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belinda farrell discusses swimming with the dolphins

Discover What Is Huna Healing And Other Ancient Hawaiian Secrets!

What is Huna healing? I am sure that you have of it before but what do you really know about these Hawaiian healing practices? Huna means secret and is an ancient system spiritual development and abelinda farrell discusses swimming with the dolphins form of Hawaiian energy healing. Some historians have a belief that it may date back as far as  35,000 years. It is said that Huna Hawaiian shamanism, like that of many of aboriginal peoples, may be one of the most original teachings all of humanity and was based in beautiful Hawaii before the continents look like they do today. Huna has originated from the term Ho’omana; Ho’o meaning to make and Mana meaning life force. When we put them together it means empower or empowerment. This is called different names in different cultures such as Chi in the Asian philosophy.

The sacred power of Huna spirituality and shamanism is all about empowering yourself. It helps you to work on your personal gifts and abilities such as spiritual growth and energy healing. Like many of the wonderful Metaphysical spiritual modalities along with your spiritual nature, it will connect all aspects of your life such as the emotional physical and mental with your Higher Power. In turn, this can empower you to create the life you were meant to live manifesting all you could ever want or need. Today we speak with Belinda Farrell with an expert on Huna all the way from Hawaii.



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First a little background on Belinda. When she was forty-eight, she collapsed from severe back pain. She suffered from herniated discs and spinal nerve damage. She actually faced paralysis and was advised by her medical doctors to have surgery to prevent it. Belinda feels so blessed that she had learned the ancient Hawaiian healing practices of Huna three years prior.  She decided against the surgery and applied this learning to her own case. She recovered not only from her injuries but also completely healed her childhood scoliosis. Belinda now works with many people teaching and sharing these healing practices.

She has also authored a book about her work called “Find Your Friggin’ Joy. “  Beyond her Reconnective Healing & Huna classes, as if it wasn’t enough, Belinda holds sessions where people can take trips to Hawaii to swim with the dolphin. She speaks about this in our interview and makes it sound incredible which I am certain it is. Over and above the Huna Healing Belinda is also trained in hypnotherapy, past life regression, NLP and Hawaiian chanting, which she loving shares with us on this podcast.

Questions We Ask Belinda About Her Journey With Huna:discover what is huna healing and other ancient hawaiian secrets

  • Can you tell us more about your personal injury and healing journey?
  • What was the biggest lesson for you personally in all of this?
  • Is that what motivated you to write your book, “Find Your Friggin’ Joy?”
  • Can you explain the concept of the Hawaiian philosophy of ho’oponopono (to make right, right)?
  • What is your daily Huna practice to stay healthy & in alignment?
  • Tell us more about Huna chants and Huna meditation techniques?
  • Why is Self Forgiveness so important and can you share how you do this?
  • What does Does Huna help with and can you use Huna in everyday practical matters?
  • What is the I’O chant (which she demonstrates) and what can you use it for?
  • What is swimming with the dolphins like?
  • What do the dolphins and whales teach us?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is Huna Healing, where we talk with Belinda Farrel about the Huna philosophy and this form of Hawaiian spirituality and traditional Hawaiian healing. You can contact Belinda at her website:  www.HunaHealing.com

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