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September 18, 2023

Spiritual Entity Possession And Removal UYT198

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What Are These Negative Spirits?

One of the areas that I find is escalating in my clients is that of spiritual entity possession and removal. So what is a spiritual entity, how do you recognize one, and why would you want it removed? The main reason is that when we speak about being or spirit possession, we mean the kind of beings that attack you or become attached to you, and it will cause you some form of grief.

Spiritual Entity Possession And Removal

What Is A Spiritual Entity

The word entity refers to energy beings and types of spiritual spirits. Your soul is an entity, and you are an energy being. So are angels, spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and so on. However, we often use this term to refer to malevolent, nonbeneficial beings who cause trouble and mischief. Just as there are all kinds of physical humans in the world, there is a vast array of non-physical beings.

Each is on its own journey at its particular stage of evolution. Some are in alignment with Source energy and serve the greatest and highest good of all beings. The ones we are concerned about are mostly the unwanted entities, types of parasitic entities that are out of alignment, self-interested, and prefer lower, darker energy vibrations. They can be thought forms, beings from other dimensions, and beings who are stuck in a lower frequency of creativity and opesuffering from spirit entity attachmentration that makes them believe they have to control others and feed off their energy for their self-expression.

Why Do They Get Attached?

Sometimes, beings get attached to humans or even attack them. There are various reasons for this. Some beings are parasitic because they have destroyed their homeworld (e.g., spider beings, snake beings). Others are working to keep the planet and humanity in the dark ages. Yet others get attached because there is a personal relationship. For example, you may have worked with the being in a past life. You could have moved beyond the way you played together. But the being is invested in maintaining the status quo. So it will cause trouble until you finally activate some form of spirit attachment release and get rid of it.

Other beings may be associated with people you know. Maybe it makes them feel safe by attacking people when they feel intimidated. They haven’t outgrown the being, and it interferes with their relationships.

How Do They Attach?

Spirit entity attachment can occur in various ways. They might create an energy chord that theyexperiencing an entity possession attach to your chakras. A favorite is the crown chakra because they can manipulate your reality from here. There are energy channels and other places within the energy system where they tend to connect. Learning how to ground spiritually will really help.

They can be present in your energy body, energy channels, and chakras and even appear to be in physical places within the body. The spine between the shoulder blades and the back of the neck are all common examples. I have had clients who are kept on their toes because the being moves around. Or it’s all over at once, creating havoc in their system. It can be very difficult to be around someone with a being because their being can make your life miserable. Another possibility is that you bring it back from an encounter while astral traveling. So if you have a bad dream or nightmare and then feel peculiar afterward, you might have brought back an attachment.

What Do I Do To Cause It?

One thing you must remember is that the being could not be in your space unless you allowed it to be there. The primary thing you do to cause it is not to own your space. Your energy field is your private creative universe and is meant to be occupied by your unique energy frequency. If you are not grounded, and in your body, you leave it open to invasion.

Also, participating in certain activities that cause you to leave or disassociate from your body (e.g., Alcohol, drugs, painkillers) can leave you vulnerable to these types of issues. There is also the case of the classic wounded healer who is attempting to heal someone else who is very disturbed and then not cleansing their own energy afterward.

You can also be born with that relationship already in place because it can be a karmic attachment. Regardless if this is the case or you pick up a spiritual entity for any reason, not healing yourself can cause vulnerability as they can attach to your fear, pain, unworthiness, doubt, and other low-vibration feelings, beliefs, and energy signatures in your field. Then they can make your life uncomfortable, to say the least.

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How To Recognize the Signs Of Spiritual Entity Possession?

Here is a list of different ways that you can experience spiritual entity possession:

  • You experience unexplained physical pain.
  • You are not able to think straight.
  • You seem to suffer from a foggy head.
  • Your reality does not have a clear delineation.
  • You feel disassociated, tired, exhausted, depleted, depressed, low energy, not quite yourself.

Of course, there can be other explanations for all these things, and so just because you have one or several of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you have an unwanted being.

Another symptom is that you act out of character. People with beings may seem like Jekyll and Hyde or appear to have multiple personalities. They are nice one minute and then change on a dime to be mean and hurtful. They don’t know they have been invaded. It just happens. If you suspect you might have an attachment, then go to see an experienced Clairvoyant reader who has experience in removing entities, as they will be able to see it and remain neutral and in charge enough to remove it for you.

What Else Unwanted Entities Do?

Spiritual entities can place implants and devices in your energy field. These can interfere with your thoughts, emotions, behavior, and more. If this is the case, your healer must remove everything relating to the being. Otherwise, they have a doorway back in. They can fool you.

I have known people who believed they would die if their being was removed. Or people who had sexual behaviors directed by a being and found themselves doing things they did not want to and yet felt compelled to do so. Or lost touch with reality and believed and said things that other people found so strange they ended up being sectioned.

How To Avoid Being Physically Or Psychically Attacked By A Spiritual Entity?

First and foremost, own your space. Learn how to develop and heal yourself. Keep your vibration high. If you are in the state of love, your frequency is high and light, so negative entities cannot exist within your space. This is because they have a very low frequency.

It is also worth pointing out that you are more powerful than them. You have a physical body. They do not. It takes a powerful being to create a physical body. If they were as powerful as you, they would have created their own body instead of taking a ride on you. You can protect yourself by believing in your light, love, power, strength, and courage. The only power they have is the power you give them by not believing in yourself.

How To Remove A Spiritual Entity From Your Body?

If you are trained in entity removal, then you do not need to ask that question. Learning how to how to get rid of a negative entity attachmentremove entities from your body is not all that simple and can lead to risky results. If you are asking this question, then the best route for you would be to find a Clairvoyant healer, like Dr. Lesley Phillips, who can do an entity removal for you or who can train you in how to be able to do it yourself.

I am trained at doing this work and have done so on many occasions. The safest way is for multiple healers to work together. As there is strength in numbers, they can clean each other out before and after the session. I have known beings to attack the healer for hours or days before the entity removal session. The healer needs to be strong enough to cope with that and be prepared to put up with it and keep cleaning it out. The healer also has to clean themselves out afterward so they don’t get infested or attached to themselves.

All in all, a spiritual entity possession and entity attachment removal is not something that you wish to trifle with.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

  • How to recognize benevolent spirits and different types of parasitic entities.
  • Spirit release therapy.
  • How to get rid of a negative entity attachment?

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Spiritual Entity Possession, And Removal when we discuss the types of parasitic entities that may give you a hard time.

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