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June 4, 2024

Eight Forms Of Repressed Emotions And Emotional Denial

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Denying The Soul’s Expression Through The Body By Denying And Repressing Emotions

Recently, a client, let’s call her Ann for the sake of this article, asked for help feeling her denied emotions and repressed emotions. She wanted to clear a pattern of repressing emotions to focus on work and increase emotional flow to be more creative. She was stuck in an emotional safety zone, where emotional extremes were denied to stay in control. She felt emotionally numb, as though skating on the surface of life. She denied both negative and positive emotions. She didn’t feel alive and craved a deeper connection with her body. learn how to deal with how to deal with repressed emotions

One of her sessions focused on clearing emotional blocks in the endocrine system. What emerged was a story of how she tends to deny spirit as it enters and moves through her body. The following summary shares the information channeled from my Spirit Guide about repressed emotions and emotional denial. As we explored her endocrine system, one gland at a time, they explained how she sequentially denied the Spirit by ignoring emotions as the Spirit moved deeper into her physical experience.

Following are eight forms of repressed emotions and emotional denial that were revealed to her. Are you in denial? Let’s find out.

The First Emotional Denial – Projecting A False Reality

  • Gland: Pineal
  • Emotion: Bliss, Love
  • Denial: True Reality

A Spirit Guide disclosed the first emotional denial related to transmitting life force energy between the pineal and pituitary glands. The pineal gland is the seat of the soul within the human system, while the pituitary is a master gland that governs many bodily functions.

They call the pineal gland the origin point of bliss. Here, you can transcend human challenges and access spiritual ecstasy. Bliss is high on the emotional scale. The key that unlocks the door to bliss is amusement and playfulness. When the intellect takes over to analyze everything, it puts you into effort and blocks bliss. You need to relax and stop being so severe.

You project your reality from the pineal gland but give this creative power away when stressed. Because your reality feels out of control, you adopt strategies to take it back. Ann ignored her emotions in exchange for a false sense of control. She was creating a false reality to cover up the truth. She was pretending to be OK when this wasn’t true. Ann was using denial as a coping mechanism.

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You resist emotions when you don’t want to accept your truth. You judge your emotions because you don’t want to ruin your self-image or make others uncomfortable. So, you pretend you don’t have them at all. But you can’t experience love or bliss while in emotional denial. High emotional vibrations require communication with your body, which mandates that you accept your emotions. Denial is not acceptance.

Denial As A Defense Mechanism

The Spirit Guide explained, “What you see is what you get.” If you project a false reality, it gets integrated into your system. They called this the first denial of spirit. Spirit is you, the soul self, in your pure form of love, light, and consciousness. The place in the body where your consciousness sits is the pineal gland. The energy of your Spirit then moves into the pituitary gland, the master gland responsible for many body functions. If there are false projections, there are barriers to the pure love light flowing through the system.

The Second Emotional Denial – Resisting This Moment Now

  • Gland: Pituitary
  • Emotion: Acceptance vs. Judgement
  • Denial: What Exists Now

The next center of emphasis was the pituitary glands. As Ann worked on clearing thebenefits of living in the present moment communication between the pineal and pituitary glands, the Spirit Guide explained how she was judging injustice. Spirit accepts everything. To fully experience the love of Spirit, you, too, must accept all things. Yet, as a human being, most of you believe injustice shouldn’t exist, so you don’t accept injustice. Non-acceptance of what is happening now is the second denial of Spirit.

Acceptance does not mean agreeing with it. It means accepting that this is the reality you are observing and that these things are happening. When you rail against it, you judge it and become just like it. Ann used her sense of injustice as fuel to move forward in the world. But to truly change anything, you must accept it first. She could be more effective as a change agent by accepting that injustice exists.

The Spirit Guide sang, “Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the moment last.” On hearing this, Ann said she doesn’t have enough hours in a day and feels overwhelmed and spread out. The physical body is in this now moment. If you’re not with your body, it won’t function optimally. Your life force will dilute if the Spirit is in the past or future. When Spirit is not present, you do not feel. You ignore your emotions and might push the body to get stuff done.

You might be tired and need rest, or you might be emotional and need to cry. If your ego says, “I’ve got to keep it together and get this done,” it will overwrite the body’s natural tendencies. A more compassionate way is to allow Spirit to flow through the system, allowing emotions to flow. This doesn’t mean crying at work when it’s inappropriate. Spirit will help you be compassionate with yourself and guide you in doing what you need to do to be in balance.

The Third Emotional Denial – Ignoring The Bodies Reality

  • Gland: Hypothalamus
  • Emotion: All Emotions
  • Denial: Bodies Reality

The next focus was the hypothalamus. What came up was a question of priorities, such as where to focus energy to serve the greatest need. You often ignore some things in favor of others. For example, if you are ill but delay visiting the doctor until next week, as the boss needs a report from you urgently.

Life happens, and sometimes, you need to make those choices. But you must nurture the body afterward to stay balanced instead of just keeping on. The Spirit Guide said you misappropriate your energy due to wonky belief systems. They showed Ann sitting in a burnt-out room where everything had melted because she was pushing herself too hard.

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Spirit can also overstimulate the body if It doesn’t properly understand it. Spirit is infinite, and the body is finite. You can’t bring all of your energy into one body. Too much, and you can fry the circuits. Part of a Spirit’s physical life mission is to understand that you are operating through a body. The body isn’t the same as it. You need to respect the body and take it into consideration.

The third denial of Spirit relates to what causes us to put ourselves as the last priority. You could see the body as a sacred temple. Instead, you view it as a machine that you make do things. It’s a sacred temple because it houses the God that you are. You don’t have to do anything to deserve, to be loved, or to be the apple of God’s eye because you already are.

The Fourth Emotional Denial – Not Speaking Your Truth

  • Gland: Thyroid
  • Emotion: Sadness, Hate, Anger, Shame.
  • Denial: Secrets and lies.

The next area of focus is the thyroid. Ann’s thyroids were exhausted. They could not say no, “No, you can’t take on any more work. No, you need to go home. No, you need rest.” Emotions communicate what the body needs. But negative beliefs stop you from listening, so you don’t speak up. You think you are unimportant and have nothing to say worth hearing, so you hide in the shadows. do you suffer from limited beliefs

She had many limiting beliefs, causing her repressed emotions. For instance, “Be quiet to stay safe, and crying won’t help.” There were feelings of shame suppressing the voice and collaboration with others to deny patterns of abuse. Many of you have coping mechanisms to numb stress, such as food addiction, smoking, TV, and stimulants. Mom gives the child a candy to stop it crying instead of acknowledging its sadness and discomfort.

The fourth denial states that you want to avoid coming into the light and being heard. It will all be out in the open, and you must suffer the feelings and consequences. A past life illustrates the point. In a past life, Ann became pregnant while her husband was away, and she hoped to pass the child off as his. Her mother-in-law kept her secret to avoid shame and scandal, obtain an heir, and keep her in debt for life.

She also had anger towards her mother in this life for not protecting her and wished she could speak up. There was hate toward her abuser in her heart for what she wanted to get off her chest. Her body was sad because the past had not been cleared. She was eating her words, and the unspoken things were affecting her metabolism. The body kept getting bigger because it wanted to be seen and heard.

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Humans have created rules about the correct way to live. Yet abuse and trauma are kept secret to appear to conform to these expectations and not be judged. The fourth denial is not speaking your truth.

The Fifth Emotional Denial – Ignoring Your Souls Guidance

  • Gland: Thymus
  • Emotion: Confusion
  • Denial: Soul Self

The next gland to examine is the Thymus. Past anger and conflicting beliefs are also stored in the Thymus gland. On one hand, there are messages to stay hidden and quiet in the background, not get noticed because you can’t protect yourself. On the other hand, there is pressure to perform, speak up, and do things to be noticed. One side pushes Ann into action, and the other keeps her hidden and inactive.

These mixed messages are confusing and need to be clarified. Should she be seen or not? Should she hide or participate? She’d received so many conflicting expectations from her parents growing up that she didn’t know her feelings as an adult. She could never win or feel good enough and was programmed to satisfy others’ expectations. She ignored her soul’s guidance and denied her needs because the other voices were loudest.

The Spirit Guide played the song “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.” The lyrics were: “Should you scream and shout? Should you speak of love? Let our feelings out?” It illustrated the confusion about expressing emotions, loving someone, and being afraid of them simultaneously—not knowing how or what to express. The fifth denial is confusion, caused by expectations of others overriding your soul’s guidance, resulting in invalidation or not feeling good enough.

The Sixth Emotional Denial – Not Having What You Want

  1. Gland: Pancreas
  2. Emotion: Joy
  3. Denial: True Desires

The next focus is on the Pancreas. The Pancreas wants to be joyful. It wants to play and get along. It says, can’t you all play nicely? Why does it have to be more difficult than it has to be? It wants balance in the system, translating to harmonious relationships, togetherness, and sharing joy.are you experience imbalance in your life

Many people have negative programming when they eat something sweet or fatty. They can’t enjoy it because they say, “I shouldn’t eat this. There’s too much sugar or fat. Too much joy. Oh well, I am going to have it anyway.” Oh, but now you feel guilty. But why can’t you have an ice cream and enjoy it? Perhaps if there were no resistance, everything would work out harmoniously.

This was a reminder of someone who died from pancreatic cancer. Before his passing, he ran away from what he loved. He was a spiritual teacher, but he stopped doing so. When he was diagnosed, he returned to his spiritual group. He was a great teacher. But fear of his own brightness had made him walk away.

Ann gave another example. She had recently watched a show about a bookstore owner in New York, a city where everyone has big dreams. Regardless of that pressure, he loved books and created a life about what he loved rather than fulfilling others’ expectations and societal pressure.

The Pancreas offers a lesson to follow your joy. A lifetime of denying what you want isn’t joyful. The sixth denial is not allowing yourself to have what you truly want.

The Seventh Emotional Denial – Pushing Yourself Too Hard

  • Gland: Adrenals
  • Emotion: Patience
  • Denial: Balance

On to the Adrenal glands. Ann’s adrenal glands said, “You know, we work quite hard for you.” They looked like they were taking turns helping each other out. They kept calling themselves a hybrid. They said, “There’s two of us, and we are a team. We communicate with each other and do teamwork. We spread the work between us.

Then the Spirit Guide said, “All work and no play make Jessica a dull girl.” This was a reminder to always seek balance. Various organs in the body are in pairs. They work as a team. If you push them too hard, both become depleted. It would be best to balance your giving and receiving to stay healthy. Remember, it does not diminish you to ask a friend or guide for help if things get too much.

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There was a picture of a child on a horse, with the horse’s neck bent down, eating grass. The child was patting the horse and trying to prod it forward. Yet the little one became impatient as she pondered, “Isn’t this horse supposed to do something?” This metaphor was about body and Spirit, the horse being body and the rider being spirit. The rider must learn patience because this horse must eat right now.

The seventh emotional denial involved cultivating balance instead of pushing to the limits. By balancing the masculine and feminine energy within you, resting and acting in a way that considers the body’s reality, you can create a healthy body for the soul to create through.

The Eighth Emotional Denial – Giving Away Your Space

  • Gland: Ovaries/Gonads
  • Emotion: Certainty
  • Denial: Creativity

On clairvoyantly examining Ann’s ovaries, they appeared different. The right ovary was stable and grounded. The left ovary fluctuated and resisted being grounded. It was as though one ovary was sure about itself and the other uncertain. It’s common to see a difference in the ovaries when one is ovulating and the other isn’t. But this felt different. It was more like one ovary was more robust than the other,

your emotional dependency should be all lovingand you were seeing images of a weak fallopian tube and medical procedures.The Spirit Guide was singing The River Kwai March and was heard saying, “congenital abnormality.” When Ann was asked about this, she explained she’d never experienced any issues. However, her mother had extensive issues and procedures carried out. Because of this, she was recommended to get checked out just in case. Either she had inherited something from her mom or absorbed her mom’s imbalances into her system.

If you do not own your body for yourself, the space can be owned by others. This is the ultimate price of emotional denial: not being able to use your body to create because you did not fill it with your energy. If you want to create in physical reality, you have to be in your physical body. Your physical body is the point of creation. It is what your creations are attracted to. If you are not embodied, there is nowhere for your creations to land.

How To Deal With Repressed Emotions And Emotional Denial

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Ann’s journey with her repressed emotions and emotional denial. This was a healing journey for mind-denied emotions, showing how emotional denial blocks the flow of Spirit through your body. You are Spirit, and you need your energy to be embodied to create in this reality.

It’s worth noting that due to the increasing vibration on the planet, you are all bringing up limits to be released. When you release the old patterns and stuck energy, you create space for Spirit to flow in. As you purge the trauma of the past, you can lay down new pathways within yourself and a new system to create a collective consciousness.

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You are learning to process reality and respond and react differently. Your old pattern has been to manipulate and control yourself and each other. Unfortunately, you lost yourselves in the process. The new reality is based on acceptance, communication, love, and peace. These are characteristics of Spirit; to achieve this, you need to bring the light of Spirit into the body to create a harmonious state.

I am a firm believer in how similar you all are. I hope that sharing this information with you has helped you understand yourself more deeply and given you the opportunity to shift in the same way that this information helped both Ann and me.

Learning how to release repressed emotions and emotional denial can genuinely benefit your life and that of those around you. It is worth the effort.

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