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August 8, 2018

What Is Keeping Me From Getting Pregnant? FCR237

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Stop Worrying It May Help?

J asks: What is keeping me from getting pregnant or losing weight?

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Family

What is the reason for not getting pregnant when everything is normal? Every time you pee on a stick you continue to get a negative result? You know how to get pregnant but just can’t seem to get it done. There may be some simple reasons.

I am sure that you like most women in your position get frustrated when you see a swollen belly or whenever you are watching TV and there is another diaper ad. And when you go grocery shopping there are always moms with their little ones. The worst is when they are newborns all cozy in a carrier in the cart. But yet YOU can’t get pregnant.

Whether you have been trying to get pregnant for a while or you are just looking at maybe doing so soon there are a few things that you can do beforehand. Here are some most common reasons why a woman can’t get pregnant and one may be true for you as well.

What To Do If You Can’t Get Pregnant

  • Reduce Stress: Most doctors will tell you that eliminating stress is a crucial step in conception. Stress causes issues with the adrenal glands. By taking personal relaxation time it can really aid in your chances of being able to get pregnant. Things like a meditation practice, counseling, artistic endeavors, and an exercise program will help reduce your stress and relax you.
  • Get Lots Of Sleep: When your body doesn’t get the sleep it requires it puts stress on you physically. (Darn, stress is everywhere) What actually can happen is that your immune system can take a hit increasing the chances of infection of some sort. This can affect your reproductive cycle. By the way, this is not just for the ladies. Men’s sperm can be corrupted.
  • Being Underweight Or Overweight: Being underfed can affect ovulation. Being overweight can also affect fertility. The best thing to do is eat healthily and exercise sensibly.
  • Understand Your Cycle: Cycle confusion can be an issue. We are not all the same so it stands to reason our cycles may vary as well. Have sex when it is the ideal time in regards to ovulation is a key factor. Monitor your ovulation. Lubricants can also lessen sperm motility so stay away from them.
  • Mindset: Stress (there we go again), sometimes called Monkey Mind when things keep going around and around, can take its toll. This can be caused by listening to too much negativity around you. The mind and the body are definitely connected. What is good for one is usually good for the other. Stay positive and mentally relaxed. Don’t get over-anxious. Patience is great! Again Meditation can really help.

Sometimes some changes in your lifestyle well in advance of the attempt to conceive are beneficial. Even one year out can’t hurt. And of course a visit to your physician, you know what doctor to see to get pregnant, may aid in determining the reason but don’t let it bother you. It can take time for everything to work. In this free card reading response, we look deeper than just the physical. Listen for some more sage advice.

A listener asks “what is keeping me from getting pregnant?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Are You Afraid You’ll Never Be A Mom?

“I have a question from J and somewhere in the United States and J asks; what is keeping me from getting pregnant or losing weight? This is the card that came up (the card is displayed on the screen). Let’s take a look at you. Let’s take a look at what’s keeping you from creating what you want through the current body that you have. Well, what comes up to say is that you’re not owning the current body that you have. It sounds like a strange answer but your Energy’s meant to occupy your body. So often we’re kind of not really in our bodies. It’s quite often other people who are in our energy that is in our bodies.

So I’m saying that you’re not you. You’re not really owning you’re your body this biological unit. You’re not in charge of it. It’s not following your directions because you’re not giving it directions. You’re kind of floating around and leaving it to do its own thing.

So the answer would be becoming more conscious, developing a conscious relationship with your body. Becoming more grounded through your body and entering into a relationship with it talking to it. Healing it! Responding to what it says to you. Your body is afraid. There’s fear that’s been stored in your body which looks like it’s the core reason that you not hanging around inside it. It looks like the fear was laid down when you were a child yourself and that you know. So it’s a long-standing thing that’s going on here…” Watch the video, What Is Keeping Me From Getting Pregnant, and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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