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May 28, 2018

Will My Boys Have A Happy Life FCR174

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You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness!!!

C in Oceanview, US asks the question: “C in Ocean View, US asks the question: “will my boys have a happy life?

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: A Happy Life

So what is the secret to having a happy fulfilled life, a wonderful life journey? Is it actually possible with all the negativity we are surrounded by daily? Everywhere you turn there are mediawill my boys have a happy life stories of people experiencing miserable events. The answer is simple, how to create happiness within yourself.

Basically, you are responsible for your own happiness. I do not mean go out and buy toys etc. What I am saying that it is all in your attitude and beliefs. creating happiness in your life can’t and shouldn’t be left up to something or someone outside of yourself. What happens if you live in that manner. Simple when you are faced with any negative issue you will fold. You will sink into a cheerless state or even depression and know-how. If you know how to create happiness for yourself, how to find happiness within yourself, then these things may affect your circumstances but not how you feel.

I realize it may be overused but I will cite the example of Nelson Mandela. He was an author, South Africa’s liberator, and eventually, president, and most of his life was spent in jail. He allowed his environment to be as it was but created his own state of emotional contentment. I am sure he had bad days but all in all, he overcame them. If you can be your own happiness then you will never be caught short. Give a man a fish and he will be happy for a meal. Teach a man to fish and he will be happy always. Food in his belly and a pastime of fun and relaxation. Teach him where the fish are and he will love you forever.

Our listener wants to know “will my boys have a happy life?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Are You Anxious About Your Life?

“I’ve got a question from C in Oceanview in the United States concerned about her children, will my boys have a happy life. You know that really depends on them because what’s true for each one of us, including them, is we create our own reality. They will have a happy life if they create a happy life. The future is not predetermined. There’s not one specific linear future that each of your children is going to live. The life that they will live will depend on what they believe and how they feel. How they hold their energy because like attracts like. The card that came up is an interesting one (the card is displayed on the screen). I will take a look at why that card is coming up.

What it makes me want to say is that of course, you can’t live their life for them. You can’t be responsible for them their whole lives. You can be responsible for them for as long as they’re unable to survive on their own. But their life, each life of each child, is his own life. I’m going to take a look and see why this particular card is coming up.

Okay! so this is isn’t related to your question but I’m seeing that this card has come up because it’s something that you need to hear and that if you listen to it I believe you may increase the chances of your children having a happy life. That is by taking care of yourself and taking care of your own energy, staying in charge of your own energy. Of course, the parental influences are the strongest influences on anybody and so what I want to say to you is that it looks like…” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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