the time.

Types Of Lies And Other Emotional Manipulation Tactics

Let’s keep it simple for now and look at manipulators and liars, which go hand in hand in the physical realm. What most of you would think of when we talk about being lied to or being manipulated is who you trust? If you think about it’s happening almost all the time in your daily lives. Even at just a very innocent level of telling a lie, a little white lie.

Lying And Manipulation Examples

Some lying or manipulation is actually unintentional manipulation. How many of you have ever told a little white lie? You may have done so to save somebody’s feelings. You made a judgment call that perhaps it’s not kind to give a specific piece of information to a person. That’s one way in which most people lie. In a world where you were all using your psychic abilities, it would be impossible to lie because you would all be completely tuned in to what’s going on.

One of my favorite examples is when one of your friends is wearing an ugly dress or something like that. You are just about to go out, and what do you do if she asks, “how do I look?” Most people would succumb to lying. Would you respond with “you look lovely,” or do you say, “well, that’s an ugly dress?” And you would be telling a little white lie.

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That is what you verbalized. That is what is presented on the surface level of reality. Underneath it, there is something else going on. The energy of what you are really thinking and that is being broadcasted. You cannot help what you think, and it doesn’t stay inside your head. It is energy, and the energy travels.

It is being transmitted regardless of what you may desire. And that is why so often, so many of us feel something doesn’t seem right here. You know this person is saying one thing, but you just have this feeling that that is not really their truth. This is because you are picking up on those subtle energy signals that everyone puts out all the time.

So even though your soulful connection says it is only a half-lie, can you actually tell a half-lie? Is that possible? to tell half a lie is a lie, and that is is that.

Another example of unintentional lying is someone who has something to say, but they are a timid, introverted person. So in a meeting at work the person chairing the meeting to bring up their ideas. And the shy person may have some excellent ideas but does not want to be in the spotlight. They don’t want to be noticed. Here they will lie to themselves by thinking they don’t have anything to say of importance. It is not that they don’t have anything to say. It’s that they don’t want to be noticed. Maybe they are afraid of being observed or criticized or being judged. And so that person’s communication goes unsaid, and in a way, it’s a form of telling a lie.

Manipulation In Relationships

One common area where you will find manipulation is in relationships. And the mosthow to tell if someone is lying in a relationship common manipulation tool here is guilt. You may be angry with your partner, but instead of discussing the issue, you attack. You do so by assigning blame to your partner’s actions or words. And you use manipulation because you don’t want to face confrontation.

Other manipulation examples are misrepresentation on the internet or in advertising. Using false facades like the pretense of a million-dollar home in the background and a fancy car to make you think they the secret to wealth.

Internet dating is an excellent example of people who lie through their teeth. They misrepresent age, position, likes, and dislikes just to get trapped in the lie down the way.

You exist in a sea of untruth and manipulation. Some of you are more sensitive to deception. The reason being your psychic senses are attuned to this. It is fantastic to tap into your intuition and trust your psychic senses and your psychic abilities. These gifts help you decipher when somebody is lying to you without a shadow of a doubt. You absolutely have an unmistakable idea an individual is lying or trying to manipulate you,

When someone is attempting to manipulate another using emotional manipulation tactics, they are cording that person. They have energy cords connecting their well with that of their prey.

When you are attuned to your psychic abilities, you can see and sense energy and energy cords. This can help you in these kinds of situations. Once you recognize someone has an energy cord plugged into your crown chakra or second chakra, you can move their energy out of your space.

You can retain your own personal perspective because whenever someone else’s energy is intruding into your space, it will influence you primarily if you are targeted. This energy intrusion can happen consciously, so the person doing it knows they are doing it or just unconsciously.

There are plenty of people who are unconsciously manipulating others unwittingly their energy. That isn’t very honest on a spiritual level, even though that person might not consciously know what they’re doing. It is a form of bad behavior and stems from selfishness. They are not respectful of the other person and their free will.

The Easiest Way To Tell If Someone Is Lying Or Trying To Manipulate You

The best way to stop all this interference is first by recognizing when it happens then acting on it. The most reliable way to do this is to awaken your intuition and get control. Regularly practicing a centering meditation is the easiest and most direct route to accessing your psychic gifts and a ground meditation to removing negative, manipulative energy from your being and space as well.

Below you will find a link to two guided meditations for these exact purposes.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Learn To Recognize Emotional Manipulation Tactics And Lying, and learn why you are being manipulated or lied to. There are ways that you can discern when this is happening.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Learn To Recognize Emotional Manipulation Tactics And Lying:

  • Big or small, a lie is a lie, haha!
  • Have no trouble speaking up my mind to avoid lying. Need no friends who love my fat lies. if people stick around because I am fake and I am making them feel good by lying, they are no friends
  • Is knowing that someone is lying part of the function of the “knowing,” Claircognizance, psychic ability.
  • I’m currently learning is being more present at the moment so I can be witness to when a narcissistic person is manipulating me instead of being triggered. I’m getting there, but hard!
  • What is the root cause of people manipulating others in relationships?
  • You have not mentioned how our government manipulates and lies to us.
  • Yes I this happens in my dreams a lot. Something evil was posing as my deceased grandmother. But I knew it was not her. She was doing stuff my grandmother would never do.
  • How do we protect ourselves from those evil being’s manipulation?
  • I have scattered energies right now. Can you please tell me where my credit card is so I can pay for a course? Help, please?
  • Selfish people and those of low vibration are here in survival mode and are tempted to lie more often, and those who programmed themselves to be liars during childhood to avoid getting in trouble.
  • During your Spirit Guide meditation, I connected with a deceptive spirit that said it was my Guardian.
  • Perfect. …shark-infested waters, a really great analogy for those big corporations that continually lie to us.
  • I had a falling out with a friend this year who was highly and toxically manipulative. Not wholly a bad person, but someone I believe manipulated me to create a predictable environment. I think sometimes there are still cords that need to be removed.
  • Is there a feeling in the body that typically happens when we are being lied to? Or is it different for everyone?
  • I have a new healing guide name Noah, and he says he is an archangel. Sometimes I think it may be a guy I knew from 30 years ago instead. Can you see if he is who he says he is, Lesley?
  • I have a hard time trusting & can be cynical/doubtful at first about many things. Do you have any tips on how to be more positive? I don’t think it’s healthy to go around thinking everyone’s lying.
  • Thank you! You so much for the tip! Both of you!
  • Is my partner manipulating and lying to me now. I feel something is up, but then I have so many voices in my head I feel like I’m going crazy. I can’t think straight.
  • I have difficulty with people manipulating me with energetic manipulation. I believe that is a form of sex magic or necromancy. I feel the pull, but it is tricky. How do can I pull my energy back?

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