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June 30, 2018

Was My Late Father Reincarnated Into This World? FCR213

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Are You Missing A Loved One Who Passed?

E in Seoul, Korea asks the question: “ Was my late father reincarnated into this world?“

Dr.Lesley’s Free Card Reading Re: Reincarnation

One of the areas that I receive many inquiries about is reincarnation and past lives. Recently in a free card reading, I was asked about a father who has been reincarnated. People like to know does reincarnation stays within the same family as am I my grandmother was reincarnated or if my dad reincarnated as my son. Every case can be very different but yes these things can happen. This is where past life readings can really help answer these types of questions.

People will ask how long does it take for a soul to reincarnate because they have a feeling that an individual, who has passed, has returned to their family. So how many times do we reincarnate? When I give a past life reading I usually get a sense of the age of the soul. I sense if they are an old soul and have been through the cycle many times or if they have reincarnated only a few times and are a new soul. Regardless of the age of the soul, it is very interesting to witness the characteristics and attributes that have been attached to individuals as they make these personal life journeys.

These different aspects of an individual affect their current lives and this can be a real boon to understand why and how people do or feel specific things that may be very in or out of character. In this reading, I have some interesting information for this individual. Listen in!

Our listener wants to know “was my late father reincarnated into this world?” Watch the entire video for more information that may help you.

Do You Fear Being All Alone?

“Hello! I’ve got a question from E in Seoul in Korea; was my late father reincarnated into this world or does he stay in the world of spirits? that’s a really great question. Let’s do a little general teaching about past lives before answering it. Specifically, we are spirit. You are spirit. Your father is spirit. Even though we’re experiencing ourselves within these bodies in linear time in this time-space reality called Earth.

We are not spirit. There is a larger part of ourselves that is that multi-dimensional consciousness that is projecting this temporal self. When your father was alive he was in the world of spirits as someone deceased he is in the world of spirits. From the perspective of the world of spirits, there is no time and space. There is just endless creativity and projections of consciousness into different realities including the time-space reality on planet Earth. I know I said that all very quickly but that’s just a perspective on past lives and what they are. Okay! so it’s we because we are linear human brains we think; okay I’m born, I die, I go into the world of spirit, then I come back, then I’m born and then I die and then I go. It’s this linear thing that happens. It isn’t that! that’s just our way to conceive of it in our limited linear human brains. Now let’s get to your question about your father and see what comes up to talk about.

Well, I’m seeing that you had had a close relationship with your father and that it has continued after his passing. Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not it looks as though you’ve continued to communicate with him and have conversations with him. It looks like um it’s almost like he’s continuing to be a father to you but he is wanting you or he is encouraging you to help you kind of grow up, showing me a picture of training wheels. You know like when we’re kids and we learned to ride a bike. The goal is …” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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