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January 14, 2017

How To Find Inner Peace And Happiness Within Yourself UYT046

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Learn How To Beat Stress In Your Life

Learning how to find inner peace and happiness can be a challenge to some. Yet traveling this road may end you how to be at peace with yourselfup in that wonderful place, inner peace, experiencing ultimate joy and fulfillment within yourself. This seems to have become harder and harder to do in our busy society. The pressures of the day to day take their toll on each of us. Finding peace of mind in troubled times may be a challenge.

How To Find Inner Peace: Is Peace Of Mind Even Possible?

Inner peace is definitely achievable. It does seem to be fleeting, however. It can even come and go seemingly at will but there are reasons. What kinds of things can interfere with your tranquillity? Just thinking about that list can lead you to an anxiety attack. That catalog can be endless. First I feel that it would beneficial to take a look at the definition of inner peace before we get too frustrated.

What Is Inner Peace?

Inner peace and Stillness, concerning this article, is the place in our being that we can go to allow our spiritual nature to become more predominant. Basically, we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience but you have heard that before. Yet it seems that you may have forgotten that you can connect to this powerful aspect of yourself. This is your eternal identity. It is what you truly are and it is not bound by space or time. It can essentially see all.

This is directly in opposition to where we generally are, allowing our logical or worldly minds to take over. We sometimes call this “busy mind”, “brain chatter” or “monkey brain” to name a few.

When our lives get busy it is difficult to relax and find a sense of peace. The opposite can be true for you as well. That is when you are quiet and alone. These are self-reflective times but you are not accustomed to them. Sometimes you may seem to not be able to cope with the stark quiet. Our minds go every which way. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to know how to calm your mind and just be at ease no matter the circumstances? There are ways to find this calm amidst the stillness and they are very easy to master.

How To Achieve Inner Peace And Peace Of Mindfind peace of mind in daily life

One of the ways of truly achieving inner peace and happiness is by simply searching for peace within yourself. To do that you must first learn how to switch off your brain. You need to find some techniques to calm the mind.

Thinking Happy Thoughts… You have a choice. You can choose happy thoughts. One of the simplest methods for connecting to a form of inner peace is to just tune into happy thoughts. Just as darkness cannot be in the presence of light negativity and fear cannot be in the presence of positive loving emotions. When you focus on this you will find that your attitude changes and a sense of peace preside.

  • Acceptance… Stop all judgment including self-judgment. As you judge the events of your life you are creating a box. These boxes can keep you a prisoner. The instructions to get out of these boxes are written on the outside. In other words, once you have left the judgment behind you can see more clearly.
  • Surrender… Don’t be attached to the outcome; of anything. What will happen will happen. What is occurring has arrived and the present is the present. Don’t resist it; don’t struggle or argue with it. Resistance will only cause negativity.
  • Gratitude… A true sense of gratitude will allow the flow of peace in your life. You can be grateful for all things, people, and events that come into your life especially if you practice the other habits of finding inner peace such as non-judgment and acceptance. Practicing gratitude can create greater harmony in your life.
  • Control Desires… as human beings you find that you become addicted to specific desires. This lack of satisfaction will set you on the path to negativity. Once you can travel the path of less resistance allowing your desires to become preferences that are neither good nor bad, manifested or not you can have peace of mind around them.
  • Stop The Monkey MInd… A restless, troubled mind cannot ever be at peace if it remains so. You need to be able to connect with your inner calm. The way to achieve this is through a meditation practice. Meditation will allow the calm serenity of your spirit to take over. This is the most peaceful of all states. Meditation is a wonderful mind relaxation method that helps your mind to become calm and stress-free. It can also relax your mind from anxiety. Stillness is essential for health as well.

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Thoughts Are Things… You can accept them or and focus on them. This will get you caught up in the emotion of the thought or at least the meaning that you conjure up associated with them. There is no need to accept them. Notice them and then let them go the way they came. There is no need for you to “try” to force them out of your mind, they will automatically disappear if they are given no purchase. Remember “what you focus on will grow”.

How To Find Peace And Happiness

By following all or some of the above methods you will be successful at creating peace of mind in daily life. What is beautiful about this path is that you can begin immediately with absolutely no cost to you.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Find Inner Peace And Happiness Within Yourself, and learn how to be at peace in any circumstance and much more.

In this podcast, How To Find Inner Peace And Happiness Within Yourself you will learn:

  • How to enjoy the quiet.
  • How to connect with your higher self.
  • How to be at peace with yourself.
  • How to get peace of mind in life.
  • Easy practices to find your peace.

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