What Should I Do About Being Stuck With Problems? FCR313

what should i do about being stuck with problems
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What To Do When You’re Feeling Stuck In Life?

E. in La Trinidad asks the question: What should I do about being stuck with problems?

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Life Issues

Have you ever shouted out in your mind or even out loud ” I am stuck and don’t know what to do”? Looking for the answer to what to do when you’re feeling stuck in life? Have you experienced problems or life issues are weighing you down so much that you cannot seem to get passed them? Feeling stuck in life is not the best of feelings. It can lead to a miserable depressed life. One of the issues is what Einstein states in one of his famous quotes, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Even though you did not create the read block you may be the one allowing it to take control of your life.

The first thing you learn when someone is teaching problem solving skills is to separate yourself from the issue. Look at it with a clean eye and mind. Take yourself out of the equation. Sometimes just that alone will help. Mediation is a great source to allow you to see things clearly. The reason is that when you are thinking it is done with a human brain. When you meditate you are activating your Spiritual core. This essence of who you truly are is not limited by space or time. You have the whole universe of knowledge available to you. So when you are stuck on a problem do the opposite of what most people do relax and allow your inner, higher self to help you resolve it. In this free card reading, a question of similar nature is responded to. Listen in for some sage advice.

A listener asks “what should I do about being stuck with problems?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Are You Afraid You Won’t Find Relief?

“E. in La Trinidad in the Philippines says; what should I do? I’m so stuck with many problems especially finances. The card that comes up (the card is shown on the screen) is about receiving, opening your heart to receive. Let’s take a look and that’s where you’re stuck. You’re stuck on the level of your receiving you’re stuck in feeling like you have to do it all or you’re responsible for everything or you have to figure out. What’s the key? What’s the solution? What’s the thing I have to do? So you’re treating it as a doing as a trying.

Effort as opposed to just being the vibration of receptivity and asking the universe for what you need to be met and then being receptive to receiving them. I’m seeing that you’re taking a very physical body human -dimensional approach to your abundance. You’re stuck in the intellect about it and figuring it out. You’re not connecting with the source of abundance which is God and opening yourself to receive the stream of abundance that flows from there. So what should you do open yourself to receive? Let go of the old pattern the old way of approaching this…”Watch the video, What Should I Do About Being Stuck With Problems, and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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