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learn how you can be released from your pain

Cure Physical Pain, Revive Energy And Get Your Life Back

Have you, or someone you really cared about, ever been really ill and all you wanted to do was cure physical pain they were feeling? Experiencing pain and the anguish of seeing no light at the end of the tunnel can be all-encompassing. It can take all the joy and fun out of life let alone destroy what little desire you may have to be who you truly are. People lose careers, relationships and can even get to the point of thinking about even take their own lives when they are faced with chronic illness. What would it feel like to be released from your pain and the suffering of such a malady?

There are many alternative approaches to mental health care as well as physical well-being such as many types of holistic therapies, holistic medicine, and energy healing including the power of the mind. These alternative health solutions are readily available to you.

In this episode, we discuss this topic of alternative healing modalities and alternative health remedies with Annett Schneider who shares her story of alternative health care and treating illness without medication with us. Annett Schneider, B.A. Psych (par.), CMH.t. is Pain and Health Coach, Reiki Master, Life Transformed Coach, and Intuitive. She talks to us about healing your body naturally with alternative treatments to illness.

At one time Annett suffered from some controversial mental disorders such as Chronic fatigue, candida, and depression. Basically, she was heavily addicted to sugar and food which affected her health drastically. Her food controlled her as opposed to her controlling it. In one way you can heal your body with food because there are natural healing foods for diseases. She was able to stop drugging herself with sleeping pills and antidepressants and chose a natural alternative to psychiatric drugs and ended up happily healing herself.

Today she feels amazing. Annett learned how to go to the depths of her mind using this mind control healed herself. She learned how to heal the body from the inside out and cure physical pain. She realized she wanted to share this with others so in turn, she created a natural healing system to do just that. And now shares her wisdom with others. She works with people to help them experience the same relief of releasing and clearing all that holds them back from experiencing health and ultimately enjoying their of lives to the fullest and living their true purpose. Her clients transform into being creative, joyful and being their true self to create a life of abundance. Annett believes in types of alternative medicine and in empowering you to become who you were meant to be, beyond all limitations! Come and join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth and learn more.

In this podcast, you will learn:-cure physical pain

  • What is Candida & how common it is?
  • How our beliefs impact our health.
  • How to heal yourself and cure physical pain.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Cure Physical Pain And Disease Naturally, to expand your horizons when it comes to natural healing.

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