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April 4, 2017

Living In The Present, Learn The Power Of Now UYT070

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Are You Busy Being Busy?

Are you living in the present or do you have the disease of being too busy worrying about what happened in the past or what the future holds? I get it. learn how to live for today and enjoy every momentEveryone has or has had some form of an issue with anxiety or stress concerning their lives. Some people class this anxiety as fear. Fear can hold you back from living your life to the fullest. The other thing that can deter you from the wonderful life you deserve is busyness.

We all lead busy hectic lives in our world today. Being busy seems to be the new norm but are we all caught in the busy trap? Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive. We are constantly multitasking or on the go, busy being busy. If there is a lull we are not accustomed to we try to fill the gap. We think up chores or projects to do so that we don’t have to be with ourselves. We do anything to stop from being present with our own being.

Living In The Present

This busyness of life does not reflect the true state of Being, however. Being in a state of present moment awareness, being fully present in the moment is the lifestyle we are truly meant to participate in. How can we truly be living in the present when we are flying from a to b unconsciously. We just zip through our lives. How do we stop the glorification of being busy and just learn to live in the present? The practice of Mindfulness or meditation helps. Take a breath. Smell the roses. You are worth it. There are better ways to get things accomplished or plan for the future while still being present. Methods that will not interfere with our production.

So how can we live more in the moment so we can enjoy every moment?

You Are Not Your Thoughts

We spend much of our waking moments thinking thoughts. Thoughts are not things. Yet we are so taken up by them. They really don’t exist. They are just energy going through your brain in a way. You have the choice to pay attention or ignore them. Yes, Ignore them! If you research some of the gurus of our generations like Osho you will hear the same song. Allow your thoughts to come and then to go you do not have to take action on everything that comes through your mind.

Your thoughts are not concrete things and You are definitely not your thoughts. In actuality, your true nature is not physical. You are Spirit. Your Spirit is not bound by time or space and is infinite and powerful in essence.

However, on the physical side of things, your brain’s main job is to keep working continuously. To never stop! This is because from day one it has been responsible for keeping you safe, to keep you alive. To do so, it must ensure you or it is on constant vigil.

When your brain starts controlling you because you can’t stop thinking about your household chores needing doing or work issues piling up or even issues around your love life we stall out. Your mind feels like it could spin out of control if you would let it. It is like it is on a hamster wheel of noncurrent issues and just can’t get off. This is also called Monkey Mind so aptly named by the Buddhists.

You truly need to shift to living in the now to have a calm fearless life. You need to live more in the moment. In our modern society, we call this Mindfulness, a form of meditation of sorts. It is an intentional focus on the present time.

9 Tips On How To Stay Present

Here are a few living in the present moment everyday tools and practices, to help you create a stress-free happy life. These are all simple easy things you can do every day.enjoy every moment of you precious life

Stop Focusing On Personal Performance…Allow yourself the privilege of nonjudgement. Even if you find yourself not living in the present don’t judge and move forward.

Notice… Pay attention. Notice where you are, your surroundings, the noises, the smells, the beauty of life. Take the time. Stop the Rush.

Relationships…Allow love to be. Don’t try to force it or worry about losing it or it never showing up. Be the one you want to find or be with and all will fall into place.

Time…Stop spending your time monitoring time. Allow the day to flow as it would. Be where you are when you are not worrying about where you aren’t.

FearFear, False Evidence Appearing Real, holds you back from being here and now. Over 85% of what you fear will never happen so why waste time wasting time thinking about it. Susan Jeffers says ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Facing your fear head-on in most cases will show you how insignificant it was in the first place.

Breathe…Breathing is important to living. However, we don’t breathe deeply enough. Learn to breathe deeply. Take some time out of your day to just focus on your breath. You can miss a night’s sleep or even a meal or two, you can even skip a heartbeat and life goes on. However, you can not ever, not take the next breath. Life is one breath at a time and only as long as the next breath is coming. Don’t take the importance of it for granted.

Meditation… The most effective way to learn how to become present is by doing it. Meditation is the practice of doing exactly that. Regardless of which style of meditation you choose it will train your mind to be under your control. I have a slew of different posts and videos on meditation that can help you with that. Just visit my website for some meditation tips.

Acceptance… Practicing the Alcoholics Anonymous motto can be a real boon to living a present happy life; “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Take Time For Yourself… Take some time to do exactly what You want even if it is just sitting and staring at nothing. You do not need to be continuously on the go. It is called relaxing by the way. “Don’t just do something, sit there.”

Live In The Present Quotes

Here are 6 really powerful Alcoholics Anonymous slogans, basically. It doesn’t matter if you have addiction issues these can help guide you to happiness.

  • Progress, not perfection.
  • Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.
  • Just for today/One day at a time.
  • Willingness is the key.
  • Feelings are not facts.
  • When all else fails, follow directions.

How To Live For Today

We live with the most basic absurdity as a truth we feel we must live by learn about the benefits of living in the present momentand that is happiness will come one day when we retire or something specific happens and until then we need to stay busy. All you need to do is choose to BE happy and guess what you will be.

Be present and all will fall into place in your life. Live in the moment and don’t worry about what is Going to occur because regardless of who you are the future will come. So why worry about it. I am not saying do not plan. By all means, do so however don’t be attached to the outcome.

There are some amazing books about being present in the moment that is a must-read. The best living in the present books are from the master Eckhart Tolle such as The Power of Now, The New Earth and Stillness Speaks, and many more.

Here is an exercise on being present for you. Whenever you are doing something stay focused on it. Do not do it with the intention of getting it done so you can move to the next thing. When next you sit down for a meal, yes sit down don’t eat on the run. Take a bite. Put down your implements, fork, knife, chopsticks, and focus on chewing. Do not get the next mouthful ready or concern yourself on how long you are chewing. Just focus. Focus on the taste, the texture of the food. Notice all the senses that Eating has to offer. You will be amazed at what your food actually tastes like.

In this podcast, Living In The Present, Learn The Power Of Now, you will learn:

  • The difference between being busy and busy being.
  • Learn how to live in the present moment time.
  • The power of living in the now.
  • The benefits of living in the present moment.
  • Learn how to live for today.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Living In The Present, Learn The Power Of Now and learn the difference between being busy as opposed to just being as well as how to practice being present in the moment.

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