Living In The Present – UYT070

Being Fully Present In The Moment Unlocking Your Truth Episode UYT070

Are You Living In The Present Or Just Being Busy Or Busy Being?

Are you living in the present or do you have the disease of being busy? I get it. Everyone is busy with their own lives. We all lead busy hectic lives in our world today. Being busy seems to be the new norm but are we all caught in the busy trap? Being busy doesn’t mean being productive. We areBeing Fully Present In The Moment Unlocking Your Truth Episode UYT070 constantly multitasking or on the go, busy being busy.

This busyness of life does not reflect the true state of Being however. Being fully present in the moment. How can we truly be living in the present when we are flying from a to b unconsciously. We just zip through our lives. How do we stop the glorification of busy and live in the present? The practice of Mindfulness or meditation helps. Take a breath. Smell the roses. You are worth it. There are better ways to do things, still being present,that will not interfere with our production.

Thre are some amazing books about being present in the moment that are a must read: The Power of Now, The New Earth and Stillness Speaks and many more all by written Eckhart Tolle.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth and learn the difference between being busy as opposed to just being as well as how to practice being present in the moment.

In this podcast, Living In The Present, you will learn:-living in the present

  • The difference between being busy and busy being.
  • How to stop the spinning of the monkey mind.
  • Why being present is so important.

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