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July 2, 2019

All Disease Begins In The Gut, Fact Or Fiction UYT208

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The Medical History Of The Root Cause Of Illness

Lately, I have been contacted by lots of people with serious physical conditions with unknown origins. There was a time that science and medical practitioners believed all disease begins in the gut. This concept started over 2000 years ago when it was suggested by Hippocrates, who like you most probably know, was considered the father of contemporary medicine. This concept held for quite a period of time. So was he correct in his prognosis?

Does All Disease Begins In The Gut

Hippocrates was ahead of his time and a brilliant man however he was incorrect on this assumption about the what causes diseases origin of all disease in the body. Yet there is factual evidence that there are numerous chronic metabolic diseases that actually do begin in your gut.

The fact is that gut bacteria together with the health of the lining of your gut greatly influence the state of your health. There have been many different studies that have come to the same conclusion. They stated that endotoxins, which are a highly undesirable bacterial product, occasionally do seep through the lining of your gut entering your vascular system your bloodstream.

Causes Of Diseases And Your Gut

What happens on these occasions is that your auto-immune system goes to work. It sends Lymphocytes, the body’s white blood cell army, to aid in combating the infections caused by the endotoxins. What then occurs in most cases is chronic inflammation. The purpose of inflammation is to assist your body in fighting off these undesired intruders and initiate restoration of health.

Certain inflammation has been linked to insulin resistance may trigger insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a protective mechanism during which the body stops allowing insulin to enter the cells. At this point, your body starves itself of glucose fuel. This can result in a non-infectious disease occurring but a disease none the less. It is called obesity which is usually followed by type 2 diabetes and possibly fatty liver disease.

What Are The Main Causes Of Diseases, The Metaphysical Answer

As I stated earlier many people come to me with medical issues that they have hit a wall on. The medical industry is giving them ineffectual cures. The easiest thing these days is to prescribe medications without finding the root cause. Occasionally the cure is worse than the disease. The big question that they ask of me is “why” are suffering in such a manner because it is a mystery to them.

people keep suffering and the main reason is that letting go of that root cause is essential for healing to occur and drugs just mask the issues.

What Causes Diseases The Spiritual Connection

Each of you is more than just your body. You are a combination of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. Consider these four to be the legs of a table. If one or more of these legs are not the same length what will happen.? The table will wobble of course. If one of them is out of alignment the other 3 legs will have challenges keeping the table erect and steady. The same is true when you consider the health of the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical areas.

When one of these areas, or legs of your overall health, is weak or falters the other areas will suffer. All illness begins with a misalignment between body and spirit in some way. The body is usually the spokesperson and will tell you about this misalignment with its emotions or displaying some form of illness.are emational traumas causes of diseases

Past emotional trauma, spiritual upheaval, egoic issues, lack of self-esteem, lovelessness can all be causes of eventual physical illness.

If you respond as spirit at this stage it need never go any further. If you respond as an ego trying to manipulate or fight the issues you may go straight into victim mode where worry or blame reign kings. Then what happens is that circular mental patterns will help anchor the issue more deeply. What you believe is what you believe and what your body believes.

If you are unable to rise above these mental and emotional levels you can enter into an unbalanced situation. Eventually, the body will shout as loud as it can through a physical manifestation. By the time you have a physical symptom, you have ignored many signals that were present. Diseases caused by a virus do exist but in most cases, the non-infectious disease is caused by misalignments.

The Origin Of Spiritual Misalignment

Think about your true nature for a moment. You are a soul, an eternal spirit that is multi-dimensional and not bound by time or space. The misalignment, that can cause illness or muscular issues, can be located at different and multiple levels of your being.

Here are just a small list of causes of diseases that can be attributed to issues in your health:

  • Current life timeline trauma, especially in childhood.
  • Traumatic, life-changing events: accidents, abuse, loss.
  • Past lives – because the soul is exploring a theme over multiple incarnations.
  • Foreign energy, such as beings or people, who attempt to control, manipulate or invalidate you.
  • Unsupportive belief systems that go against your true nature.
  • Unresolved emotions can stem from all of the above and other areas of your life as well.

Understanding Your Condition

There are ways to solve the mystery of your condition by understanding which of the above are relevant issues and then dealing with them. As a trained Medical Intuitive, one way, of course, is to look at which body location, system, organ, or type of cell is being impacted. Then we can look at the nearest chakra or other energy structure for clues to what is happening.

Usually, there is a strong correlation between where a symptom is expressed and the underlying causal belief and trauma. Each of the 7 Chakra has specific physical functions associated with them.

Here are just a few systems examples of Chakra imbalances and their symptoms:

  • 1st Chakra... Issues with the hips, knees, feeling stuck, and not moving forward in life.
  • 3rd Chakra… Diabetes, pancreas, no enjoyment left in life.
  • 4th Chakra… Cardiovascular, issues, hardened arteries, hardened thinking.
  • 6th Chakra… The eyes, not seeing straight, misperceptions about your reality.

The Healing Process

Some people are very afraid of digging into the underlying cause of an illness. They would rather just take a pill or have an operation. While it can be helpful to identify the root cause, it’s possible to release it without knowing. If you do uncover it, you don’t have to re-live or re-experience it to release it.

Energy Healing

Many of the treatments for physical issues cause by spiritual, mental, or emotional traumas can be handled by you energy healing therapy is simplealone, without assistance. You can actively heal yourself by changing. Using the faith and belief in yourself and the power of setting intentions and subsequent manifestation. As I mentioned you are Spirit at heart and Spirit is very powerful. Yet some people want to receive direction and healing from A medical intuitive or psychic energy healer like myself. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

A Typical Healing

You are either a passive receiver, or I teach you what to do. We address all the general principles that are discussed today in this article and podcast.
Then using a variety of healing techniques that are all based on intuition and energy manipulation we catalyze your healing process.

Results you may expect:

  • Improved self-awareness and personal growth.
  • Raises in the vibrational frequency of your body.
  • Relaxation of the body so it can release stress and tension.
  • Increased vitality.
  • Delays in aging.
  • Better sleep.
  • Acceleration in the body’s self-healing abilities.
  • Relief of discomfort and improved physical function.
  • Removal of energy blockages and adjusted energy flow.
  • Help to clear and balance the aura, chakras, and meridians.

Your energy may be so low and so out of balance, you need an energy boost to jump-start the healing. However, please be careful you are not trying to make someone else responsible for you. Regardless of the healer or the type of energy healing you select, the healing will only succeed if you take responsibility for your own creation and change. Remember one very important fact, you never create anything in your reality that you cannot un-create.

In this podcast All Disease Begins In The Gut, Fact Or Fiction you will learn about:

  • What are the causes of diseases in humans?
  • The link between disease and spirituality?
  • The effectiveness of energy healing.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, All Disease Begins In The Gut, Fact Or Fiction as we discuss categories of diseases and alternative healing.

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