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why is body awareness so important to you
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Why Is Body Awareness Important To More Than Just Your Physical Well Being?

Why is body awareness important? Your body is the vehicle for your spirit and soul (if these are your beliefs). We have a difficult life when our body fails us. It is the main reason you are here, you are a spiritual being having a you are a spiritual being having a physical experiencephysical experience. In turn, the importance of body awareness is quite self-evident.

Why worry About Body Awareness?

  • You are spirit – you are not your body it’s your vehicle, it gets you from A to B – helps you serve your purpose. If you don’t take care of it nothing else will matter until you get another body.
  • Mind, body, spirit connection – an interplay of emotions, thoughts and physical nature. Low vibration thoughts, beliefs, emotions can impact the host/body.
  • Improper care – Not taking care of the body is a huge issue in our world. Diet, exercise, junk food, eating disorders, all end up pushing your body too far. Feeding it the wrong thoughts and not controlling your emotions will also throw off the connection.

So how much do you pay attention to your body? Or maybe a better way to put it is how much do you ignore it? Your body is structured around different spiritual, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you. Each of these has a specific energy and vibration. This is very important to understand. You as a human being have a tendency to store certain types of energies in certain parts of your body. These energies can be positive or negative. Negative energy can cause a low vibration. These low vibrations can and most probably will cause adverse reactions in different ways.

Why Is Body Awareness Important: Are You Tuned In?

Let me give you an example. If you ever tried to tune in a radio station in and the tuner is in the exact place you will be receiving the proper signal to give you clear and crisp sound. Now if you slightly move the tuner the sound will become distorted up to the point that it will disappear altogether.

What will happen if the misaligned tuner is a reflection of a physical body part being out of tune vibrationally it will show this readily as a disease or illness of some form. When this misalignment happens too often or is too intense in nature it may cause negative energies that reflect in other aspects of your being. It may even affect your connection to Spirit, your Spirit. This is important.

What Is Body Awareness

You may ask what body awareness in actuality means. First, it is important to be aware of how each of the areas of your body actually refers to. How these can affect your overall wellness and spiritual connection. It is being aware that your body is a vehicle for your spirit and more. Becoming aware of the true function of the different parts of your anatomy and how it may affect your spirit is key. So what are the results of harboring negativity in a certain part of your body:

  1. Endocrine system
    • Get up and go; manifesting in the world; beliefs that hold you back
    • Thyroid – humiliation – when my turn; Thymus – feeling attached – out to get me; Adrenals – defeatism, what’s the point – pituitary – no control,
  2. Nervous system
    • Brain, control system – patterns, Communication & receptivity; 5 senses; processing data; acting, speaking; Anxiety, tension, struggle, fear, rushing & not trusting, allowing the unfolding
  3. Cardiovascular / Circulatory system
    • Lifeforce, circulation of joy; blood pressure – high – longstanding emotional problems; low – defeatism, lack of love as a child; Strain, stress, hardened beliefs
  4. Digestive system / Excretory system
    • Digesting, life experiences, being unable to process something
    • Resisting not being able to take something in
    • Releasing – holding on, not being able to let stuff go, detox
  5. Lymphatic system / Immune system
    • Dealing with annoyances, firefighting
    • Feeling under attack, Not owning your space
  6. Integumentary system/ Exocrine system skin
    • Protection, being threatened
  7. Renal system / Urinary system
    • Criticism, failure, shame, disappointment
  8. Reproductive system
    • Being yourself, feeling unworthy
  9. Respiratory system
    • Ability to take in life, allowing yourself to receive & release
    • Grief, depression, not worthy to live fully
  10. Musculoskeletal system
    • Support, Movement, Flexibility
    • Lower back – financial; mid – carrying guilt, get off back; upper – emotional support (G&R)

what is the interaction between the body and the spiritWhy Is Body Awareness Important To Spirit

In understanding the relationship between body and spirit and, we should look at what is the difference between the soul and the spirit so we can be on the same page with regards to their definitions.

What Is The Body Of Man: Your body is an organic being which contains your life force. It is very evident as it has mass and is visible. Many people go about life ignoring their body, pushing and stressing their body or not being in their body at all. Moreover, the average person does not grasp the intricacies of the interaction between the body and the spirit. Yet your life would go much easier if you understand your body and its purposes along with the relationship between body and spirit.

What Is The Soul Of Man: Religion, philosophy, and mythology consider the soul to be the ethereal core of living beings. This center is usually affiliated with a religious concept that it is the center of the conscience, sense of right and wrong, the part of a human that lives on after them.

What Is The Spirit Of Man: The word and meaning of spirit take its derivation from the Latin spiritus or “breath”., has many different meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance. Spirit is employed metaphysically to denote the consciousness or character of a person.

The ideas of spirit and soul can seem to intersect as both are very different in essence to the body. Most religions have the ideology or doctrine that the two, spirit and soul, continue after the body dies.

One of the body awareness activities I can recommend is meditation especially one that allows you to ground your negative energy. I have a guided meditation for you to practice. I hope that you can and will do so.

Join us in this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Is Body Awareness Important when we will examine the different aspects of the human body and the relationship they have to your true nature, that of spirituality.

In this podcast, Why Is Body Awareness Important, you will learn:

  • Listen to your body’s emotional and physical signals.
  • Take charge of your body’s computer, the mind so you can determine what energy frequencies, beliefs, and thoughts it has.
  • Learn to talk with your inner voice.

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  2. How timely … I am in the process of designing a course to help my friends understand the Body Systems and Patterns together with the rainbow bridge, meta-physical connections when I just read this article … synchronicity and Divine Timing… Keep up the great work Lesley … the world needs this more than ever now, thank you and Blessings, Raywyn

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