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Intuition & Life Lessons - 101

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Reserve your spot - 11 am Pacific Time
This is an hour-long workshop. You are encouraged to review the Intuition and Life Lessons Infographic and come with your insights and questions.
Teachings will arise as you share your intuitive experiences, life challenges, and intuition blocks. There will not be a recording for those who don't attend live.
A Zoom link is provided on registration. You can ask me anything about psychic development. There'll be a shameless plug for my Psychic Development Courses in the middle.

What you’ll learn in this group coaching call:

NOTE: Zoom Login info will be emailed on registration. Show up to get access to your additional bonus gift!
How Do Your Life Lessons Relate to Your Intuition?

Ask me about your current life challenges and specific intuition blocks. So you can better understand how they relate to your life purpose and unique intuition style.

What Are Your Unique Gifts & Life Purpose

Share your intuitive experiences and learn about your strongest intuitive gift. Discover how you have many abilities which are keyed to support your life purpose in your Psychic Ability Blueprint.

Learn Tools To Transcend Blocks & Access Intuition

Dr. Lesley will share 2 foundational tools to help you overcome your challenges and begin to experience your intuition. Discover a clear path to Awaken Your Intuition.

2 Further Gifts For Attending The Workshop

Coupon to receive $50 off your Intuition Blueprint session with Dr. Lesley (normal price $299)
PLUS Your Invitation to Awaken Your Intuition Webinar Series

Presented by Dr. Lesley Phillips

Founder, School of Intuition

Lesley Phillips Ph.D. is a spiritual teacher, focused on helping people access their personal intuitive guidance. She believes our psychic senses are our most natural form of communication and that as we evolve into an awakened species we will reclaim these abilities and use them as naturally as we use our physical senses. She wants to help you validate your unique purpose and remind you of the amazing potential of your intuitive abilities. She has created numerous on-line courses and workshops, has written books on meditation and psychic development to with the goal of helping people master their gifts.