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September 8, 2016

What Is Energy Healing, What Can It Help With? UYT022

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Does Energy Healing Work?

I am sure that at some point on your life journey you have asked or wonder what is energy healing. Actually, that is an excellent question even though it is quite common. I have heard itdoes energy healing work asked many times. Before we look at the energy work itself let me clarify a few points in regards to illness and cures. Sometimes when you are ill or in emotional or physical pain you just cannot heal on your own. Self-healing techniques fall short. The hurting or suffering will just not leave. You may need help. An Intervention! You will then seek out someone who has the knowledge and ability to relieve our situation.

What Is Energy Healing And Energy Healing Therapy

However, in the regular world, we have been accustomed to mainstream medicine. Doctors and pharmaceutics are the usual go-to and don’t get me wrong they have their place. But I am certain that with all the sources of information and personal experience you have come to realize that not always but often enough this system of healing has issues. Generally, it is because the symptoms are being treated as opposed to the cause, the root issue of the malady.
If an ailment is very evident as in the case of a burst appendix or the like this type of medical procedure is excellent and there are some awesome practitioners out there. Yet more times than not I find that the medical practitioners do not have the time to go deep enough into the cause of an illness. They can easily prescribe pharmaceutics that takes care of the outward indications. This is where I feel a different approach can be taken. Holistic medicine or other types of energy therapy and energy healing techniques can be very effective.

Energy Healing Techniques

There are many types of energy healing and alternative holistic healing modalities and techniques being used in our modern world. Some are more controversial than others. One thing that most have in common though is that they are based on the fact that we are all made up of energy. These are some of the more common healing modalities that you may have heard of or not:
#1 – Quantum-Touch ®
#2 – EFT
#3 – Reiki
#4 – Restorative Touch™
#6 – Healing Touch
#7 – Pranic Healing
#8 – ThetaHealing®

How Does Energy Healing Work

So what is energy healing and how does it work? Will it work for everyone? Understanding energy itself is the key to understanding energy healing. Understanding energy itself is the key to energy healing uses the bodies internal energy sourcesunderstanding energy healing. Everything that exists or ever did exist anywhere, anytime or any reality is composed of energy. When you study energy the first thing that you will learn is that energy vibrates and it does so at specific frequencies. Some of the energies can be seen or heard such as color or sound. Some energies are so low or so high they cannot be heard or seen as in dog whistles or infrared, which I am sure you have heard of. Some people can sense energy, even energy that is not seen. I need to reiterate something here. You have heard sources including this article that ‘everything is energy’’. This means ‘everything’. Everything includes not only things like people and rocks but also includes emotions and thoughts. This is important for you to understand.
As a human being, you emit energy. You have heard it called an aura or chakra as an example. We all have auras and chakra energy centers. A person that can feel these energies is called a Clairsentient with the gift of Clairsentience.

Each thought and emotion that you have has a certain energy frequency. I am sure that at some point you have felt that a person is angry, sad, elated with them showing physical outward signs of their feelings. The interesting thing is that this energy is like the energy that a cell phone works on. It is emitted, transmitted, and then received by a receiver and that receiver is another individual or individuals. Only people that become aware of these energies are people who are sensitive to them.

Some people have to see the outward signs of these energies before they can recognize them. Some examples are anger, fear, suffering, etc. These are dense energies. and are very uncomfortable for everyone sender and receiver alike. The nicer energies of appreciation, love, gratitude, and the like are more pleasant to experience and can be considered light energy.

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Energy Healing Therapy

Now, these dense energies can be very toxic to us as humans. They can actually amass in your body causing a slew of different symptoms, physical and emotional. Yes, they can make you sick. Take for example high stressful feelings. You feel this energy. It is uncomfortable. Some people can be affected by headaches and more. Some people can be affected by depression when feeling strong anxiety. These are just simple examples.

Just like the energy of electricity can burn or even kill these toxic energies can do the same depending on how you handle them. Then, of course, the opposite is true as well. The light energies will cause positive healthy physical and emotional states.
When you are experiencing dense energy in your body they can cause real deterioration in your physical being, cellular destruction, tumors, or even heart attack or stroke.

This is where the art of energy healing can come in. When one of these energy-sensitive people feel negative energy how to become an energy healerthe healer, scans an individual they can determine the cause and source of the dense energy. At this point, they can replace the negative energy with positive light energy using a variety of different modalities. This, in turn, will bring you back into proper frequency alignment and dis-ease will be eliminated or lessened resulting in the symptoms disappearing. This is the basis of how to do energy healing and how it works.

Of course, there must be a belief by the patient that this will in truth work otherwise the negative energy can become stubborn and remain. This has been a simplistic look at energy healing and its effects.

How To Become An Energy Healer

Learning how to become an energy healer can be difficult or easy. The reason being is that we all have these attitudes. It just depends on whether or not you want to move into that area of your spiritual nature. Also, different modalities can be more cumbersome to learn.

The best way to learn is to begin looking at the different modalities and choosing one that resonates with you. Then find someone that can teach this. There usually is a cost associated with that. For instance, when looking at Reiki reviews of different levels of pricing it can be quite dear.

Here Are Some More Questions I Receive Very Often Are:

  • How does energy healing work?
  • How to do energy healing?
  • What is the best energy healing modality?
  • How to become an energy healer?
  • What types of healers are there?

Today we talk with guest Corry Kouwenberg about one of these specific energy therapy techniques, Matrix Energetics. We will also cover other forms of energy healing as well as energy healers and answer the question ‘can energy healing help me’. The basic principles that are common to most of these systems are that illness results from non-supportive emotions, thoughts, and belief patterns. In response to this health can be restored by removing or changing the energy around the trauma.

Join us for this interesting episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Is Energy Healing, What Can It Help With, when we discuss the different types of energy work and spiritual healing.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Real-life examples of people being healed.
  • Past emotional causes of illness.
  • How the observer effect is used to stimulate healing.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that energy healers can replace negative energy with positive light energy using a variety of different modalities. I am thinking about trying out quantum healing because I think that it could help stop my headaches and get rid of all of the resentment that I’m holding in my body. I think that it would also really help my state of mind and just help me feel better overall which would be really nice.

  2. I like that you mentioned each thought and emotion you feel has it’s own frequency of energy. I have been trying to help myself live a healthier and happier life and I’ve been a little lost along the way. Maybe an intuitive energy healing session can help me with that.

  3. It’s really interesting how you said that energy healing can burn away toxic energies just like electricity can. Talking to someone who is an expert in this kind of field would probably be incredibly helpful if you have tried other options and they aren’t working for you. That way you can get a really unique and natural way to get rid of the problems that you are having.

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