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what is going to happen with my relationship

How To Overcome Doubt In A Relationship

R in Riga, Latvia asks the question: ‘What is going to happen with my relationship with D?’

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Is it normal to have second thoughts about a relationship, why good relationships suddenly go bad, Where is my relationship going, why do goodwhat is going to happen with my relationship relationships end?  All questions I have heard so many times. Most of the answers are specific to the relationship itself. We are all different so why wouldn’t our relationships all be different. Anything sudden change of heart to second guessing long term relationships can throw a spanner into the mix. We spend too much time thinking about relationships as opposed to spending time in them. I mean being in, being present with a partner. Because we are let down so much in our lives as well as in our entertainment (romance movies and the such) we need to learn how to overcome doubt in a relationship.

Example: it used to be unheard to hear about infidelity. Now we look at as an extravagant pass time in many occurrences. If you are going to take the time to plant a relationship seed you should also take the responsibility to cultivate and nurture it. So if you hear yourself uttering or thinking, ‘why am I having second thoughts about my relationship’ or “is my relationship going to last” stop!!! Move your mind to a positive side and think about all the great things. Stop being concerned about being in love and start loving! Don’t look at Love as a noun! Look at it as a verb, an action word.

One listener is wondering if I can help them answer “what is going to happen with my relationship?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

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“I have a question from R in Latvia, what is going to happen with my relationship with D. This is a future time question. But let’s have a look, here’s the card that came up at random. So let’s see. I’m just going to look at your relationship in the present time with this person and give you some information and then talk about what added information the card might be giving us you. Wow, it looks as though this is uh this person is open to you.it looks like this person is open to an energetic exchange with you, someone who is. I’m not seeing that they’re blocking off their energy in any way. It looks to me like it’s an early stage relationship. Like somebody that you’ve just met always like an innocent dalliance. That right now I’m seeing that how it turns out in a way depends on both of you. And I’m saying that one of the worst things that you can do is superimpose a bunch of expectations ahead of time on the relationship. That that would feel closing and that would cause her to recoil. So that would be one thing that I’m seeing that you might be in danger of doing. I would just advise you to just pull your energy back a little bit…”Watch the video and learn more about this issue.

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