Why Am I Constantly Without Energy And Motivation? FCR322

why am i constantly without energy and motivation
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Do You Suffer From No Energy Or Motivation To Do Anything?

D. in Croydon asks the question: Why am I constantly without energy and motivation?

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If you seem to have no energy or motivation to do anything it can be a symptom of several different causes. Some of these extreme fatigue symptoms can be caused by physical ailments and also by spiritual misalignments in your chakras. One of the main and simplest explanations for sudden extreme fatigue is a poor diet. If you do not eat properly your body will tell you so but you may not be listening. I will not go into details on this but the best thing you can do and would be the easiest is to find an good healthy diet and follow it. One main issue is that most of the world is strung out on the most common addictive substance you can find, sugar.

Now if you are always tired no motivation to do anything then another area to look at is how you are aligned spiritually. We are all energy. Everything is energy. You have had things that use batteries to run. What happens when the battery becomes void of its stored charge? Your device begins to falter and eventually does not work. Our energy system works the same way but with spiritual energy. Some call it Chi. you may need to replenish this energy. Meditation is a good way to get in touch with your true nature, Spirit, and rebalance that energy within you.  Spirit is not ruled by physical restraints such as tike and space. This is why balance will help. Listen in to this free card reading response for some advice about this subject.

A listener asks ” why am I constantly without energy and motivation?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Are You Afraid You Won’t Find Relief?

“D. would like to know; why am I constantly without energy and without motivation to do anything. Let’s take a look D.  well there’s a few different things going on so the main thing we’ll say is that this card (card is displayed on the screen) is very much a meditation card that’s about being still, turning within and really focusing on what’s going on inside of you. I’m seeing a couple of things going on inside of you. So it looks like there is one or two, I don’t know I want to call them, dependents. I want to call them dependents because they are connected by energy cords to your first chakra.

The first chakra has to do with survival. So a couple of people in your life who are relying on you, who may be having the effect of leaving you feeling, drained. So that’s the first thing that I see. And the second thing is, of course, that means that their energies in your space. That means that you’re not just experiencing your own reality you’re experiencing their reality. So I feel like they might be more male energies than female because it’s having the effect of depressing your energy system and then the third thing is I…”Watch the video, Why Am I Constantly Without Energy And Motivation, and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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