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February 13, 2018

Self Care Vs Selfishness – UYT151

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Why You Should Take Care Of Yourself Before Others!

There is a fine line between self-care vs selfishness or is there. Why do you need to learn how to hold space for yourself first? What does it really mean to hold space for someone? if you have ever flown on an airplane and actually listened to the attendant safety instructions before a flight you will have heard about oxygen masks. The instruction is to always put your mask on before you help someone else. This is because it is difficult to help someone else when you have passed out for lack of air. This holds very true in life as well. How can you help someone emotionally if taking care of yourself emotionally seems impossible? You can’t give what you don’t have or does helping yourself before others seem selfish.

Self Care Vs Selfishness: The Self Centered Personality Defined

A self-centered person is extremely involved with themselves and their own demands. They are selfish to be defining selfish vs self centeredsuccinct. I am sure that you have met them in your life. Someone who loves to talk about themselves. They do not just think they are the center of the universe, they know it. Everything about ME, ME, and only ME.

Nobody enjoys their company of a self-centered individual especially those of us on a spiritual path of any sort. Being involved with a person with self-centered tendencies can affect your own self-esteem. If you take a serious look at the personality traits of these [people you will notice lots of commonalities.

Here are a few hints you could be dealing with a self-absorbed person:

  • He or she will be very defensive.
  • Small Idea or picture thinker.
  • They can be very dominating.
  • They can actually be insecure at times.
  • They have a sense of personal supremacy.
  • They are out for themselves and friendship is just a way or means to a personal goal.
  • They have opinions on everything.
  • They have very little empathy.
  • To them, arrogance is a virtue.

Do you recognize anyone in your life that seems to have some or all of these traits? Don’t forget to look in a mirror. Remember though people can change. It does take work but it does happen.

Holding Space As a Form Of self-Care

Today we are discussing this very topic, self-care vs selfishness, but we will be using a different term “holding space”. We will discover the meaning of “holding space” and why it’s critical to look after yourself first, before trying to assist others. Learning how to hold space efficiently can bring increased satisfaction to your relationships with yourself, others, and any situations you find yourself in. Our guest tonight, Amanda Dobra Hope, is an expert in the art of holding space and creating a self-care plan.

Amanda is a vision-holder, evolutionary teacher, writer, author, energy healer, speaker, and holistic life coach. Her passion for assisting others to uncover their authentic inner selves is so very evident. She loves to help people to open up to share their unique gifts in a world that works for everyone. Her main belief is that all of humanity can love themselves and can express their true gifts with passion and authenticity, all would thrive. We should take care of each other and also take care of this place we call our home.

Here Are Some Of The Things We Ask Amanda Today:

  • The name of your book is Holding Space- A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First. Give us a brief overview of what we can expect from this book.
  • Why are you so passionate about the concepts in your book as well as important to the world right now?
  • Why are self-love and doing your personal growth work important to each person individually, as well as to the world?
  • What will change if more people look inwards and heal themselves personally right now?
  • You seem some of the ways to hold space you discuss in your book.
  • Why is holding space in relationships so important?
  • Is there ever a time when you should stop holding space for a person, situation, or idea?
  • Why is it so very important to honor yourself for the energy you use while holding space?
  • What inspired you in this work?
  • How does space holding relate to the other things you do in your life (holistic life coaching, writing, speaking, Drain That Pain Conversational Hypnosis/Energy Clearing Technique, officiating weddings) and how do they all tie together?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Self Care Vs Selfishness, and find out why you should take care of yourself first or you will have nothing left to give others is so important and why Amanda is passionate about this wonderful work.

Find her at www.itsasyoulikeit.com

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