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overcoming challenges in life can be made easier

How To Overcome Life Challenges With Powerful Healing Techniques!

Learning how to overcome life challenges is a major part of this life journey we all chose to come on. There are all kinds of areas of adversity such as mental, emotional, physical and spiritual that we can come across. These personal challenges can seem to be overwhelming at times. The problem facing each of us how do we overcoming adversity with the least amount of pain and in the shortest time possible. There are many healing modalities that we can access to learn how to overcome challenges in life and many of these techniques are available from wonderful healers.

When you are trying to overcoming pain in an area of your life a helping hand from someone that has the skill and ability to help is always appreciated. One thing you should really take the time and effort to verify when you are looking to access a holistic or energy healer of any sort is that they have more than one offering in their tool belts. We look at this as well as the different aspects of health with our Guest Dr. John McGrail.

John McGrail, Ph.D., is a renowned hypnotherapist, success coach, spiritual teacher, and a leading media expert on the topic of personal improvement and mental stability. He has integrated more than 30 years of teaching, coaching and mentoring experience with his clinical work to create what he calls Synthesis, a process for creating personal change, healing and transformation quickly and profoundly. His writings and expertise have been featured in numerous national publications, major online outlets and on radio and television shows across the country and abroad. His new book, “The Synthesis Effect, (Career Press, 2012) shares and teaches his Synthesis techniques and is receiving rave reviews.

We discuss many of the different ways of how to deal with challenges that you may face day to day. He is a master in finding just the right technique from his many healing modalities to help you in overcoming obstacles in life regardless of what they may be.

Here Are Some Of The Areas And Questions We Look At:how to overcome life challenges

  • How does Synthesis Work?
  • Is there a limit to what Synthesis can be used for or applied to?
  • Can anyone benefit, and how long does it take?
  • How does hypnosis play into the process of Synthesis?
  • Your methods are based upon the presupposition that we create our own reality; what does that mean? Can you provide proof?
  • What’s new about your method that hasn’t been seen before?
  • You mention the need for being at cause rather than an effect in order to empower your life. What does that mean?
  • Why is your book different? What makes it special?
  • What is “practical enlightenment?” Can anyone really achieve such a state?
  • In your book, The Synthesis effect, you included a number of case studies from your clinical practice; do any of your clients not do well? Does your process always work?
  • How long does it take to overcome an issue using your method, say chronic stress or anxiety?
  • Does meditation help with issues?

For more information about Dr. John or if you would like to contact him he can be reached on both of his websites; and  His Facebook pages are, John McGrail and Dr.John McGrail, Hypnotherapy.

One thing that He prides himself on is that no matter how busy he gets he will always take the time to personally speak to each person that contacts him.

If you are facing some difficult problems and worries join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Overcome Life Challenges, and learn about overcoming challenges in life from an expert. We also answer very pertinent questions from some of the listeners that may help you too.

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