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April 16, 2018

Will My Husband And I Be Financially Successful FCR115

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Will Wealth Be The Answer…

E in Phoenix, US asks the question: ‘Will my husband and I be financially successful?’

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re Financial Freedom

“I have a question from E in Phoenix and the question is will we be financially successful my husband is my husband and I going to be financially successful, basically will my husband and I be financially successful. A wonderful card came up at random to answer this question and it’s this one, the partnership card. It represents aligning to a common purpose. It would seem very appropriate for your question about you and your husband and going on this path to financial success together. So give me a moment I will tune into your energy. I will look clairvoyantly at it and then I will tie together an answer with what I see and this card. Okay, so the other thing I should probably mention is that you’re asking a future time question. You’re asking me to predict the future for you and of course you create your own reality.

Reality is a probability matrix and you’ll end up in a different future moment dependent on the decisions that you make. Those decisions that you and your husband make that sets you on the trajectory to be in a future time that is or is not in alignment with what you’re asking for. I’m going to take a look first of all at that. What’s coming up to talk about is co-creation and how to successfully manifest when there are two of you working together. In particular, what’s coming up to talk about is you see the dragon or the snake has got this ball weighing him down in his middle. That’s the bit of the card that’s coming up for us to talk about and look at. I’m seeing that has to do with you and your husband and when you don’t agree with each other. I’m seeing that sometimes you do agree with each other and sometimes you don’t agree with each other. When you don’t agree with each other there is a kind of competitive energy that says one person has to win and the other person has to lose. You know if we go along with what he says then I’m giving up my autonomy my independence and my way of doing things. I’m saying that it would help be helpful to reframe that and look at it differently…” There is much more in the video reading.

One listener is wondering if I can answer”will my husband and I be financially successful?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Are You Looking for A Better Life!

Would you like to know how to attract love into your life or money? The whole procedure is identical. There are lots of people, almost everyone looking for financial freedom. You can truly be a money magnet. The way this is done is to use the Secret Law of Attraction which will enable you and everyone to generate a real, physical manifestation of what you are looking to receive. It is all rather easy. You set a vibrant and careful intention and then just allow it to manifest. Let the Universe produce it for you and do the heavy lifting. The Universe wants you to it all. Actually, it is all already exists.

All you need to do is ask. It must plan of course. set the intention and move aside, allow it to happen. You must possess a strong understanding of exactly what you really desire. This is fundamental! Also, ask in a positive declaration. This is imperative. If using a negative the Universe will replace all the words like no and not from your entreaty. So that that you least want will flood you with more of the same. It will come flowing to you as if you were a crap magnet. As an example: if you express your desire as “I do not want to struggle financially”; the Universe hears “I do want to struggle financially.” Low and behold more money problems! Also, the want for more money does not necessarily equate to I want financial freedom. There are subtle differences; you need to understand what you want. Being indistinct will alter the result you desire. I cover the other steps in other podcasts.

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