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K in Fort Lauderdale, US asks the question: ‘Will I get a second chance at internship?’

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Basically your beliefs become your thoughts and your thoughts become your reality. Let mewill i get a second chance at internship use an example. You feel the pangs of hunger which can be an emotion or feeling. You believe that in order to stop the feeling of hunger you must eat. Now you are thinking about eating. Then there is a result or action if you would. You get up and eat. Whether you go out to do so, make something to eat yourself or someone else does it for you, your reality is that you are fed. So in turn the power of your thoughts creates your reality.

You must always remember your mind is a powerful thing. So working on this belief I will ask you, do negative thoughts become reality too? The answer is a firm yes. You can bring positive things in to your life as well as negative things. You are manipulating physical reality and manipulating is manipulating. So watch your thoughts! Since thoughts become things choose the good ones or you may become a crap magnet. It is all about quantum physics and manifesting the life you want. If you are interested in learning about the Law of Attraction, how to control reality with your mind and the power of thoughts, just visit this podcast.

Our reader wants to know “Will I get a second chance at internship ?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

I Fear She Does Not Know!

” Well I have a question from K in the United States who wants to know; if she will get a second chance at internship. So let’s take a look at your question K I’ll share the card that came up as well. It has to do with integrating different aspects of your consciousness. Let’s see let’s see where this question is coming from. Okay! When I look at your energy this is what I see I see. I see that you’re allowing the past to influence the present. You’re allowing the past to cloud the now.  You have something that you want that you didn’t get in a past time experience and you are connecting those two together.

There’s something that I want and I didn’t get it, can I get it because there’s something that I want and I didn’t get it , I’m seeing that you are creating a link of not getting what you want energetically, the key to this is to realize that the past doesn’t have to affect the present and it doesn’t have to affect the future either, the key to that is not holding that disappointment and rejection as part of your energy field because if you do then you decrease the likelihood of getting a second chance at internship , what we want to say is if you desire it and you really want it then of course there is a chance, there is more than a chance, that you can attract that, it’s really down to you whether you will .

It’s down to you in terms of believing you can have it and not allowing a negative or past-time negative beliefs or past-time energies to impinge on your manifestation process. I’m going to see if that card is giving us anything else to say to you. I’m hearing is whatever the disappointment was it wasn’t the right time or place for you and that there is, it feels to me, like there is something brewing and that it looks exciting…” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You Will Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr Lesley Here!!!

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