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Intuition and Chakras Readers Gift!  How to Meditate and Develop Your Psychic Senses (5-Part Course)

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Video #1

Grounding Meditation

Video #2

Centering Meditation

Video #3

Creating and Destroying

Video #4

Running Earth Energy

Video #5

Running Cosmic Energy

Audio #1-5

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Now you have the book, its time to put the powerful meditation techniques introduced in "Intuition and Chakras" into practice. Sometimes, people question if they are doing it right... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't too complicated or time consuming? Not if you use these guided meditations to immerse yourself in the experience . They will help you embody your energy so you can start to consciously create your life and develop your intuition

What You'll Experience in this 5-Part Course:


Get connected to your body, release blocks to accessing your psychic abilities.


Learn an ancient technique for activating your third eye so you can see spiritual phenomena.

Creating and Destroying

Become the conscious creator of your life so you can release limits and fulfill your purpose.

Earth Energy

Harness the power of the planet to heal your energy and bring it into balance

Cosmic Energy

Channel the energies of the cosmic consciousness to heal your energy field and access clear intuition. 

Videos and Downloadable Audio

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"Dr. Lesley's courses are filled with lots of good information without any BS. I highly recommend everyone attend."


"The material is powerful. Lesley's voice is soothing. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher from whom to learn.."


"Dr. Lesley's courses to support your true potential, giving you something special at the end ."

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