complimentary workshop 

9th february 2024

1 pm Pacific Time / 4 pm Eastern Time - Reserve Your Spot - Receive Zoom info on registration. 

How Can You Access Your Intuition When You Need It Most?

Discover an energy-based approach that can help you receive higher guidance, release doubt, clear blocks, and improve your intuition by developing your psychic abilities.

Join us for this 60-minute Masterclass and Q&A to "Improve Your Life With Intuition" with Dr. Lesley Phillips, Founder of Dr. Lesley’s School of Intuition, for a journey that will guide you to transcend your limits and harness your inner senses.

In this INTUITION WORKSHOP, you’ll learn about:

Dr. Lesley’s courageous transformation from scientist to psychic
How your intuition can bring clarity about your life purpose, and why Dr. Lesley will never ignore her intuition again
The SEVEN intuition blocks that most people suffer from, and the key to overcoming them so you can be your authentic self!

You’ll receive empowering intuition training, and learn energy techniques that help you gain clarity by accessing your psychic abilities. By the end of the workshop, you’ll know how to be more intuitive, transcend life challenges, and release overwhelm to create a more peaceful and balanced life. 

Sign up today to recalibrate your energy and commit to your true purpose.

Presented by Dr. Lesley Phillips

Psychic Development Teacher, Author, Radio Show, and Podcast Host

Lesley Phillips Ph.D. is a spiritual teacher, focused on helping people access intuitive guidance. She believes psychic senses are a natural form of communication. As we evolve into an awakened species we will reclaim and use them consciously. She wants to help you validate your unique purpose and remind you of your true potential. Dr. Lesley, is the Founder, of Dr. Lesley’s School of Intuition, which births intuitive readers, and medical intuitive healers into the world. She wrote “Intuition and Chakras,” and “The Midas Tree,” and hosts “Unlocking Your Truth Podcast.” She’s been doing this work for 25 years, but was a biologist searching for natural products, and a VP in the biotech industry until committing to her passion for teaching intuition through energy, frequency, and vibration. Her students are healing professionals who want to complement or enhance their mainstream jobs or create new careers to authentically serve humanity.