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June 30, 2018

What Is Blocking Me From Being Financially Free? FCRG222

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Think It Is Impossible For You To Become Rich? Well, You Are Right!

Someone asks the question: “What is blocking me from being financially free?”

Dr.Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Beliefs

Do you want to be rich? Do you want and strive for financial freedom? Are you getting there or have you hit a block? Clearing financial blocks seems to be a challenge for many people. This is understandable. It is tough getting rich! Or is it really? I will share one of the most common blocks to creating abundance with you right now.

It is your thoughts, your emotions, and your belief system around money and financial prosperity or anything else you want in life. Ouch! I bet that hurt. Okay, let’s look at it. Your belief about something, anything, and everything, creates emotions. Your emotions, in turn, will create your thoughts. Then what happens your thoughts create certain actions. These actions end up as the results of your belief, basically your reality.

Your thoughts create your reality. In turn, you create your own reality. Would you like to know how to change reality instantly? The easiest way to do this and to attain financial security is by releasing money blocks or any other block you may have. Just unblock your abundance, change your beliefs and negative emotions around money or what you wish to attain. I speak about this in response to a free card reading question from an individual who is having this issue. Listen in. You can also check out another podcast on the creation of abundance and find another answer to ‘ what is blocking me from being financially free.’

A listener wants to know “what is blocking me from being financially free?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Do You Fear Poverty?

“Hello! a really common question that I am asked is; when will I get rich, when will my financial situation turn around, will I meet a rich person and get together with them soon, when will I receive the money that I’m owed, when is the money that I’m manifesting going to arrive in my bank account, will I have money in the future, can you make a financial abundance miracle happen for me, what is blocking me from being financially free and on and on. It’s a really common question that people ask. So course, if you’ve watched many of my videos, then you’ll realize that what I prefer to do with a future time question is not to predict the future but empower you with some tools so that you can help yourself to manifest what you want.

First of all, it’s my spiritual perspective that you create your own reality. That you have free will. That you have choices. It’s also my perspective that you exist right here, right now at a particular moment in space and time. We’re on the earth and we’re in physical bodies and the future is spread out in front of you as a kind of probability field, as a matrix of energy, and all possibilities are contained within it. At any point in time different probable futures are more or less likely. What makes them more or less likely is you. Because you create your own reality. So depending upon what you’re putting out, what message, what signal that you are beaming out to the universe you will get back different experiences. So if you are broadcasting lack, worry, fear, concern, unworthiness then that signal is not a match for wealth and abundance. It is a match for the opposite.

The universe that we are living in, our reality that we are living in is operating from a principle that says like attracts like. It’s the Law Of Attraction that so many people talk about. You attract what you are. You attract who you are. You attract the signal that you’re putting out. The good news is if you can be if you become aware of yourself, you know yourself, you see what signals you are sending, what projections you are making, where you are reaching towards in that probability field and you don’t like the way it’s headed you can change it. It is completely within your power to change your reality by changing your beliefs by changing the energy that you hold within your energy field. So the answer to creating wealth and abundance is to clear anything that’s not a match for that from within your personal energy field.

If you don’t believe it if you really look inside and realize you have a bunch of beliefs that say I really don’t believe that that can happen, shift the belief so that you do believe it. Find a technique that you can use to shift the belief whether it’s saying affirmations, whether it’s deprogramming in what circumstances and people and the culture that’s influenced you through meditation for example. Then piece by piece you will shift your vibration. There will become a tipping point where the tables turn and all of a sudden you are more of a match for what you are wanting than a repellent for it.

You have the power. You are the God of your own universe. Every single one of us has an energy field surrounding us. It’s our personal space. It’s our personal private universe. We can draw into that personal private universe whatever we want. We can learn to be the conscious creators of what happens in that universe by waking up spiritually, by becoming awakened humans, by becoming masters of our own energy. It’s up to you. I’ve just given you the secret…” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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