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healing modalities for stress management

Healing Modalities For Stress Management And Other Fear Based Issues

In our modern day metaphysics world we run into many different healing modalities for stress management and other fear based issues that may raise their ugly heads and hold us back. Which is the most powerful healing modality? Which do you chose from the list of alternative medicine,holistic healing and alternative psychology with peggy sealfon holistic modalities and different types of energy healing? The decision alone can cause stress in one’s life. Whether it is energy healing or some form of alternative psychology the choice can be overwhelming. One way to eliminate the stress can be to find a healer who has more than one tool in their curative tool belt and is able to select the best types of healing therapies specifically for you in your circumstance.

Today we have the opportunity to speak with a real live batman of healing, Peggy Sealfon who is well versed in many different types of healing therapy. She is an expert on helping people overcome chronic stress, fear and anxiety. Her holistic healing practices, especially her Integrated Life Coaching System, effectively guide both individuals and business groups in methods to develop and enhance productivity, performance and speaks to many different issues.

Peggy has mastered many types of healing practices that give her and her clients the ability to rest easy when it comes to finding an effective choice and the right modality. She has learned to enhance her intuitive abilities by blending eastern and western traditions such as: ancient yogic techniques, mindfulness and spirituality to functional medicine, modern psychology, energy healing and medicine, nutrition and the neurosciences. Peggy tailors her approach for each of her clients and finds what will precisely resonate with each person so they can experience true transformational changes.

Peggy is an author as well as a healer. She has written the best-selling book Escape from Anxiety – Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies from A to Z and co-author of The Change–Insights into Self-Empowerment, with Jim Britt (Tony Robbins’ first mentor) and others. She has most recently become publisher of the book Embodying the Power of the Zero Stress Zone, a compilation of the teachings of world-renowned spiritual master Yogi Amrit Desai.

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Here are some of the questions we ask Peggy:

  • How has stress & anxiety played a role in your life?
  • Tell us about your background & training – how did you get here?
  • What motivated you onto this path of personal development?
  • Tell us about your book the Zero Stress Zone? (why you wrote it / how it helps)
  • Why do you feel stress and anxiety can conflict with the connection to our spirituality?
  • What do you recommend to help link directly to one’s spiritual self and choose from the different types of spiritual healing?
  • What are ways you can connect with the source within?
  • How does someone choose from the various energy healing techniques?
  • So what is your Integrated Life Coaching System and how does it free us from stress?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Healing Modalities For Stress Management, while we speak with Peggy who shares some deep insights into your self-empowerment. We talk about how to disassemble your patterns of stress and anxiety.  We also discuss the truth about human existence and how mind and ego control our loves life in fruitless ways and how you can alter your reality.

You can learn more about Peggy on her website http://www.peggysealfon.com/ . You can also receive a free de-stress audio there as well as much more interesting information and programs.

In this podcast you will learn:-healing modalities for stress management

  • How to remove stress from you life..
  • Different ways of healing the body, mind and spirit.
  • How to connect with your higher self.

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