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August 6, 2018

Will I Have A Successful Career? FCRG270

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Careers Can Be Finicky Things!

Someone has asked a career question like: Will I have a successful career?

Dr.Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Career

So what makes a successful career in your eyes? Money? Power? Fame? All of the above? So how do you achieve it? So you are unsure about choosing a career, not just choosing a career but choosing the right career. Achieving success in life and career seem to go hand in hand. Much of the time the fact that you have a successful career supposedly means that you have a successful life. Why are the two so intertwined. Are you what you do, your job? Actually, you are not your job. You are someone much deeper, much more influential, much wiser, and very, very powerful. Your essence, your true nature is spirit.

Here is the interesting fact, Spirit has no limitations. Space and time do not exist in this facet of your being. Spirit can also create anything it wants. So if this is so why do you come to me to seek advice about “what you want to be when you grow up”? You can leave your career path planning to the Universe in conjunction with your spirit. They will give you the best advice for career success and will make the world bend over backward to fulfill your intention and manifest it in the real world. Listen in to the response for this free card reading question and learn some career success tips.

You have asked a career question like “will I have a successful career?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Are You Afraid Of Making Career Decisions?

“Hi! Well, thank you for sending in your question. I get such a lot of questions about all sorts of topics including career and business. People often ask me; will my business be successful or what new career would be the right career for me or will this career be successful or will I get into this particular school or university, will I be successful in … so I thought it might be useful to make a general video about career success and see if we can because I get many more questions than I can answer. I mean the other common one is will I get it, when will I get a new job. Let’s take a look at this.

I’ve talked about this before. When you ask a future time prediction and you ask somebody like me, when will this happen, what you’re actually doing is you’re giving your power away. You’re saying I’m completely powerless over this and all the power is outside of me, the universe will conspire to make it one way or another and I just want to find out which way it is so that I can prepare myself well. You’re forgetting who you are. You’re forgetting who you are as an aspect of God. As a co-creator with God. As divine consciousness. As a powerful eternal creator. You create your own reality.

You create your own reality whether you’re conscious of it or not. Everything around you is your creation. What job you’re doing is your creation. Whether you’re enjoying it or not. Enjoying it is your creation but you can learn to do it consciously. You can wake up inside yourself and consciously create your reality. That’s the journey that we’re all on, as human beings, is to become awakened humans who are in full possession of our spiritual gifts and our faculties and can access our own inner and higher guidance and can consciously create. To be able to intend what it is that we want and to manifest in our lives. So rather than ask, will my business be successful or will it work out if I make this choice or will I get a job, why not turn it around and ask the question differently.

First of all, think about what you want; what job do you want, think about what job would make you happy or what would make your heart sink. What would make you feel full of passion and enthusiasm every day? What would be the ideal situation for you or what is your passion that you would like to create a business around? Then focus your energy on creating it when you tune into that passion that you have. What else comes up in this, your specific reality, that tells you that you can’t have it? Because that’s what’s blocking you. If you doubt yourself if you doubt that it’s possible if you don’t think you’re good enough to create it or to have it if you think that you have programming that success is not for people like me. You know some people are powerful and control the world and I’m not one of them. Then you’re creating your reality through that belief. To make it happen you have t…” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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