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April 6, 2020

How To Control The Effects Of Fear In A Crisis UYT236

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Where Does Fear Come From?

Are you lost in the effects of fear and getting overly involved in the negative emotions, but you feel that you should be more robust than that? No matter who you are or how strong your emotional body seems to be when facing a crisis, as we all are today, you will feel the impact or the effect that will cause mental distress and fear. It is intrinsic in the way you are made up. It’s how your human essence behaves, how your brain functions and responds to different situations. Even the most seasoned leaders of any industry will tell you the same thing when you ask them if they ever get frightened or experience anxiety before or during the performance of challenging tasks and extreme concern over the outcome. The answer will be a firm yes, sometimes even occasionally of a paralyzing nature. Again it is not a disorder. It is typical human nature that can almost be predicted.

What Is Fear?

What causes fear? These masters will also most probably tell you that most of the fear and anxiety you feel is unfounded. You create it. F.E.A.R., in many cases, will suggest False Evidence Appearing Real. However, this does not mean it is not real to you at that specific time.

At these times, society is facing highly unusual circumstances that have not been experienced in our lifetime. It brings forth some implicit effects of fear that many of you did not ever think you would be facing. Even the simplest of physical or social chores such as shopping can make you cringe with the thoughts of having to go to places and risk exposure to others with the fear of contracting the contagion plaguing our planet at this time and causing real health issues. You are all witnessing the effects of fear on human behavior. Living in fear is not the answer.

How To Overcome Fear?

So what do you do to mitigate the effects of fear? Hide from the panic that your situation is causing where does fear come fromyou? Do you rebuke it and pretend it doesn’t exist? Do you let it become chronic and control who you are causing stress and pain? What Do You Do?

Many times what causes the emotion of fear comes from a lack of understanding. You find yourself in a situation or conflict, whether real or perceived, and profound danger signals flash. You don’t know enough about the challenge you are facing, and one of your responses is that you begin to worry. The attention you give it will then cause it to become a persistent state of mind.

For instance, the word cancer is used by your physician during a doctor’s visit. This stimulus will generally cause you to worry. You need an immediate appraisal. Is it positive? Humans have concerns that cause action based solely on a relationship to words and their perception of the threats. These experiences can cause extreme physiological impacts and responses such as anger, depression, fight or flight emotions. Also, these can result in altered behavioral states causing a tendency to feel a threat and respond accordingly, generally negatively.

In the face of our current crisis, the global pandemic, there are so many questions that so many fearful individuals are airing. And the answers are not coming fast enough. These changes in our world are new, and our reaction falls back to negative fear. The experts don’t have the depth of related knowledge to respond to the questions. One thing is sure beyond any doubt. You can’t believe everything you hear. This misinformation is one of the leading causes of fear. It propagates the power of fear.

How Do You Control The Effects Of Fear In A Crisis?

There could be many uncommon fears you are experiencing that can primarily affect your individual, personal judgments. These will bring up many questions about what you want to know about policy procedures and the consequences of the current crisis. Things like:

  • Is humanity headed for disaster or salvation?
  • Is the media accurate?
  • Are we being told the truth?
  • Will the economy recover?
  • Is my business going to fail
  • Will my loved ones be alright?
  • Was the virus from a lab / engineered?
  • Will my family and I be safe?
  • Will research find a treatment?

One of the keys that you can adhere to is only to take advice from trusted sources. Do your best not to believe everything you read or hear. The most exciting thing is that you have access to the most trusted source available, you. Not your “Human You” but your “Intuitive You.” Source information and answers through your gift of intuition.

Overcome Life’s Challenges With Life Activations

Tools To Overcome Life’s Challenges

How Can Tuning Into Your Intuition Help With The Effects Of Fear?

Your Intuition can give you the ability to have a clear perspective on questions you might be asking by accessing the source of all information, Spirit, the Universe. Regardless of who you are, where you are located on the planet, your societal status, or even your belief systems, you have your unique perspective and understanding. This perspective is regardless of what others think and say. Your connection to Source melds your issues with the specific answers for you and your case.

Everyone has this special gift. You were born with it. You use it often but do not realize it. It is an autonomic response in most cases. Yet you can learn to call on it whenever needed consciously.

How To Access Your Intuitionreduce the effects of fear using intuition

The basis is to learn how to work with your first, sixth, and fourth chakras in conjunction with meditation. Meditation opens your intuition and helps you heal and cope with change and go through transformation and growth with ease and grace. You can follow the Intuition Exercises that are included in this episode’s video or podcast recording. It is included for the sole purpose of helping you to connect to your higher-self. And to help you access the information you want and need to get through the emotional effects of fear you are feeling.

  • Ground – Learn how to release fear using a grounding meditation.
  • Centering – Learning how to be neutral in the face of fear.
  • Butterfly of Truth Excercise – This practice will help you answer questions like:
    • Are you safe?
    • Are you loved?
    • Are you supported?
  • Truth Is Subjective – You may not all get the same answer. Truth is your truth, and you can find out exactly what that is.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Control The Effects Of Fear In A Crisis; We explore the hows and whys of your auras.

In this podcast, we will also answer some specific questions about the effects of fear and meditation from our listeners:

  • May we have a reminder of a simple tool other than meditation to increase our intuition.
  • I would like to hear about how to not attach to the fear that is going on in the collective.
  • Can you guide us through a grounding meditation/experience?
  • May we have a reminder of a simple tool other than meditation to increase our intuition.
  • How can I stop pondering the worst possible scenario with the worst possible outcome?
  • What should I be creating right now?
  • So is anyone ever right if the truth is always subjective?
  • When I seem to ground and put my body on pause, I feel like I get lost in the mediation in a good way. How would I grasp the mediation in a straight line, as it is not easy to center for me? I find.
  • Meditation drains my body when I come out of the meditation. How can my body recover quicker?
  • I get a lot of info in my dreams and meditation in a trance, and I feel like I only take some of it away. I remember the essence but can’t articulate it, so I lose some of it. Any tips?
  • If a person passed away in a country and the relatives all moved to another country or passed, what happens with the soul? Is it sticking around? Is that person’s soul following the alive relatives? If that soul is among people, for how long?

Learn More About Your Aura And Chakras

Get Your Copy Of Intuition And Chakras

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