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April 26, 2022

Do Dreams Have Meaning Including Intuitive Premonitions And Visitations? UYT328

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Understand The Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams

This week’s podcast responded to a question that has to do with dreams. Do dreams have meaning, including intuitive premonitions and visitations? So before we discuss dream interpretation, let’s define what visitation and premonition types of dreams are all about. There are differences and similarities between those two types of dreams.

Do Dreams Have Meaning, Including Intuitive Premonitions And Visitations?

Premonition And Visitation Types Of Dreams

When they talk about a visitation dream, most people seem to mean that you dream of someone you know and love who is on the other side. So maybe you have a parent who passed away, and you have a dream where you are connecting with them and communicating with them. So that’s typically what most of you think of as a visitation dream. And that’s

But there are other types of visitation dreams as well. For example, you could be visited by someone, and you have no idea who they are. That’s possible, but it can be scary. You often have dreams like that, but they are not necessarily scary. It feels like someone you know, except it isn’t. However, because it is a dream, it can be someone you know, somewhere in your multi-dimensional consciousness.

Perhaps you could have a visitation from an upbeat, friendly guide, a spirit guide. It’s also possible to have a visitation from an unpleasant or low vibration being or even an animal. You have all had those kinds of dreams. A dream where you think you are being visited or interacting with some kind of animal. It could be an animal totem guide, for example. A native American perspective is that dreams are where ancestors, family, animal totems, or guides can visit with you.

It’s also possible to meet another version of yourself in dreams. For example, you could have a visitation from a future version of yourself or a past version of yourself. These can be versions of yourself in another lifetime. These dreams allow you to interact with other levels of your own consciousness.

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How Is A Visitation Dream Different Than A Premonition Dream?

So what is the premonition type of dream? A premonition dream is where you dream about something that hasn’t happened yet. Something that’s going to happen. And then, as your life rolls out, it actually does come into reality. For most premonition dreams, the timeframe on what you’ve dreamed about happening is usually just a matter of days.

So what might you have a premonition about? You can have a premonition about yourself and something that will happen in your own life. You could have a premonition about an event that will happen to you or to somebody else that you know. You might even have a premonition that somebody is going to pass away. And that’s quite a common one.

You might have a premonition about some kind of world event. And then you see it happening on the news a few days later. You might dream about a particular place where the event takes place. And there may be characters in the dream or not. It could be a purely symbolic event.

But if there are characters in the dream, they might be known or unknown to you. So actually, there’s a kind of a crossover when you think about it. So, for example, you could have a visitation from a loved one that includes a message, a premonition of them passing away.

Vivid Dreams Are Very Powerfulpremonitions and visitations are vivid dreams

So what do dreams mean? Visitations and premonitions types of dreams tend to stand out. As humans, we tend to categorize things. This includes dreams. Let’s look at some of the ways that these dreams are similar and how they differ.

Both visitation and premonition dreams can tend to feel very real. These types of dreams do not tend to be vague experiences. When you’re having these dreams, they are vivid and feel real. When you wake up from a dream, you remember it. This vivid feeling of reality in both of these types of dreams makes them very powerful and easily memorable.

Visitations and premonitions types of dreams may differ as well. And again, I’m going to generalize here. One of the differences in a visitation dream is that you tend to be a participant in that dream. So you are somehow interacting and communicating with the one who’s visiting.

More often than not, although not always, in a premonition dream, you are more like the witness. You’re more like the fly on the wall. You’re watching events unfold instead of participating in them. But, like everything in the realm of dreaming, nothing is cast in stone. So you may also be having a premonition dream where you are participating in it.

So both dreams can be symbolic in nature. However, you would think that perhaps the premonition type of dream is a bit heavier on the symbolism. Whereas the visitation dream is a bit more like a conversation. But the conversation, as opposed to being verbal, as you would speak in your waking life, can occur telepathically. So it can be more like a sense of knowing.

Dream Interpretationneed help to interpret my dream

Also, your visitation dreams can contain mostly symbols that may refer to something current or important in your life or that of another. So what do your dreams really mean then? This is where your intuitive or psychic gifts will help you determine the dream interpretation answers and the truth that you seek behind the dreams.

Mostly though, your visitation dreams are more like a conversation. You will be having a conversation with the person that’s visiting you. And somehow, you will know what they’re saying to you, even though they’re not really speaking in the way we would ordinarily speak. So, a visitation dream can have an element of telepathic communication.

A premonition dream is more like when you are a fly on the wall. Perhaps you’re watching events unfold. And you might know things about them. These dreams are less likely to be telepathically communicating with a person. And again, these are generalizations.

There can be emotional content in both types of dreams. And you tend to feel that the visitation dream, if it’s a visitation from a deceased loved one, tends to be feelings of love, a peaceful, loving connection. And whereas a premonition dream could be a positive emotion, depending on what’s happening. So you could feel relatively neutral, or you might feel afraid, depending on the circumstances. So there may be a broader range of emotions arising in a premonition dream.

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreamsspiritual meaning of dreams

You might say that both types of dreams contain messages. And, of course, those messages are specific to the dream. But a visitation from a deceased loved one, the messages often can be a message just to reassure you. It’s a message to let you know that they’re okay and still exist. A dream assures you that their consciousness is still around and everything’s fine.

They might appear to you in different versions of themselves. Maybe they will appear as a younger person than when they passed. And so often, a deceased loved one will not appear as they did when you last saw them. They’re not going to be sick anymore and might just show up in vibrant health. Perhaps they will be as they were in a period of your life that you enjoyed the most or where you had the most fun together. And all of that is to help reassure you that they’re fine.

In the premonition dream, the purpose is not necessarily about reassuring you. It could potentially be about warning you or giving you advance notice of something. For example, you may meet people for the first time in your dream and then meet them in real life. So it can be for the purpose of something mundane and ordinary. They may be just giving you advance notice of something coming up. Or, they are advising you about a new relationship with somebody. And for example, you have a dream that makes you think twice about it.

So, you know, with the visitation dream, it’s probably less common to receive a warning. Still, it’s possible that a deceased loved one might come in and have a word with you about something like that. The other thing about a visitation dream is that usually, everything will feel familiar and friendly. And it will even be taking place in familiar surroundings. If it’s a parent, it could be the old family home, the home you grew up in.

A premonition dream could be more likely to be in an unfamiliar place. For example, your dream can be about something that happens in the future. It may be taking place somewhere you’ve never been before. Or the dream may not be about you personally. For example, the person or the event you’re dreaming about might be on the world stage and in a completely different country.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Do Dreams Have Meaning Including Intuitive Premonitions And Visitations, where we discuss some of the pertinent points of deciphering dreams in relation to intuition and premonitions.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Do Dreams Have Meaning Including Intuitive Premonitions And Visitations:

  • Prassad – I see a form of a spirit machine hovering above me which is sucking everything. Sucking all my rituals while I do during my reading, meditation, prayers, and pooja.
  • Danielle – From my native American perspective, dreams are where our ancestors or guides and family can visit us.
  • Carol – How can you tell the difference between a guide’s visit versus a being from another dimension?
  • Brian – I’ve had visitation dreams from people still alive, especially people I haven’t talked to in a while.
  • Christine – I had the dream of the golden eagle after hearing one and not knowing what I heard. I heard a strange sound at night. Then I had a very vivid dream about a golden eagle. I Googled the sound, and it was an exact match. I’d never heard one before, and they are super rare here. It was pretty cool. Did the eagle visit mean something?
  • Katie – I had a vivid dream the other day that I visited an alternate reality, another world, the future, or all of the above. I was still me as I am today and my best friend and other familiar faces were there to welcome me. In short, it was amazing, and I was in awe! After my “orientation,” I unintentionally visited my past. And I was worried that my sister and ex would notice I was different. (They didn’t) Then, I had some epiphanies about how I got there and was able to leave. How are dreams like these premonitions or visitations? Do you have any feedback or psychic reading about my dream?

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  • Carol – I had a visitation/premonition of my deceased cousin, who I am not close to, who came to my dream. I told his sister the next day, and she told me it was his birthday the next day.
  • May – My son had a dream about people protesting and being in front of a courthouse. Then the Black Lives Matter movement happened.
  • Carol – What does it mean when I had a dream within a dream?
  • Man – Should I be aware of something significant if I had visitation dreams of beings I don’t know?
  • Amanda – My partner and I were meditating, lying in bed with our hands over each others’. We both fell asleep at the same time. I had a feeling of falling, and I woke up, as did my partner. we were both a little shocked as to why it happened to both of us at the same time
  • Brian – Do visitation dreams occur on a different astral plane, different from our regular dreamscape? I wonder if that‘s partly why these dreams are easier to remember?
  • Carol – I had the same dream as Corry. Repeatedly but not in one night. The same dream came back from time to time. I had a bad experience in that dream where our family home got broken into a few times. I got really scared.
  • Cole – Oh yes, I think my dad and I had the same dream, though I’ve been unable to confirm if it was at the same time. That would be a great show! It was much later down the road after I had this dream that I found out that my dad had essentially the same dream. It was hard to find out time-wise when it occurred, but it gave me chills, so I’m betting it was pretty much the same time.
  • Scott – My twin flame and I both dreamed about being on a mothership. We both saw beautiful nebulas because there was a big, panoramic view.
  • SG – I had a dream about my neighbor being at a women’s retreat and getting her life together losing weight, and I felt envious. Is this a dream reflecting work I need to do for myself?
  • Natasha – Interestingly, these dream symbols can be shared within a family.

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