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April 9, 2019

Spiritual Entity Possession And Removal UYT198

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What Are These Negative Spirits?

One of the areas that I find is escalating in my clients is that of spiritual entity possession and removal. So what is a spiritual entity, how do you recognize one and why would you want it suffering from spirit entity attachmentremoved? The main reason is that when we speak about being or spirit possession we mean the kind of beings that attack you or become attached to you and it will cause you some form of grief.

The word entity refers to energy beings, types of spiritual spirits. Your soul is an entity and you are an energy being. So are angels, spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and so on. However, we often use this term to refer to malevolent nonbeneficial beings, who cause trouble and mischief. Just as there are all kinds of physical humans in the world, there is a vast array of non-physical beings.

Each is on its own journey at its particular stage of evolution. Some are in alignment with Source energy and serve the greatest and highest good of all beings. The ones we are concerned about are mostly the unwanted entities, types of parasitic entities that are out of alignment, self-interested, and prefer lower darker energy vibrations. They can be thought forms, beings from other dimensions, and beings who are stuck in a lower frequency of creativity and operation that makes them believe they have to control others and feed off their energy for their self-expression.

Why Do They Get Attached?

Sometimes beings get attached to humans or even attack them. There are various reasons for this. Some beings are parasitic because they have destroyed their homeworld (e.g. spider beings, snake beings). Others are working to keep the planet and humanity in the dark ages. Yet others get attached because there is a personal relationship. For example, you may have worked with the being in a past life. You could have moved beyond the way you played together. But the being is invested in maintaining the status quo. So it will cause trouble until you finally activate some form of spirit attachment release and get rid of it.

Other beings may be associated with people you know. Maybe it makes them feel safe by attacking people when they feel intimidated. They haven’t outgrown the being and it interferes with their relationships.

How Do They Attach?

Spirit entity attachment can occur in various ways. They might create an energy chord that theyexperiencing an entity possession attach to your chakras. A favorite is the crown chakra because they can manipulate your reality from here. There are energy channels and other places within the energy system where they tend to connect. learning how to ground spiritually will really help.

They can be present in your energy body, energy channels, and chakras and even appear to be in physical places within the body. The spine and between the shoulder blades, and back of the neck are all common examples. I have had clients who are kept on their toes because the being moves around. Or it’s all over at once creating havoc in their system. It can be very difficult to be around someone with a being because their being can make your life miserable. Another possibility is that you bring it back from an encounter while astral traveling. So if you have a bad dream or nightmare and then feel peculiar afterward, you might have brought back an attachment.

What Do I Do To Cause It?

One thing you must remember is that the being could not be in your space unless you allowed it to be there. The primary thing you do to cause it is not to own your space. Your energy field is your private creative universe and is meant to be occupied by your unique energy frequency. If you are not grounded and in your body, you leave it open to invasion.

Also participating in certain activities that cause you to leave or disassociate from your body (e.g. Alcohol, drugs, painkillers) can leave you vulnerable to these types of issues. There is also the case of the classic wounded healer who is attempting to heal someone else who is very disturbed and then not cleansing their own energy afterward.

You can also be born with that relationship already in place because it can be a karmic attachment. Regardless if this is the case or you pick up a spiritual entity for any reason not healing yourself can cause vulnerability as they can attach to your fear, pain, unworthiness, doubt, and other low vibration feelings, beliefs, and energy signatures in your field. Then they can make your life uncomfortable, to say the least.

In Pain – Need A Healing?

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How To Recognize the Signs Of Spiritual Entity Possession?

Here is a list of different ways that you can experience spiritual entity possession:

  • You experience unexplained physical pain.
  • You are not able to think straight.
  • You seem to suffer from a foggy head.
  • Your reality does not have a clear delineation.
  • You feel disassociated, tired, exhausted, depleted, depressed, low energy, not quite yourself.

Of course, there can be other explanations for all these things and so just because you have one or several of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you have an unwanted being.

Another symptom is that you act out of character. People with beings may seem like Jekyll and Hyde or appear to have multiple personalities. They are nice one minute and then change on a dime to be mean and hurtful. They don’t know they have been invaded. It just happens. If you suspect you might have an attachment then go to see an experienced Clairvoyant reader who has experience in removing entities as they will be able to see it and remain neutral and in charge enough to remove it for you

What Else Unwanted Entities Do?

Spiritual entities can place implants and devices in your energy field. These can interfere with your thoughts, emotions, behavior, and more. If this is the case your healer must remove everything relating to the being otherwise they have a doorway back in. They can fool you.

I have known people who believed they would die if their being was removed. Or people who had sexual behaviors directed by a being, and found themselves doing things they did not want to and yet felt compelled to do so. Or lost touch with reality and believed and said things that other people found so strange they ended up being sectioned.

How To Avoid Being Physically Or Psychically Attacked By A Spiritual Entity?

First and foremost own your space. Learn how to develop and heal yourself. Keep your vibration high. If you are in the state of love your frequency is high and light so negative entities cannot exist within your space. This is because they have a very low frequency.

It is also worth pointing out that you are more powerful than they are. You have a physical body. They do not. It takes a powerful being to create a physical body. If they were as powerful as you, they would have created their own body instead of taking a ride on you. You can protect yourself by believing in your light, love, power, strength, and courage. The only power they have is the power you give them by not believing in yourself.

How To Remove A Spiritual Entity From Your Body?

If you are trained in entity removal then you do not need to ask that question. Learning how to how to get rid of a negative entity attachmentremove entities from your body is not all that simple and can lead to risky results. If you are asking this question then the best route for you would be to find a Clairvoyant healer who can do an entity removal for you or who can train you in how to be able to do it yourself.

I am trained at doing this work and have done so on many occasions. The safest way is for multiple healers to work together. As there is strength in numbers and they can clean each other out before and after the session. I have known beings to attack the healer for hours or days before the entity removal session. The healer needs to be strong enough to cope with that and be prepared to put up with it and keep cleaning it out. The healer also has to clean themselves out afterward so they don’t get infested or attached to themselves.

All in all a spiritual entity possession and entity attachment removal is not something that you wish to trifle with.

In This Podcast You Will Learn:

  • How to recognize benevolent spirits and different types of parasitic entities.
  • Spirit release therapy.
  • How to get rid of a negative entity attachment?

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Spiritual Entity Possession, And Removal when we discuss the types of parasitic entities that may give you a hard time.

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Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips is the founder of the School of Intuition, where she teaches online psychic development classes. She is the host of the Unlocking your Truth Radio Show and Podcast. She has also written quite a few spiritual books.

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  1. Reading this has really given me some type of hope or just an overall uplifting feeling. I have been dealing with something that I couldn’t explain if I tried to. I have been to doctor after doctor and have had no positive results or diagnosis. I think I may have a parasitic entity attached to me based on your information.

  2. Hi I have a huge negetive force on me that won’t leave me alone

    And I have entities inside me how do I get rid of them

    Kind regards makaella

      1. Hi Dr Lesley
        I have been battling unknown crawling in my head for some years now and I have treating medically but no solution.,can this be an Entity and its appeared that I my energy is not stable. What can I do to get over this mysterious matter ,am worried

      2. Dear Dr Lesley,

        I have been bothered by an entity for a while and am looking for help to remove it. It is a physical experience, all the time I feel I am sitting on something moving, it is often a moving pair of hands. It is attached to my root chakra and actually talks when I go to the toilet. I hear talking in the toilet, ticking clock, fridge and in my surroundings. It often shouts 'erkė!', which is in my native language Lithuanian. It means 'tic'! I guess it wants to keep itself attached to me as a parasite to suck and feed on my energy. It also wants to control my thoughts and keep me back from achieving my goals (I would like to do further study but it is difficult to focus as I have to think how to get rid of it). I have some possessions which are also affected and it wants to get to me through them, like my quartz ball, my little orange, a lamp with a facial expression, a couple of angels, a toy owl. For example, it presented this little owl as moving past and then attacked it in particles and destroyed it and then accused and attacked me for it. It molests me sexually, wants to molest my little possessions (which represent innocent God spirits to me) sexually and then it accuses me of it. It has told me it is spirit of Jezebel. I did not know anything about Jezebel, so I read up about it and it may well be true judging from its behaviour. It calls me 'devil's bride' and the voice coming through the ticking clock in my parents' kitchen demands I go to the local Catholic church at night and open my legs in front of the statue of Jesus. Of course I am not prepared to do it. When I was living and working in Beijing I was going past a Catholic church and a picture of Jesus asked me to 'take it'. So I bought it. Then it asked me to heal his hands for a year. I believed in it and I was doing it for half a year with white yoghurt 10 minutes each hand. While I was doing it I could see physical particles and energy gusts going up into the sky but the spirit was molesting me physically at the same time. I have read somewhere that the antithesis of Jesus also gets attached to pictures of Jesus and I believe that is what happened and I was tricked. I am not a Catholic and I should not have done it. I am Evangelic Reformist, but not really a devout Christian. I find a lot of wisdom in Buddhism but also say Christian prayers every day. I also had breast cancer and had one breast removed. Then the spirit left me physically but at around Christmas time it came back and all the time now I wake up to threats and physical violation and molestation of my body. Once I had also a very sweet dream of Jesus and I don't really know what to believe. But feeling of the groping hands underneath me is directly linked to me spending time trying to heal his hands with yoghurt. When I close my eyes, I see a flying bottom and also in my surroundings and in the sky. I have also imagined a little boy and gave him a name. This spirit demands I give the Catholic church 50 euros for his soul so he becomes a scapegoat for this spirit's sexual crime. So all the time I feel although the boy is not real and I imagined him, I have to protect him and heal him. I have donated 500 euros to the Catholic church with the intention being cleanliness but I also hear swearing in the bells of the church and the spirit says the boy has been hurt. As I was reading about Jezebel after this spirit told me it was Jezebel, I found out Jezebel tries to get a member of the family or a close person after the 'host' dies. The spirit said it wanted my friend's daughter (I don't have any children), so I warned her about it. My experience is unique, I have not heard of anyone ever experiencing anything like this, so I don't talk about it to many people, not even to my mum and dad as they are elderly and I don't want to worry them. But I need help to remove this spirit as I want to enjoy my life and not feel threatened or physically bothered. I burn sage, do positive affirmations, burn incense, candles, sleep with mantras and am generally doing OK, I say prayers and find things to be grateful for. Please help me remove this spirit so I can feel at peace and can enjoy life again. Thank you so much.

    1. Hello, I was told that there’s is a being in my space (very heavy energy) .i was told that in a previous life a made agreements with some beings so they could experience life with out being in a body, but in this life I decided to break those agreements and all of those beings were ok with it but this one being is not happy about it and wants revenge , wants to get me in trouble. I was told that all I needed to do was own my space and I will be ok, I’ve been meditating, grounding, I’m in the center of my head, im trying to be positive, but it seems that there’s this heavy energy that takes over me, I feel anger and hate coming out of nowhere and I feel that this isn’t me, I feel this heaviness all the time, I feel this cold sensation in the left side of my body also in the back of my body , and I feel that the most i try to feel good the worst it feels . I got a trans medium healing and I was told that they remove a spider being but 5 minets after the healing I started to feel the same.

  3. Dr Lesley I need your help. Can you remove spiritual energy from my root chakra? He is a spiritual guru but his energy is in my root chakra. Hoping to hear from you soon

  4. Hello I have at least three entities that latched onto me.i wAs astral projecting and end up in a blackvoid I could feel hands grab onto me.at first they would run away when I wake up now they go everywhere with me . please help.

  5. Hi Lesley,
    There is a Tibetan Lama who has formed an attachment with me through an emanation body he created (a tulpa). This emanation body has effectively merged with me, so I feel a ‘heart’ next to mine, and he seems to be able to influence my nervous system too. Is this tulpa something you can remove?

    1. Hello Fidelma – Thank you for this question – I have never been asked that before, but I don’t see why the same energy process I use for other entity clearings wouldn’t work for this. Its the same issue of having a foreign energy frequency in your space. I have definitely encountered gurus and past life teachers in people’s energy fields before and cleaned them out. The main thing for most people to be clear on is they are responsible for their own energetic space. Meaning on some level you are not owning your space and therefore allowing it to be there. We would need to clear the entity and also help you own your space and clear any fear, resistance, or beliefs that leave you vulnerable, or you could be reinvaded even though IO cleaned you out.

      Ultimately all healing is self-healing. Hiring a healer to do this work is like hiring a midwife who helps you achieve your goal of giving birth to a new you. We can remove foreign energy, flush you out with healing energy and provide instruction on how to fill in with your own energy, but you are the one that is creating your reality and therefore is responsible for it. That is why there is no guarantee of a result because I can do my part, but if you don’t do yours then it might not work out for you. I understand it’s difficult to hear you are creating your situation on some level, but it’s the very best news because it means you have the power to uncreate it as well.

      My preference is always to empower someone to help themselves. I am happy to teach you how to own your space and if you have belief systems that are causing the issue, I can help teach you how to deprogram them. There are different ways I can do that – why not book a 30 minute consult and we can discuss that together https://drlesleyphillips.com/book-a-session/

  6. Hello Dr. Lesley-
    Thank you so much for offering such a wonderfully informative site. I was curious if you are experienced with any alien attachments? As I have quite a few that are attached , and one that is considered to be the main parasite or – the general- he is called. They seem to have attached themselves around 2012 , and have been attempting kill me and control me thru emotional/ physical means, and now also by seducing my friends and family into mind control and now they are not speaking to me normally. As a result I am all alone, and severely need healing and protection. Do you have any advice, guidance and or resources on how I can begin to rid my life of these evil serpents and regain my health and perchance live a normal life once again?! Any and all advice/support welcomed. Thank you for your time and consideration. ~ T

  7. Hi Dr. Lesley can you help me? I went to a psychic and she told me when I was born a spirit was attached to me that keeps me from finding true love. I’ve had boyfriends but nothing ever deep or past a few months she wanted to charge me 250 dollars to cleanse my aura is there away do it myself or do I need to go to her?

    1. We never create any situation that we are not fully capable of transcending. You could try meditation, using sage and other solutions or find a healer that you feel comfortable with and trust.

  8. Hello Dr Lesey, im wondering of you could help me , I’ve been dealing with this very heavy energy for the last 6 months, I felt it before but not as strong as now, I was told that there’s a being in my space. I feel anger and hate for no reason, I feel this heaviness in my space ,I feel tired and drained all the time ,and I feel very confused like if there’s something in my head, please let me know if you could help. Thank you.

  9. I have been working with a psychic and she had told me a dark entity was over me and then we cleared it. A few months later an ex who was obsessed with me had died. During this time we were trying to reunite me with somebody from my past. The ex who died was very jealous of this person. Now she says that this dark spirit of my ex and the entity that was over him is looking for to attach to me or my true love. Ive never in my life been exposed to anything like this and I just need more clarity. A part of me feels that my connection with this loved one is divinely protected but she is making me afraid that these entitys will come between us

  10. I have what I think is a water elemental attached to the inside of my left knee. His attachment point (through a cord) is in my chest just left of my heart. He has foot long antenna at the top and bottom (four total). He has been everywhere but goes back to this location. At one point, I thought that I detected short appendages behind the antenna that move in and out in a breathing motion. A hot bath did not fool him. Grabbing at him with my hands failed; he passes through my hands like other physical objects (yet I can feel his presence). After a month or so, I am not seeing any major damage. I have a sore knee and hip joint. I have been told that water elementals while carp-like are very powerful. I haven’t tried sound yet. Do you know of frequencies that they are not fond of? Is there a way to trap them or do they pass through metals as easy as my body? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Denis – I haven’t encountered a water-elemental before, but I don’t see why it can’t be cleared using advanced techniques for entity clearing (there’s more information on my website about booking an appointment for this). It’s hard for me to provide instructions to do it yourself without you already having a background in the energy techniques I teach. You could start with the free grounding and centering meditation on my website – send the being and its energy down the grounding cord – Lesley

    1. Hello Dennis. No that is not true. I just checked if there was an issue with my booking calendar, as far as I can tell the appointments are visible. Please clear the cache on your computer to get the up to date calendar to come up. Or please e-mail me at info@drlesleyphillips.com to arrange a session – Lesley

  11. To everyone experiencing entity problems- you may have gotten too involved in certain practices and then this mass of programming hooked your awareness into it. This is what happens through religions and cults.

    Through experience, what works for me is grounding, and not “keeping your vibration high” because your real emotions of fear and loneliness do need to be worked on. When you allow the emotions, they release, and sometimes the negative belief with it. Getting back to the world and your family and friends is helpful for deprogramming. Things won’t fade from your awareness right away, but you will get there.

    Alexander Technique lie downs really helped me for the grounding part.

  12. Hello I have an inquiry related to this subject and in need of some advice insight anything but would like to keep this less public if you could reach out to me asap it would be greatly appreciated

  13. Thank you Doctor Lesley,
    I have a entity animal attachment. I can see it l have seen everything that has came in my home .
    So far l believe there's four here now if wolf's & One attachment attachment attachment to me. My daughter is & great danger she she also having these symptoms very emotional to see her this way.
    She can't even concentrate. I want these things remove l want them out of her & me
    I have one male Spirit are an older gentleman or older lady? I have pictures of them l snaped picture's l could smell & just know they where there.
    I'm at My last straw l tryed everything for me ~ l'm thinking My daughter has this going on with a chemical imbalance l not sure but it could be a worse possession ?
    I need help they spiting on me as l write this post. Do things to cause pain in areas of the Body also . I just don't know what to do but both of us to go to s church. I really don't know why they would want to attach their self to me and my daughter.
    I feel My Husband was having these symptoms first lots of negative energy in my home negative energy in my home.

    Thank youCC

  14. Hi so glad I ran across this.Where do I start. Have an attatchment that has sex with me all day and night. Feels like powerful air or energy. We have astral walkers that come in. My daughter who is 36 has someone in spirit that talks to her and knows everything she does. Calls her baby. Think its an astral walker. Phycic attacks on both of us. 6 months if this. So sick if it. No-one has been able to hel0 us.there's more to the story

  15. Hello. Back in June of last year, I started using a necklace as a pendulum to try and contact a celebrity that had passed away. Two came through in which I found out were entities that were pretending to be the individual. This lasted for at least 3 months on the necklace. In late September, I started hearing voices. There are at least 5 entity voices that constantly harass me. One of them is an attachment. I was in and out of the hospital 4 times and no medication seems to help. Doctors said it’s just a psychosis thing. No one has been able to help me. I have seen 3 psychics already and none have been able to help. Two told me there are indeed entities inside a portal and that is how I am able to hear them. These entity voices say things like I don’t deserve to live, tell me to shoot myself and refuse to leave me alone. They speak different languages, make both of my ears ring. I have had increased depression and anxiety. Everything adds up to Demons (based on research I have found) They are speaking in different voices. I do not want to harm myself or others. They are giving me these negative thoughts constantly every day. Lastly, I am not getting any sleep at night. I feel like my life depends on this and have run out of options/help. I am begging anyone for help at this point. I spoke with Rev Xavier in Texas and he said I need an exorcism for evil attachment removal. I am desperate as no one will help me. I was just looking to see if you had any advice on where you think I should go with this. I would appreciate it If you could get back to me at your nearest convenience. Thank you for your time.

  16. I am really actually serious about a enity removal from my body. When I went to the hospital a few years ago I don't believe I came back a lone and I was afraid to let this t hing go so I didn't help the situations. Theres more to my story than just this but I would really appreciate the help. So if you could put me in touch with a clairvoyant that would be great or you say you are trained then I would glady pay you.

  17. Hello I’m a hypnotherapist and I believe one of my last clients has entities attachments. I would love to guide her to someone that is an expert in this field and I would appreciate any referrals. We live in Vancouver BC. Thank you.

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