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August 8, 2018

What Does The Future Hold? FCRG269

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Do You Worry About What Is To Come?

S. asks the question: What does the future hold?

Dr. Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Beliefs

Who knows what the future holds for us? Do you? Do you have a bright future? Do you have hope for the future? Will looking towards the future change how you live your life today? Do you think being told what is going to happen down the road ensure your future success? I will tell you that all of the ideas around knowing the future and thinking that that knowledge will ensure you a bright future is incorrect.

The future is yours to create and experience in the now. More than 50% of the questions I am asked in these free card readings pertain to the future, future love, future career, future health even time and manner of death. I can actually tell about many of these things as they are laid out at this specific time. But why would you want me to do so? Wouldn’t you rather just pick a future and go for it? Why let me control it? The best thing you could do is make a choice, voice a desire and then what I can do is tell you how to get that. Doesn’t that sound better? In this free card reading, I speak to this topic in more detail. Listen in learn how to write the script to your life the way you want to see it happen. The world is your oyster why not take advantage?

A listener asks “what does the future hold?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Are You Afraid Of The Way Things Will Change?

“Hello! Thank you for all of your submissions for a free video reading. I get many questions about many topics very frequently people ask me about the future; what does the future hold for me, will this happen in the future, and will that happen in the future. Or when will something occur? So I thought it was very worthwhile for me to do a short video about future time readings and predicting the future. Just to give you a high concept my perspective on it because I don’t believe in a predetermined predestined future. I believe that you create your reality, that you are a spark of divine consciousness. That you are a co-creator with God. That you create your reality through your beliefs, through your consciousness, through your intentions, through the energies that are in your energy field. You can create abundance or scarcity.

This happens unconsciously or consciously if you are awakened if you’re into this spiritual stuff. If you are starting to pay attention to yourself in your life and to manifestation techniques, you can do it consciously. Otherwise, it’s happening anyway. It’s just that you’re not in conscious control of it. The other thing that I believe is that from your perspective, from my perspective, from our perspective, sitting here on planet Earth in physical bodies, we are enmeshed in a three-dimensional reality. It’s in time and it’s in space.

Our bodies are always in the present time. You cannot move your body into the future or the past. It’s always in the present time. From our perspective, the only thing that exists is right here, right now. From our perspective, the future does not exist yet. From our perspective, here on earth, as these many units of God with free will, the future is a field of possibilities or a field of probabilities. Which one ends up coming into being, depends entirely on you, your free will, and the choices that you make. The choices that you make can be formed by your beliefs. You create your reality. When somebody asks me a future time question I always like to turn it around and say okay this is something that you would like to create in your life so how can we help you create what you want.

Let’s look at whether you’re blocking yourself in some way, let’s look at whether you’re holding a belief that is reducing the probability that you will end up at the outcome that you desire. Let’s teach you a little bit about conscious manifestation as well. You know how to how to create the thought-form or the intention for what you want to create. Now how to believe in yourself enough and allow yourself to receive it and have it and be there?…”Watch the video, What does the future hold, and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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