Where Is The Negative Energy Coming From In My Life ? FCR255

where is the negative energy coming from
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Having A Problem Shaking The Negativity?

C in Baltimore asks the question: Where is the negative energy coming from in my life?

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Energy is energy. It is a wave that oscillates at a certain frequency. Everything is energy. Energy is neither good nor bad in its essence. Let me give you an example. Let’s look at electric energy. If you hold a 9-volt battery to the tip of your tongue (not recommending this and take no responsibility for it) you will receive a very slight tingle. if you grab hold of a live wire from a plug you will get a jolt that is much more significant. Neither of these charges is bad nor good in their nature, are they? Yet you may determine that the wire produced or caused signs of negative energy. Positive and negative energy are the same in their essence as well. How they affect you depends on you depends on you. When you pass electricity through a capacitor, an electronic component, it will hold a charge even when the current is stopped somewhat like a battery. The size of the charge it holds depends on its capacity to hold the charge. The same is true with you.

A resistor is another component. It will hold energy when it is passed through it. The same is true with you. You will absorb energy depending on your capacity to do so. It can make you uncomfortable or even extremely uncomfortable. If you are looking to learn how to block negative energy from others it is simple. Do not resist. If there is no resistance the energy will flow right through you with no evidence of any negativity or residual effects. If you feel you have absorbed energy that is making you feel uncomfortable and you would like to learn how to get rid of negative energy in your body or how to remove negative energy from your aura the answer is simple. As in electricity, the answer is to ground yourself. A grounding meditation is great for this. Also, you can find a couple of tips in this response to a free card reading. Listen in it may help you too.

A listener asks “where is the negative energy coming from?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Are You In A State Of Fear?

“C in Baltimore has a question; where is the negative energy coming from in my life? Great question! I’m taking a look for you C. What I want to say it is from your resistance. If you were not in resistance things would just be able to flow through you. Not stick! So regardless of whether it’s coming from a particular person or a particular group or an out-of-body being or a past life or any of that, regardless of all of that, if you weren’t in resistance it wouldn’t be sticking to you.

The guidance that we can give is to choose to let go of your resistance. You may find that you’re not stuck in the same place facing these energies that you’re talking about. I’m saying that you’ve created them in your reality. That you can learn not to be in resistance so that you cannot be having an uphill struggle. Just go with the flow of life. That’s what I’m seeing. It sounds like you feel like you’re struggling. But when I look at your energy looks pretty bright. It just looks like it’s a little thing, a little tweak, that if you would just let go of resistance that everything would feel so much better for you.…” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You Will Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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