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Do You Desire More Money Or Financial Security?

P in India asks the question: ‘Money matters?’

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Whether you want to learn how to attract love into your life or how to attract more money the process is the same, basically you can become a money money mattersmagnet or even a love magnet. The answer is the Secret Law of Attraction which allows an individual to create a physical manifestation of what they desire. The basics are simple. You set a clear and concise intention and then allow the Universe to create it for you. The Universe, or if you would rather God, wants us to have all we desire. Everything is available for us. All we have to do is put the desire into action in a proper manner. One thing I would warn you about is that you should be very clear and always ask in the positive. For instance more money and financial security can be two different things completely. If you are not clear you may just receive a variation of what you want. If you ask in the negative, the Universe does not here the words no and not, so you will receive more of what you don’t want. Example: I do not want to be sick. The Universe hears “I do want to be sick.” There are a few more steps involved as well. I speak to some of those as well in my video to P.


One listener is wondering about “Money Matters?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.

Worried About Your Finances!

‘P from India wants to know about money matters. The question is just two words money matters. The card that came up at random is this one and it’s about experimenting with new ideas in your imagination. Really that’s how we manifest. How we create is it starts with an idea, a thought, that forms and an intention for that thought form to be manifest in physical reality. So I believe it’s giving you some information on how to manifest abundance. On the other hand we can dream of what we want and that’s part of it but the other part is we have to be able to receive the dream that we’re dreaming for ourselves. And then it’s important to be really grounded um in order to receive your creations in physical reality.

Some of the things I’m seeing about you P in India is that you’re not very grounded so it looks like you’re dreaming of money and not grounding and receiving the money because you’re not present in your body. You’re in the realm of the imagination so my tip for you would be get grounded and in the grounding be receiving the creations that you are wanting. You can learn about grounding if you go to and you search on the podcast page you’ll find one that will teach you how to ground or just click here. It’s a meditation technique that will help you be more present in your body and more able to receive your creations…’Watch the video and learn more about this issue.

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