Why Can’t I Allow Anyone Into My World? FCR084

why can't i allow anyone into my world

A Reader Asks About Issues Around Feeling Unworthy Of Having A Relationship!

C in Oshawa, Canada asks the question: ‘why can’t I allow anyone into my world?’

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We all have issues with people in our lives at times. to let someone in your heart is not always an easy thing to do for some of us. It could be that you’re scared to open up for the sake of being vulnerable in relationships. It could also be that it just as basic as not knowing how to accept love into your life. Not everyone has been brought up in an environment that taught them or even showed them what love was. When let someone love you and you love them back the world is a much brighter place. Listen in to this reading about how to let someone in emotionally and you may find the fear of letting someone in may disappear in a puff of smoke.

If you are struggling and wondering ” why can’t I allow anyone into my world” watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Overcoming Challenges In Relationships May Seem Overwhelming!

“I have a question from C in Oshawa in Canada who says “why can’t I allow anyone into my world?” the card that came up for you is this one about communication. So let’s take a look. let’s take a look at why you can’t allow anyone into your world. Alright, it looks like we’ve got an interesting question and answer with this one. the first thing I’m seeing is something that’s going on at your crown chakra at the top of your head. and it looks like that there’s a concept that nobody understands you and if you let them in it’s going to mean either you must give yourself away and invalidate yourself and deny yourself and give up your world in favor of somebody else’s world. or they when they take a look at what your world is like they will believe that you are crazy. so I’m seeing it looks like it has its origins in your childhood and maybe with your relationship with your dad. it looks like you were a quite a precocious little girl and you’re always asking curious…”

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