Please Tell Me All You Know About Ley Lines In The British Isles? FCR346

please tell me all you know about ley lines in the british isles

Is Ley Lines Magic Energy Real?

S. asks the question: Please tell me all you know about ley lines in the British Isles?

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Are ley lines magic? Are they sources of odd occurrences and psychic phenomenon? Many people think these things. Ley lines are energy vortexes. They can and do cause interesting phenomenon but that is where it more or less stops. They do not create magic. If someone who has never experienced the power of electricity when it comes to turning on a light bulb and sees this for the first time they would think this was sorcery. North American ley lines are no different in nature than the Stonehenge ley lines. They are a focal point of special earth energy. You can look online for how to find ley lines in your area. It is probable that have some within a few miles. You can actually find ley lines with dowsing rods. Sometimes you can find ley lines in your house. These may cause some grief, however. This energy can make people uncomfortable and anxious. They can be very powerful especially to those who are susceptible. In this free card readings response, a question about ley lines is asked. Listen for the answer to this listener’s question.

A listener asks “please tell me all you know about ley lines in the British Isles?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

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“Hello my next question is from S. and he lives in the Isle of Mann and his question is: please can you tell me all you know about ley lines in Valor the Isle of Mann British Isles. I chose this question because I’m excited to see what comes up. I have to say S. I don’t know anything consciously at least about these ley lines in Bala in the Isle of Mann. I know a little bit about ley lines but nothing about those in particular so I’m going to go into trance and just see what comes up for you. There’s an interesting card that we pulled up for your question which is about self-forgiveness. So we’ll see if that makes sense in a moment. Of course, if my memory serves me correctly the Isle of Mann is in between Britain and Ireland sort of level with the Lake District and yeah Northern Ireland I suppose. So I’m just kind of locating that area on my psychic screen.

The first thing I want to say is that there’s a very ancient energy and there’s a very new energy. It feels like a place where that ancient memory of man and the ancient history of earth meets the new earth. So I’m seeing it’s like it feels like a transition place. It also feels like a place where one might say the veil is thinner. I said ancient meets new but I also feel like what I’m looking at is physical meets non-physical. that there’s a meeting place between the physical and the non-physical a place that makes it easier to see into the non-physical level of reality just because of the way that the energy is. I’m seeing this for the Isle of Mann in general. Let’s look at those ley lines that you’re talking about.

What I’m seeing along the ley lines is little energy vortices sort of dotted along the ley line, little bottles or vortexes of very crystalline energy. I feel like they these might be associated with an underground stream which often ley lines are. There’s a particular pull on the energy. It’s not a vertical pull, it’s a diagonal pull. So it would be like if the ley lines going along this way and there’s this vortex of energy. It goes and pulls that way so that might be the direction of the underground stream. I suppose it feels like there is the energy of the little folk just like there is in Ireland. You know I ‘m seeing a little leprechaun-like creature sitting at the edge of this energy vortex. He reminds me of a leprechaun because he’s got a pipe and showing me that kind of picture…”Watch the video, Please Tell Me All You Know About Ley Lines In The British Isles, and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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