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February 25, 2017

What Heals Emotional Pain? – UYT059

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What Causes Unbearable Emotional Pain?

Being human is to experience basic emotions and feelings. Many people are searching for an answer to what heals emotional pain in their lives. Emotional pain can be one of the worst control your emotions and feelingsafflictions that people can suffer with. Some types of emotional pain often end up in some form of depression. One can become so depressed it hurts physically. Depression and pain that results from it can feel so terrible that it can become too much to bear.

What Does Emotional Pain Feel Like?

When you are in this place all you want is for the pain to end. But how? You may feel like running away from it. However, wherever you are that is where You are. The pain tags along with you.

You can also try burying the pain as well. Again the pain remains and at some point, it will rear its ugly head and the emotional pain symptoms will return. The other issue with this so-called solution is that it can cause more disastrous results as well, emotional trauma. The effects of the trauma of this nature will cause a variety of issues such as physical illness, disease, stress, anxiety, and getting stuck in life. These are all undesired outcomes that can arise. All of these undoubtedly will affect you causing even more trauma and creating a vicious circle.

In her book ‘ Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway‘ ― Susan Jeffers declares “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” If you want a life void of emotional pain symptoms being able to face your demons and move beyond them is critical learning. This is the only way that you can move forward and see the beauty life has to offer.

It is your choice. You can hide and have the threat of your negativity coming back to haunt you. Live in fear. Or face them and let them go once and for all.

How To Stop The Pain Of Depression

It is difficult to learn how to heal emotional wounds and scars but it can be done even if one learn about depression and painfeels like they don’t know how to deal with extreme emotional pain. It is being shown that even when emotional pain is too much one of the simplest cures or at least relief from the pain is Amusement.

It seems way too easy and too good to be true to think that amusement helps in healing deep emotional wounds and discharging mental symptoms of stress caused by emotional wounds that never heal. Well, it can and it does.

I found this quote on Wikipedia. “Amusement is the state of experiencing humorous events or situations. Makes sense! We experience something funny and we are amused. Now I would like to add another quote from the same source. I found the following statement to be a little disturbing. “Current studies have not yet reached consensus on the exact purpose of amusement, though theories have been advanced in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and sociology.”

I disagree with this opinion wholeheartedly. The purpose of amusement is simple. We derive pleasure from it. It is pleasure. It is part of the human emotional body as much as love is. It creates positive emotions. What would life be without a sense of being amused occasionally? Amusement and laughter give us a rush of endorphins which helps to eliminate painful emotions.

Also, it can move us out of a negative state that may overtake from unhappy or fearful experience. It can change; replace maybe a better term, the negative vibration to positive. It can be what heals the emotional pain in many cases, helping childhood trauma symptoms in adults to be eliminated or at minimum be diminished.

Amusement is just one of the methods you can try. Here are a few more that will add to your array of treatment for when you feel that when emotional pain is too much.

Six More Steps For What Heals Emotional Painlearn to deal with basic emotions

  • Be Present…As humans, we tend to allow our thoughts to control us. One way they do this is to allow them to wander to the past. This is where the pain is. Leave it there. By being in the ‘now’ all is well. You are alive. the experience is gone. Focus on what is around you. You may still have negativity arise. Allow it to do so then just let it go. Let it pass through you. There is no law of any sort that says that you must dwell on your thoughts.
  • Breathing…When we get anxious or depressed our breathing becomes shallow. We tend to slouch. Smiles leave our faces or hearts. These are all symptoms of depression, emotional pain taking hold. By changing those to a smiling face, nice deep breathes, and standing tall and straight you will find you begin to instantly feel better. If you don’t believe me try it. Become sullen and notice the feeling it brings. Then put a big smile on your face. You will definitely notice the difference.
  • Let It Out…Sometimes when different kinds of emotions and bad feelings pile up it is good to release them physically. Get angry. Rage but do it in a safe environment and alone so no one else is offended or feels attacked in any way. Beat a pillow. scream. Let it out the green-eyed monster. It is very cathartic. It supports moving stuck energy out of your being and will give way to a calm peaceful state. Repressed emotions can be destructive.
  • Become Physically Active… You need to move your body to get the energy moving. Dancing, walking or just a light stroll can make a difference in how you look at your world. Get out in nature and listen to the birds singing away. Your emotional pain may not want you to do this because it wants to stay in control. Take charge.
  • Meditation… When you meditate you are connecting to your higher self, Spirit. Spirit does not have emotion. Spirit is also not bound by time or space. Spirit also is the source of all psychic and spiritual gifts. You can source peace and joy which are all possible through spiritual growth and connection. If you have a problem focusing then listen to guided meditations. They can help you ground yourself. Follow the link below to a free meditation I have on my website for just that purpose.

Free Guided Meditation

Get Your Free Grounding Meditation
  • Seek Help… If all else fails you seek out someone who knows how to deal with negative get help with unbearable emotional painemotions and will listen to you and help you get through your turmoil. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. we all need a helping hand occasionally in life.

Regardless of what you do to help yourself get through the pain, it is all worth it. You are worth it! You deserve happiness and joy in your life. Choose to do so and create your life the way choose to.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Why amusement heals.
  • Emotional and physical pain connection.
  • 7 Steps to beat emotional pain.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Heals Emotional Pain as we look at what heals emotional pain and just how amusement does this. If you are in real pain a good way to get oast it is with an Emotional Intuitive Energy Healing.

In Pain – Need A Healing?

Have A Healing Session With Dr. Lesley

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