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November 25, 2017

Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Find What Ails You – UYT102

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There Is Something Wrong But Doctors Can’t Seem To Help!

Should I Consider Alternative Medicine Practitioners?

Is seeing alternative medicine practitioners a viable option for your all-important healthcare options? These are individuals such as holistic healers, energy healers, or medical intuitive, to name a few. Basically, alternative medical intuitive readings may be another route for healthmedicine can describe different methods of health care that profess to deliver the therapeutic effects that medicines and conventional medical practitioners do. However, in most cases, they are not backed or involve scientific methods.

Alternative medicine, also known as AM, may be known as integrative medicine, complementary medicine, or integrated medicine. These forms of therapies have had a reputation of being ineffective yet in some of the hospitals and care facilities in North America energy healing practitioners are being employed to help patients. This is in place of previously used conventional therapists. One of the reasons is that they are getting the same results at a fraction of the cost of conventional medicine.

Yet you will often hear unfavorable descriptors or names for these alternative practices such as new-age or pseudo and are even considered to be quackery. To be fair there are cases in which these claims are justified, yet the opposite is also true. Some may even have an element of danger or unethical standards surrounding them. Like anything you would like to source, it is always wise to do your due diligence. Negative reputations tend to spread quickly and with the internet, it is easy to do a little sleuthing.

Why Some People Fear Complementary Medicine

These AM (Alternative medicine) practices are also often accused of using placebo-like remedies to effect change in patients. Well, so do conventional medical practitioners, especially with medications. As a medical intuitive and healer myself, I would never use placebos with people seeking my help, and I would always advise them to seek the advice of a doctor if justified.

Some dis-eases need actual medical attention and must be recognized as such by the practitioner. It is inadvisable for people suffering from serious diseases such as cancer or heart conditions to rely solely on someone like myself. A practitioner can help speed up recovery but occasionally there must be some form of physical procedure required such as surgery. An AM practitioner should never try to convince a patient to avoid this treatment. That is completely unacceptable.

The Conventional Medical Industry And Your Care

If you have visited a medical clinic lately, you may have noticed that the level of care in some areas has diminished. Doctors have a tendency these days to treat the symptoms, not the disease. They are also legislated so heavily that and cannot spend the time with patients that they used to. These days when booking an appointment with a physician you are asked the purpose of the visit. When the doctor examines you for that specific issue you cannot bring up any other ailments at that time. You need to set another separate appointment. Much of the diagnostic work is beginning to move to online services. You will no longer be visiting with a real person.

With AM practitioners it is usually the opposite. They need to take into account all the problems you are having. when I carry out a medical intuitive reading or energy healing with an individual I most often find that one issue will affect another and so on. Once you get to the core ailment all the others can fade away or lessen. There are specific reasons for this as I explain later on in this article so read on.

A Free Psychic Reading

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How Can Alternative Medicine Practitioners And Medical Intuitives Know?

What do energy healers use to do medical intuitive readings? Everything is not only made of energy but the same there are many types of alternative medicineenergy. This has been proven by science, Quantum physics has shown this to us. Each element of our body produces an individual frequency. This is true for all your cells, organs, the skin that covers your body, and even your hair. Our thoughts are also included. perfect and complete health occurs when your energy runs unhindered. However, you know that that is almost impossible. What happens is that something with negative energy enters your space and your energy gets disrupted you could even call it corrupted. Things like negative thoughts and emotions that stem from you as well as others, bacteria, pathogens, toxins all can affect your energy field in various ways.

Your Brain Has The Power To Control More Than Your Thoughts

Your brain is the center point of control, the computer of your body that observes your body. It does this so quickly that you could never be aware of it even if you focused on it with all your energy. It checks your vitals thousands of times per second. It is amazing it not only monitors things like your heartbeat, temperature, your blood pressure, hormone levels, and anything else you could think of.

Alternative Medicine Practitioners And Medical Intuitive Readings

Medical intuitives and energy healers can sense what is not functioning properly in your body, spirit, and mind. Once they uncover the reason for the imbalance in that specific area of your energy body or your physical body they can then work on alleviating the issue.
If you can learn how to tap into your own healing abilities you can heal yourself as well as an energy healer or medical intuitive can. Actually, your body has the innate ability to heal itself just like when you cut yourself.

What happens when you are ill and stuck in regards to understanding what is wrong? The medical industry cannot seem to help you in many cases. You are at your wit’s end. There IS something wrong but no one can help! A psychic medical diagnosis or medical intuitive reading may be what you need. Maybe you have found yourself stuck in life? Not seeming able to progress in any way. The science of medical intuition is a spiritual ability that can help you move ahead in life. It will work together with your spiritual centers, your physical being even your diet to get you to optimum health. The state you are meant to be.

Conventional Medicine Vs Alternative Medicineconventional medicine vs alternative medicine practitioners and practices

Whether they are free medical intuitive readings or paid sessions with a medical clairvoyant (find medical intuitive reviews online) it can be used in diagnosing afflictions before or during the energy healing process. Sometimes this may even seem like a medical intuition superpower that can actually take an internal look at the body of an individual to determine the issues and then help repair them. One tip I like to give my students and clients before a reading is to make a list of questions to ask a medical intuitive before you go so you are clear in intention.

Mainly the maladies that we experience are caused by traumatic events or emotional experiences gone bad in the past or past lives and carried over. The science of medical intuition self-diagnosis and healing with your body’s energy systems can really make a difference in the relief of your pain. Any number of modalities of energy healing can be used to successfully affect repairs to the physical and emotional bodies. A medical intuitive body scan may pinpoint what the issues are and the suggested response to them.

If the practitioner side of this of interest to you can always learn how to become a medical intuitive. Get in touch.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How this ability works.
  • When can it be used?
  • How to recognize it in yourself or learn the modality.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Finding What Ails You, and learn about a different way to access optimal health.

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