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What Is Emotional Pain?

In order to stop emotional pain and negative emotions first must look at what this infliction actually is.  Emotional pain is usually described as an unpleasant feeling or an internal suffering that cause personal anguish.  Regardless of how you try to describe it usually will not really reflect the experience properly. Emotional pain is considered to be a characteristic of human nature and quite inescapable. Regardless of where or how the pain began it most often ends up being an unpleasant and perpetual feeling that just lingers on and on making one’s life miserable and sometimes completely unbearable. No description does this turmoil justice so we will leave it there.

learn about releasing emotional painWhat Causes Emotional Pain?

Where does emotional pain reside? In this, I do not mean where do you feel the pain. What I am saying is are you feeling the pain from a Present Time experience or is there some evidence that it is more of a  Memory of a past experience or even an intense fear of events that may be looming in the future. The probability is more of two later reasons and then you create a belief about your experience. This negativity takes root to grow and fester into emotional distress.

This distress is fed by several very innocuous things:

  • Non-acceptance of what is.
  • Non-forgiveness of what is.
  • Inability to change or remove yourself from a difficult situation.

Why Is Emotional Pain Inflicted On You?

Who’s fault is it? Focusing on the likely reasons we are stuck in or are experiencing emotional pain will most probably increase the issues rather than better them. This is particularly valid when most people are looking for reasons outside of themselves to attribute or blame their pain on as a scapegoat.

Your emotional pain is always your response to an event, something or someone has said or done something that you take issue with. We tend to project that another person or set of circumstances is responsible for our pain.  But that is a perspective of a disempowered victim mentality. So you may ask a question like, “What if I am a victim of torture or abuse or my child is killed by a drunk driver: isn’t someone else responsible for my pain, isn’t that a travesty of justice?”

It is and was a challenging circumstance, but if you judge, resent or blame you are stuck in pain and are not in a state of forgiveness and acceptance.

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To justify blame, we tend to magnify pain. Attributing blame then stimulates anger to punish the perceived offender. Biologically, the association of pain/vulnerability with anger is almost irresistible; anger has survival-based analgesic and amphetamine effects – it temporarily numbs pain and provides a surge of energy and confidence to ward off a threat. But each repetition of this process reinforces perceived damage and vulnerability by making defense seem more necessary.

Over time, the blame-anger response congeals into chronic resentment, which is a generalized, automatic defensive system geared to protect an ego made fragile by the perceived need of protection. To the resentful, painful emotions are not motivations to heal and improve but punishments inflicted by an unfair world. They try to control what other people think by devaluing or coercing them, thereby reinforcing the vulnerability they seek to avoid. One way your body responds to a circumstance that is experiencing that is doesn’t prefer.

learn about working through emotional painHealing Your Heart Of Painful Emotions!

We as human beings live with certain physical restrictions. Unlike our true nature which is Spirit, Time and Space limitations are two of the main constraints. This hinders the ease to simply shift from grief to happiness or emptiness to fulfillment?  It takes time and space for your body to adjust and change. By the way, nobody is saying it must be instantaneous.

Healing From Emotional Pain?

Where do you begin? The journey out of pain can seem like a trek of epic proportion. Here are three key concepts to help you with the first steps of what may seem an insurmountable task:

  • Acceptance of what is or what was.
  • Forgiveness of what is or was.
  • Your ability to change your reality

The 10 Steps To Releasing Emotional Pain?

In addition to these three practices for working through emotional pain here are some clear steps and activities to help you change your reality from negative to positive.

You can try one or all of these to help you change how you feel (change your vibration)!

  •     Meditation.
  •     Mindfulness.
  •     Imagination.
  •     Counseling.
  •     Sleep.
  •     Exercise.
  •     Comedy.
  •     Sex.
  •     Hobbies – do something you enjoy.
  •     Friends and Family.

The feeling of helplessness that is associated with not being able to stop emotional pain is often accompanied by anger and fear is one of our human experiences. These may not be enjoyable however they can be overcome. Healing is possible! Others have done it so can you!

In this podcast you will learn:learn how you can stop emotional pain

  • What causes emotional pain?
  • How to stop emotional pain?
  • Explanation of the 10 Steps to releasing emotional pain!

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Stop Emotional Pain, and learn how to begin healing your heart of painful emotions that are holding you, prisoner.

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