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January 16, 2024

How To Draw The Line Between Self Care Vs Selfishness UYT151

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Self-Care Vs Selfishness

Have you ever considered self care vs selfishness regarding your life? It’s very pertinent because all of you are susceptible to imbalance in your life. One of the main reasons for this is that you are always giving to others, helping others, and not considering your well-being. It can be difficult to turn people down. When and if you do take time for yourself, many of you will be haunted by the question, “Am I self-centered?” And so you can end up being emotionally, mentally, or even physically wounded. So when is self-care selfish?

How To Draw The Line Between Self Care Vs Selfishness UYT151

What Is Self Care?

So here is the channeled message from one of my Spirit Guides regarding self care vs selfishness.

“What is it that you have? What you have is you. If you don’t have you, what or who do you have? You are precious, irreplaceable, unique. You have your one light, your one life force, your one consciousness, your one body, your one expression of the light and life force through the body. The body helps you focus your energy here on Earth. It helps to have a vessel to radiate your light through and establish your presence. A focal point for you to create through.

If you don’t have your body, you don’t have anything here on earth. You still have your consciousness but not your focus on Earth. So, if you want to remain focused on Earth and continue creating on Earth, you need your body. Your body is different than the Spirit you. It has different requirements and characteristics. It’s not always easy for the Spirit to comprehend the body’s requirements. The body doesn’t shift instantly in the way that Spirit does. is self-care selfish no

Your body is created in third-density reality, in three dimensions of time and one dimension of space. The body is matched to that reality. So, it takes time and space for the body to shift. And it can be frustrating for Spirit when the body doesn’t change fast enough. But that’s the dilemma.

Self-Care And Ascension

Why do you take care of your body? Some might say, “Oh, yes, but you are transitioning to the fourth density reality and the fifth dimension.” But right now, you’re in a four-D body adapted to time-space reality. If you want your body to accompany you on your ascension journey, you must heal it.

You need to operate it in alignment with your higher being and help it get used to the higher vibrational frequencies. It’s absolutely crucial for you to look after your physical body. What’s the best way to do that?

Listen to it, and certainly don’t ignore it. And how do you listen to your body? It will speak to you through physical feelings and emotions. If you are experiencing physical pain or some form of sickness or illness has manifested in your body, it is because you are out of alignment. There is resistance to the flow of your unique vibrational frequency in that area where the pain is some form of block to the natural flow of light and lifeforce through your vessel. And what is a block, if not a form of resistance? importance of self care in mental health

And your body might offer resistance because it’s trying to tell you, “Please take me into consideration.” Or it’s not understanding something about the reality that you’re creating through it. So listen to your body’s messages.

If there is a physical pain, allow yourself to sit and feel it, allow it. Be aware of it. Listen for the message through it. Respond if a response is called for, and hold the space for the energy to start shifting and release. Offer no resistance to your higher being and allow this natural flow through your person. Be curious when you have a pain or other kind of energy block. Ask yourself if a belief or behavior from the past is energetically affecting you. You can shift your perspective in a way that allows the energy to be released.

So self-care is truly deepening your relationship with your body and listening to it, not just paying lip service. Indeed, it’s seeking a balance between body and spirit day in and day out, not allowing the pendulum to swing so far in either direction. While you are in polarity, there will always be a movement from side to side. But if you catch the symptoms and your body’s message early, you can correct it and move back into alignment sooner rather than later.

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Self-Care Definition

So self-care is all about body-spirit communication. It’s not just about you in your body receiving messages from your higher being and carrying them out to fulfill your life purpose. It’s not a work to be done. It’s about you being here. Bringing your light embodying unique vibration into this vessel, your body, and shining your light here on Earth. And to truly do that, you need to align with your higher being. So it’s not just about you receiving messages from your higher being. It’s about you listening to your body, receiving messages from your body as well, and responding to the messages that your body is giving you.

In the old way of being, in the old earth way, you were used to planning out your time, creating segments of time, pre-arranging meetings, and having a to-do list. This is a human work-based way of living life. But there is another way. That way is to be directed from your soul to be directed from your higher being, your higher aspect. It is to be perfectly attuned and resonant with your higher being and to be in a state of flow with the energy of your soul and the impulse of the universe. In this way of being in alignment, you can be healthy. In this way of being in alignment, you are caring for yourself.

There is no way in which alignment with your higher being leads you to be ill, exhausted, overwhelmed, or overburdened. That is something that you do to yourself when you are out of alignment. And when you operate from belief structures and behavior patterns that don’t serve us.”

Self-Centered Personality Wants And Desiresself-love is not selfish

So that was the end of the channeled message. I hope you enjoyed listening to it and that it made sense. Because it is true. So often, you are on a spiritual path and say you want to receive your messages. You want to hear your intuition. You want to know who you are and why you are here so that you can get on with your life purpose.

In some senses, there’s nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, you’re doing it through a body. And so you can’t afford to ignore the body because the body has to be a willing and supportive partner. And it will only be a supportive partner if you take care of it by listening to it, responding to it, and ultimately healing it.

Otherwise, it will become your enemy rather than your partner and will fight you. It will resist you. And then it will be much harder for you. One of your supreme purposes here, on Earth, is to be a fully embodied spirit. This means bringing your unique light and creativity here. To do that, you have to do it through the body because the body is the focal point and allows you to manifest on Earth.

And so the body is part of that equation. Taking care of the body is part of that equation. You can know all manner of spiritual information, but if you want to create from it, you need a body. You need the body to be it’s home. It’s your Spirit’s vessel and the mechanism for bringing your spiritual energy here. You have to take care of it because otherwise, you won’t be able to be fully embodied. After all, energy blockages and out-of-alignment energies will be present instead of your true essence.

So, of course, sometimes you end up with some illness. Don’t judge yourself and go, “Oh, no, I have not lived a life perfectly because I let myself get out of balance.” It’s a mechanism, in itself, to help you pay attention and come back into balance. And the earlier you can listen to the messages, the earlier you can move yourself back into alignment.

So, having balance in your life every day is essential. Because talking as an energy healer and a psychic reader who just took ten days off, I know there could have been many people who needed my help. But if I gave in and kept working without giving to myself, I would get out of balance. I would not be serving those who need me. So, you see, self-love is not selfish. having a self centered personality is ok

It is far better to pay daily attention to your body and take care of it. Take the time to listen to your body every day. Take the time for your personal self-care.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Draw The Line Between Self Care Vs Selfishness, and find out why you should take care of yourself first or you will have nothing left to give others.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How To Draw The Line Between Self Care Vs Selfishness:

  • Zachary – I feel in balance, high vibration awareness.
  • Katie – Caring for your body isn’t just about nutrition and exercise. The importance of self care in mental health and emotional health is evident because those also appear in the body. It’s about overall well-being.
  • NjeriSelf-care is part of my routine. I am adding more strength and stretching in 2024. My body is asking for it, and I’m following its lead. I lost 15lbs from intuitive eating and exercising in 2023.
  • Andarini – When I opened my eyes, I was surprised that tears were rolling down my cheeks. Why is that?
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, I was very aware when midnight came on New Year’s Eve that energetically, we were passing through a portal, sweeping each time zone as it welcomed in the New Year. Can you share anything about that energy shift, where things are moving (of course, they will continue to shift), and what this year may be about (not a prediction, but where it’s heading)?
  • KB – That was a great meditation, thank you! I noticed foreign “things,” mostly in my lower chakras, that each light revealed and healed. It felt freeing.
  • NW– 12/31/23 and 123 123 are all Angel numbers. Are there any insights to share from your perspective, Corry and Lesley?
  • Brian – I learned a few years ago, since I never really resonated with New Year’s resolutions, to create a theme each year that was more all-encompassing of where I want to go in life and to leave myself open to the mystery! I found it more freeing, and it resonated more with me.
  • Karina – I see a lot of 211, 311, 1011, 1111, 911, 711, 11, etc., on the minutes on the clock or my phone …. Is this my angels communicating with me?

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