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April 12, 2022

There Are Many Illnesses Caused By Stress And Anxiety If Left Unchecked UYT326

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Negative Thoughts, Emotions, And Feelings Can Lead To Physical Illness

Many people think that emotions, such as stress and anxiety, are strictly noncausal. However, there are many illnesses caused by stress and anxiety. The critical thing to understand is that there are ways to help yourself when you get into those states of unbalance.

There Are Many Illnesses Caused By Stress And Anxiety If Left Unchecked

Can Your Mind Create Symptoms?

There are a lot of issues in your life, physical issues that you don’t realize are caused by your emotional pain and traumatic issues. Many of these are rooted in your past. An example of this is back pain. It has been proven that at least 16% of back pain sufferers have a psychological instigation for their sickness. Illness can be an emotional thing. It can indeed be “in your head .”And you can remove it in the same manner.

There is a proven connection between stress anxiety and the development of physical illness. So if you have some physical symptom manifesting, that’s your body communicating with you. That’s your body telling you to pay attention to something. And if you investigate that physical symptom, you will find an underlying emotion.

Then if you take one step further, you will find an underlying belief. Now the body will try to get your attention. And it will try to get your attention when something is out of alignment by speaking to you through the emotions. If you ignore the emotions, it will shout louder and louder and louder. It will do so first through your emotions. But if you don’t respond on that level, it will take it to a physical or physiological level. This becomes much harder for you to ignore at that stage. So, yes, there is a direct correlation between stress, anxiety, and illness.

Physical Health And Your Emotions Are Linkedbenefits of daily meditation

And the opposite is true. There’s a correlation between physical healing and emotions. The bottom is fear if you consider the vibrational scale that emotions emit. And at the top of the vibrational scale is love. So, if you’re at the higher end of the vibrational scale, you are more likely to be in good physical health. On the other hand, suppose your primary vibration hangs out at the lower end of the emotional vibrational scale. In that case, the results can be the opposite. You may be experiencing ill health.

Now, in thinking about this, you know, there’s a book that’s it’s over, over 40 years old. Now, this book by Louise Hay is very famous. And it’s almost like a library or a Bible of the connection between emotions and physical illness. It’s an excellent book. She lists about 250 different illnesses and describes the underlying emotions.

In doing a little word analysis on that list, what do you think the most common emotion associated with illnesses might be? What do you think is the emotion that’s connected in with stress?

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Anger And Stress Management Are Key

Anger was the second most mentioned. Fear was the most common emotion associated with illness, stress, and anxiety. Anxiety is just another form of fear. When you are stressed out, you are usually, you know, coming against some kind of pressure about something.

And, well, fear is energy not moving, right? To be in a healthy state, your energy needs to be moving. The energy needs to be in a state of flow. And so when you are in fear, it isn’t. So the energy is blocked and stuck. That’s when you get stagnant energy and backed-up energy, both being forms of resisting.

And if the energy is not flowing in your body, it can lead to illness. The number two negative emotion found in the list of 250 illnesses was anger. And the third negative emotion was guilt.

Often shame could be another negative emotion. As per Louise Hay, shame is often associated with lung issues. You could probably find an example of illness in any body system, where fear is at the core of the matter.

Effects Of Stress, Fear, And Shame Is A Reduced Vibrational State

When you examine the vibrational scale related to emotions, at the bottom is fear. And then you have kind of a dividing line between the negative or lousy emotions versus the positive or good feeling emotions. So you have fear at the bottom and love at the top. The next one up from fear is anger. And so often, really, what’s going on with people who are really angry, is that you are actually in a state of fear.

And anger is a way of exploring and getting the energy to move. Because with fear, the energy is stuck. And when you’re angry, the energy starts moving again. And you’ve actually fraised your vibration slightly. You are still in a very low vibrational state, but at least the energy is moving. And you think about it, anger is often associated with things like high blood pressure or things to do with the urinary system. Kidney issues may be because you are being “pissed off.”

In fact, we have sayings in the English language that you unconsciously use, like probably don’t even realize what you are saying.

Physical Symptoms Of Stress And Other Negative Emotions

Again turning to Louise Hay, high blood pressure stems from a long-standing emotional problem like ongoing stress that’s not been solved. And her solution is you joyously release the past and be at peace.

What’s really interesting about it is that as much as the emotions control the physical aspect, yourlearn how to control your basic emotions physical aspects can control the emotions. So, for instance, there’s a great exercise you can do using depression as the base.

What are the physical symptoms of depression? The symptoms are shallow breathing, a hunched posture, sadness, a lack of smiling, low energy speech, and you walk slowly, with no spring in your step.

Now presuming you are not depressed, try doing those different actions. If you display those symptoms for a while, even though you’re not depressed, you will become slightly depressed. You will begin to feel unhappy. It’s an interesting thing. So the opposite of this example is true as well.

If you are depressed, sit up straight, take deep breaths, smile, and walk energetically, the emotion of depression subsides. But unfortunately, what happens with people is that they get into that depressive state and allow their physical nature to keep that depression going. And the same holds true with other illnesses. So you get into that ” Oh, that hurts, oh woe is me” state, taking over.

Overcoming Illnesses Caused By Stress And Anxiety

For example, someone I know just went for a regular blood test and a Catscan. Their doctor said their gallbladder was an issue, and it should be removed. This individual was not having any issues with their gallbladder. Yet all of a sudden, their gallbladder started irritating them. And it’s odd. It’s just interesting how the whole thing process works in either direction.

So now, this person has to go to a place where they believe that their gallbladder is fine. There’s nothing wrong. Everything’s wonderful. Louise Hay states that gallstones have to do with “hard” thoughts and condemning pride.

The idea is to remain in that higher vibrational state. The question is, how do you do that on a conscious level. You must stay in this positive vibrational state to be healthy. But you’re not consciously going to because life happens. So the best thing to do is put yourself in a position to do it for another reason. And in turn, it allows you to be healthier.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts That Can Cause Illness

So how do you spend more time in that state of higher vibration? One answer would be to be in a state of service. Helping others is a great way to stay in a higher vibrational flow. Choose to be in a state where you are not cultivating anxiety and stress but peace and calm.

There is such a lot to be said for the correlation between meditation and health. There’s been a lot of scientific research about meditation and health. And of course, meditation is one main thing that is available to help people suffering from stress and anxiety. If you don’t want to go down the road of anti-anxiety medication, learn how to meditate.

There are loads of scientific studies showing it releases stress in all sorts of different demographic slices. And there’s loads of research that shows that meditation helps with immunity, reduces blood pressure, and lots of physical illnesses.

So which meditation do you practice? There are many forms of meditation. Not all are created equal. Many people feel that they can not meditate. The best form of meditation helps you access your energy system and helps you in alignment with your higher being.

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And that’s another way of saying it. If you’re in alignment with your higher being, you will be feeling passion, joy, excitement, and love. Because that’s the nature of your higher being. If you’re out of alignment with your higher being, you will be feeling those peaceful emotions.

So you can learn to be consciously aware of your energy system and be aware of the dominant vibrations and your unique vibration. And, as necessary, show you what’s out of alignment regarding your vibration.

How Grounding Can Alleviate All Types Of Anxiety, Emotional Stress, And Other Negative States

What is essential is choosing a meditation that includes access to a grounding technique. Grounding willrelease negative energy meditation help you to release stress and anxiety.

Also, centering is essential. A centering meditation will help you to be neutral about your situation. Because the problem is if you are not neutral and in an anxious, stressed-out state, you will go round and round feeling afraid. Having your thoughts going round and round is a vicious cycle.

When you can learn to center, it’s like sitting in the eye of the storm rather than in the swirling vortex of the storm. It’s a place where you can set your consciousness and be the neutral observer of your reality rather than be tossed and turned by the stormy nature of your out-of-control emotions or thoughts.

This state of uncontrolled thoughts is called Monkey Mind. If your mind or thoughts are going round and round in your head, you know, bouncing around like a ping pong ball, then your higher self will be blocked. But that’s also a symptom of being stressed out. Meditation takes you out of your physical nature and into your higher nature.

If the mind is dominating, and there are all these worried thoughts going on, you’re going to be in a state of stress and anxiety, and that’s where your focus will be.

A regular meditation practice can quickly take you out of that overwhelmed state of anxiety and big busy thoughts. As you separate from your busy thoughts, you will find a sense of peace. This peace can bring physical well-being and relieve you of illnesses caused by stress and anxiety.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, There Are Many Illnesses Caused By Stress And Anxiety If Left Unchecked and learn how to avoid illness and become healthy and happy.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of There Are Many Illnesses Caused By Stress And Anxiety If Left Unchecked:

  • Brian – That’s true. If you allow anger to express itself as it gives way, there’s usually the underlying emotion. The fear comes to the surface then.
  • Carol – It would be great to have a list of sayings that relates to different emotions
  • SG – What can you do when your brain is too busy to meditate correctly, or you’re too anxious?
  • Ligia – I don’t think I have ever been aligned with my higher being. Can you help me figure out what that feels like, or maybe help me remember a time when I have felt passion and joy?
  • Carol – I’ve learned many different types of meditation, but nothing like Dr. Lesley’s meditation! It is the most powerful life-transforming meditation that made me fall in love with meditating and look forward to it every morning and night. Highly recommend Dr. Lesley’s meditation. I am so grateful to have found it!
  • SG – My mom has high blood pressure, and we can’t always control the daily stress around her. So what Can she do to control her blood pressure, and what is the emotional or energetic root cause?
  • Lori – Could you please look at what may be going on with a friend that I recently ran into online at a meditation group and me? We were getting along great, and then she got mad and stopped talking to me. All I know is she kept feeling irritated, but she still wants to work things out with a 3rd party rather than talking about it, and I am trying to figure this out.
  • Brian – What about trauma, if it’s stored in The body, emotions, feelings running in the background that a person may not even remember or know about. Trauma can cause stress and anxiety as well, and is it harder to clear it out?
  • Ligia – I recently had my gallbladder removed (2020). does this remove bitterness, or does it go somewhere else?

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