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September 11, 2018

Will I Overcome Anxiety And Fear? FCR314

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Learn How To Overcome Anxiety And Fear?

I. in Clinton asks the question: Will I overcome anxiety and fear?

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Emotional Issues

Everyone has been in fear at some point in their life. It is not fun by any stretch of the imagination. However, some people live in this state continuously. They could really benefit from learning how to overcome anxiety and fear. First of all let’s look at the difference between fear and anxiety, or is there one. Fear and love are the two root emotional states. If you are not feeling a positive love-based emotion then you are in the fear mode to some extent. Therefore anxiety is a branch of the fear emotion tree. Anxiety or worry is caused by thinking about a possible oncoming negative event. OR it can also be negative emotions about something that has already happened.

The key is that it is not real, yet. Fear is the False Evidence Appearing Real. More than 95% of the things that you fear will never happen. This is actually anxiety. Anxiety makes you worry. True fear makes you act. It causes adrenalin to rush. Take for example a mom watching her five-year-old playing on the sidewalk and the ball they are playing with rolls out into the street with an oncoming vehicle barreling down. What happens? Does mom just stand and worry and fret? No! The adrenaline kicks in and she rushes out and scoops up her little one. Then she gets upset, this would be the anxiety of a past event, recent but still the past. This fear is a reactive process.

You can take steps to overcome anxiety and fear. The easiest way of how to stop living in fear is to stop living in the past and the future. Live in the here and now. This is the best anxiety treatment without medication. To accomplish this start a meditation practice. It is easy, doable for everyone, and very inexpensive, $0.00. Here is a free meditation kit (click for your kit) to get you on your way. Listen in on this free card reading response to receive some sage advice on how to overcome fear and anxiety.

A listener asks ” will I overcome anxiety and fear?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Are You Afraid You Are Doomed?

“There’s a question from I. in the USA and I. says; will I overcome anxiety and fear. The answer is that’s really up to you. You know you create your reality so it’s up to you inside yourself ultimately. It’s not a magic wand that someone else can wave and make it all be gone. Let’s take a look at what’s stopping you, your big block. The card (the card is shown on the screen) is about asking for help. It looks like that’s what you need to do is ask for help, it’s suggesting that from your own free will. if you think, if you feel you know you can do that ask for help because it looks to me like you’re really sealing yourself off from assistance and especially assistance from God and from all the spiritual helpers that are available.

So I’m seeing a block at your crown chakra .give me a moment. A lot is going on in your energy field. You might want to have a longer session to get a bit more information really because there’s only so much I can give here. But I’m seeing a lot of pain in general in your energy field. Then I’m also seeing you blocking yourself off from help. That there’s some resistance and you know I’d feel like I would need more information about you in a proper session to really, really help you with this. But I think that there’s some stuff leftover from your childhood. I get the energy of a tantrum toddler in your energy field a stubborn. It may be you when you were a kid or it may be somebody else. but-but I’m seeing that that gets in your way of receiving help and gets in your way of what’s good for you…”Watch the video, Will I Overcome Anxiety And Fear, and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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