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July 27, 2021

You Too Can Learn How To Do Energy Healing Therapy UYT302

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What Is Energy Medicine And Energy Healing Therapy?

If you are in pain, suffering from some form of a disorder, energy healing therapy may be the answer. But, unfortunately, some of you may feel that this curative form of care is out of your reach. Well, many of you do it without knowing.

You Too Can Learn How To Do Energy Healing Therapy

How Does Energy Healing Work?

By this time, unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are aware that everything is energy, including you, your body. Like electricity, your energy field is electromagnetic energy structured in a particular form and configuration. Who made it that way? Who put it in that particular structure and form. Well, the exciting answer to that is you. You, the higher consciousness, created your body in the form it is in.

And you continuously create your body in each and every moment. Everything in your body anduse energy healing modalities everything in your energy field is you and is your creation. So a few things follow. That means you are not a victim. You are not ever a victim of circumstances. You ultimately create your reality, so, in turn, you create your body. The good news about that is if you create something that you don’t like, you can uncreate it and create something else instead.

There is a rider on this precept. You may not have created or set the parameters of your life in this life. You may have set the circumstances of your life, including information both spiritual and physical, before you arrived in this body. So when you look at healing, there would be two different points of view, the spiritual point of view and the physical point of view. These are the two ways that you can approach any disorder you may have.

In Pain – Need A Healing?

Have A Healing Session With Dr. Lesley

The Difference Between Physical And Energy Therapy Techniques

When you consider any infirmity, two different objectives arise depending on your approach, healing and cure. On the surface, they may look the same. Yet, they are not.

Physical Therapy

A cure is the physical removal of symptoms. This form of therapy can be conducted by taking medication, a physical intervention such as surgery, or other forms of relief. There is nothing wrong with any of these forms of help. However, as you may have already surmised in your life, these remedies do not always address the cause of the issue at its source.

Spiritual Therapy

Energy healing therapy changes your actual energy field removing the source of the issues. For example, pain and illness often are caused by trauma at some point in your life. Trying to treat this type of issue with a physical remedy will only cover it up. Energy healing can alter the path of the problem, breaking the connection between the onset trauma and the current disorder.

You may often take a physical point of view. And sometimes, when you do that, you don’t realize that you have created your reality. Often because you can’t see the connection between cause and effect. But basically, this reality you are in is about whatever choices you make, energetically speaking in time and space. These choices are reflected back at you.

You can often look at some kind of physical, emotional, or mental disturbance energetically and trace it back to the cause. If you accept the responsibility of creating an issue, then you can also uncreate it.

Again, everything is a form of energy. You are the engine that creates it. And all healing is changing energy from one energetic configuration to another. Ultimately, you can change energy through your intentions, through your will, through your desire. And so, if there’s something within your reality that you don’t like, with your intentions, you can disassemble it and replace it with something else. And that is the basic principle of all healing. All healing is change, changing energy.

Types Of Energy Healingwhich energy healing modality should i use

One of the popular questions that come up when energy healing therapy arises is which healing modality you should choose. This selecting of what framework or philosophy you follow to perform or receive healing can hold you back. This modality question relates to a personal choice as a patient or a practitioner.

Remember, you can create change through your intentions, so it doesn’t really matter what energy modality you select. Ultimately, everything is energy is the principle that is at play. And you can manipulate and change energy with your intentions.

Okay, so the choice of healing energy techniques applies to self-healing, but what about healing somebody else? The parameters are basically the same. As energy practitioners, you are helping somebody else to change their energy configuration. You are helping them align with their highest and greatest good and in conjunction with permission.

In Pain – Need A Healing?

Have A Healing Session With Dr. Lesley

Most Powerful Healing Modality

What is the most powerful healing modality to help people? So as a healer, sometimes somebody may show up and say, I want to heal. And sometimes, people that show up and say that genuinely do want to heal. And sometimes people who show up and say that and really, they don’t want to change. And so, as an energy healer, the only ones that you can really help are the ones that, within themselves, do wish to change.

As an energy healer, what you can do is offer neutral cleansing, energy-neutral healing energy. You can help energize that person’s system to help catalyze the healing process. Now you can, as a healer, through your intentions direct the energy in particular ways. You can help give them an energy boost. And then it is up to them what they do with that energy. But it’s always up to that person to accept the healing. It is their choice whether to receive the healing and allow the healing to occur. The most powerful healing is the one that is accepted. It has nothing to do with you.

Does All Energy Healing Therapy Work?energy healing uses the bodies internal energy sources

So how do you determine if an energy treatment is successful? Watching someone suffering can be difficult. You want the best for them but remember all healing is change. So a cure is a type of change. But there are other types of change that are not the cure.

Think about somebody who is dying, and it really is their time to die. Does it mean that that person can’t receive healing and benefit from it? Does it mean that that person can’t change during the dying process? Does it mean that that person can’t heal themselves during the dying process? And the answer is no. A dying person can change. They can shift their energy and can do all sorts of healing in the dying process. Often people have a very narrow idea of what healing has to look like. It would be beneficial to examine your concept of healing and what healing is. Is your idea of healing that a dying person has to live? Otherwise, it wasn’t healing. Otherwise, it wasn’t a cure. Healing can take many guises.

Often people will go to a healer looking for a miracle. They look for somebody with a magic wand that will wave it, and all of a sudden, you are cured. But, unfortunately, that is not what healing is. If you don’t take responsibility for yourself and your situation, you will not receive healing.

How To Become An Energy Healer

First and foremost, as discussed earlier, you are already a healer. You create your reality, so, in essence, you heal every day. But that is not the answer you are looking for. The best way to learn energy healing is to find a mentor or more than one.

Free Healing and Intuition Course

Learn About The Healing Power of Intuition

You do not have to stick to one modality. The more various tools you have in your healing tool bag, the more the patients will vary. This is because they have specific desires as to which modality fits in their comfort zone. There are many energy healing courses and energy healing schools around. The best way is to ask around and get a recommendation from a friend or a practitioner who you trust. The key is movement. Just thinking about it will not get it done. Take action and start helping.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, You Too Can Learn How To Do Energy Healing Therapy. Listen in and learn about the difference between healings and cures as well as how you create your own healing.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of You Too Can Learn How To Do Energy Healing Therapy:

  • Acceptance can be healing and go through the process be as peace find beauty and happiness with each day they have left. intentions can be set with your whole heart
  • Which modality is best?
  • Who can be a healer? Do you need to be anointed?
  • You are an excellent teacher to me, Dr. Lesley.
  • When and how did you become a healer, Dr. Lesley?
  • I know you said everyone can be healers but are there more natural healers with a gift or affinity for it?
  • My wife and my daughters don’t believe in healing except when they see it works. When I am asking for pain relief, my wife’s hand does the trick. It could be in my head, or do they have some unique energy?
  • I injured my toe a few months ago, and I have tried to do my own energy healing with it without success. I think there may be a subconscious issue associated with this that I’m blind to and need to work on. Can you please offer any guidance on this?
  • I’ve always felt like I have a lot of energy in my hands, and in recent years, I’ve been feeling drawn to the idea of becoming some kind of energy healer. Is there a specific modality that you might recommend for me to learn more about? The first one that I think of is Reiki, but I’d love to learn about many different modalities.
  • I feel as though I am clouded from seeing my way forward. I was always able to find my way, but I cannot feel what is going on recently, any ideas on how to get back to my old self. Thank you
  • I have internal inflammation, I’m trying to heal it, but it remains. So please take a look at it?
  • How do you clear heal stuck energy?
  • I have been told I was a healer, but my energy seems to be focused on my voice. In other words, I heal through talking. So how do I take my healing a step further?

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