Should I Continue My Work With J And K’S Company? FCR218

should i continue my work with j and k's company

Do I Or Don’t I Make The Move?

L. in Harrow, UK asks the question: “ should I continue my work with J. and K.’s company?”

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How do you know when to leave a job for another job? This is one of the main things on the minds of many people all over this globe. In most cases, we need to work in order to earn an income and provide for ourselves and possibly a family. It is an important facet of our lives. It takes up a great percentage of daily lives. It is not unusual for individuals to have issues with their feelings about work. There are so many people that dread waking up each day and going to their work. Hating your job and being there every day can cause severe energetic and emotional pain.

The interesting thing is that at a certain point most individuals go to a place where they begin the process of deciding to leave a job for another. They may even feel it is about their income level. However much of the time it is not about the money but about job happiness. Do you enjoy what you do or are you not fulfilled any longer? Feeling useful is actually the strongest motivation for change. So maybe it is not about leaving a good job for the unknown but about creating the internal attitude that you make a difference. You can work towards bringing that to a reality. You actually have the power to make a positive change in your work life just by changing your attitude towards it. When you do that you will be surprised at the outcome.

Our listener wants to know “should I continue my work with J and K’s company?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Do You Fear Making A Wrong Decision?

“I have got a question from L in Harrow in the United Kingdom; should I continue my work with J and K’s company? Let’s see the answer to your question. The card that I pulled is this one (the card is displayed) which is about taking some time for yourself. That seems to be giving a very clear answer. I will take a look at your energy and the energy of their company. I would agree with the first thing that came up. It does look beneficial to take some time out of that situation to get your energy back, to reflect on what’s important to you, to reconnect with your own your own purpose for yourself, your own passion, your own desires.

When I look at the energy of that company and your interaction with it, it kind of looks like you’re standing on the outside of it, to some degree looking in. It kind of looks like an insurmountable edifice. It’s like, how to fit myself into it, I can’t quite see how I fit anyway, it’s like in order to fit I would have to mutate myself to be like them except you’re not. I’m also seeing that the other thing about that is it looks like it’s something to do with the position that you’re in within that company. Because I’m seeing that you could …” Watch the video and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr.Lesley Here!!!

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