Three Styles of Healing

The molecules in your body are energy in motion. As energy follows intention, you can shift your energy for improved health. Medical Intuition provides complimentary information  your physical body to empower you to improve your relationship with it. Energy Healing catalyzes physical, emotional, mental & spiritual changes for a more balanced life. Advanced healing techniques are available for the complex issues in your life. No need to choose the method unless you want to. Just explain your issue & leave that up to me.

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Medical Intuition

If you aren't feeling well & it seems no one understands; or you want an alternative to conventional medicine,  a Medical Intuitive Reading can provide complimentary insights about your health challenges. It includes an intuitive scan of your body & its energy templates. You will receive information about your physical organs & energy flowing through your bodies systems; as well as your subtle energy system. It can be combined with Energy Healing to catalyze your healing process using neutral cleansing energy. More Info..

  • Choose this if you have physical symptoms and want to explore a complimentary approach to your self healing plan; $75 for 25 mins & $140 for 55 mins

Energy Healing

​Are you don't feel quite right & are tired of feeling this way then an Energy Healing can provide an energy boost that will help you feel better. An Energy Healing is a non-touch form of intervention, where the practitioner channels neutral cleansing energy through your energy field, chakras & meridians. It can help shift limiting beliefs & accelerate the healing process for physical, emotional, mental & spiritual challenges. More Info.

  • Choose an energy healing if you feel unwell, emotionally or mentally disturbed, lack energy or blocked in any area of life; $75 for 25 mins & $140 for 55 mins

Cellular Healing

Your DNA encodes your physical make-up and impacts your experience of reality. How you were nurtured as a child influences the expression of your DNA. Certain codes and patterns have been passed through your ancestors to you. You might also harbor negative energies from low vibration energy beings. It is possible to remove these old energies & the cellular & DNA patterns, resulting in changes to your health and well being. More Info.  

  • Choose Reprogramming if you feel stuck in a rut, recognize patterns in your family or experienced significant trauma in the past; $250 for 55 mins

What People Say...

Radosveta Golden

My anxiety was way beyond the roof it had been affecting me physically for a while. I had never had any energy or medical intuition healing before. I had no idea what to expect or if I could even believe in anything I could not see or explain in a scientific way. Moreover, I experienced no physical sensations during the sessions, but the results followed within 1-2 days. Dr. Phillips identified pretty much everything I know from my own medical, social & emotional history; among other issues she also worked on my endocrine & reproductive systems where I had more specific complaints. Right now, I can confidently say that even though I haven’t removed the sources of stress from my life yet, I feel as calm & at peace as I haven’t felt in years. Periodically occurring pain I only knew how to resolve with pain relievers & for which no medical specialist could ever offer me any different solution is gone. I am astonished & profoundly grateful.

Tarryn Liv Parker

My back is feeling so so so much better. I feel very careful with it, as usual, but I am not experiencing the pain, just traces of pain show up and I notice my posture is very poor at those moments and that my attitude is unconsciously taking a position of feeling unsupported and not grounded. Now I am able to correct it and veer away from the pain. It's nothing short of a miracle as far as I am concerned.”