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August 19, 2018

What Is Blocking Me From Creating Abundance? FCR291

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Are You Tired Of The Financial Struggle?

A. in Toronto asks the question: What is blocking me from creating abundance?

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Spirituality & Finances

What is blocking me from creating the abundance you may ask? The answer is simple. You! Wouldn’t unlimited abundance be nice? Having everything you want whenever you want. Some people live like that. If you are one, congratulations! You have discovered the secret, haven’t you? For those of you who haven’t reached that stage, I can hear you now; ‘there is a secret, what’s the secret?’ One of them is learning all about removing blocks to abundance. I will give you an example. What do you feel about rich people? I mean really feel. Most people asked this question will come up with something negative to say about them.

Well, how do your subconscious and your spirit feel about this? It seems you hate rich people but yet you want to be rich. That does not compute. Best you stay the way you are. The Universe then gets a hold of that feeling and sends you more of the same. How you feel around abundance and what it brings is key to releasing money blocks. If you have any negativity around money then this causes energy blocks to abundance. There are ways of removing money blocks and move past these issues however most of them start with you and how you think and feel. The best thing to do is to learn to meditate and get in touch with your higher self. Then begin practicing the LAw of Attraction and become a ‘money magnet’. Listen in to the response for a free card reading and pick up some of the nuggets given about abundance.

A listener asks “what is blocking me from creating abundance” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Are You Afraid You Will Never Have Enough?

“A. in Toronto says; what is blocking me from creating and attracting and maintaining abundance? well, let’s take a look at this for you A. And the card that came up (the card is shown on the screen) is about having a spiritual perspective. Let’s have a look. Well, it might take me a moment to look at your energy, bear with me. It has to do with your energy distribution.

If I had you here I’d ask you some questions because it looks to me like perhaps you have some practices that you’re doing to attract abundance, maybe a form of meditation or affirmation or something. It looks like whatever it is you’ve got it distorted or misunderstanding it in some way. So that’s a part of it. The other part of it has to do with the principle of creating and destroying. I’m just going to note that down to make sure I say everything here.

You know let’s use the analogy of a satellite. Now let’s use an analogy of the planet. Right! let’s imagine you’re the planet right and you’re putting out wishes into the universe. They’re like satellites. They’re like satellites that orbit the planet. Well if you just keep going sending them out the atmosphere will get all cluttered with thousands and thousands of these satellites. It would just be a junkyard. Some of those satellites that you send out you’ve forgotten you even wanted them. They’re not even relevant to your life anymore. We’re seeing your energy. It looks a bit like that. one of the principles of manifestation is the flip side of the coin, creating and destroying. Destroying is an equal part of creating. What that means is I mean…”Watch the video, What Is Blocking Me From Creating Abundance, and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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