Is This A Good Or Bad Time To Quit My Job? FCR335

is this a good or bad time to quit my job

Is Quitting Your Job Without Another Job  Lined Up A Smart Idea?

D. in Folsom asks the question: Is this a good or bad time to quit my job?

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Should you quit your job or will it make your life journey more difficult? First of all, in this society work and career have changed since dad or granddad’s time. They would have advised you to never quit your job. Stick around for the gold watch and the pension. That doesn’t happen anymore in most cases. Leaving a job for another opportunity is a very common thing. Some stats say that someone new in the workplace will change jobs let alone careers every two to four years.

Some employers will look at people who do not do so as undesirable because of lack of drive, desire for advancement or lack of motivation. Now quitting your job without another job lined up is not really the thing to do. It is significantly harder to acquire new employment when you are out of work as well as the prospective employer holds all the cards in the way of money strings.  How to quit a job is important.  if you quit a job without notice in an impetuous way it can brand especially if the prospective employers do their due diligence and checks with your previous bosses. In this free card reading response, this topic is looked at from the spiritual, intuitive angles.

A listener asks “is this a good or bad time to quit my job?” Watch the entire video for more of the information that may help you.


Are You Afraid You’ll Make A Mistake?

“I have a question from D. in the United States: I would like to quit my job. I don’t have another job available at this time. Is it a good or a bad time to quit? Well, the card that’s come up (the card is shown on the screen) is about emotions and listening to your emotions. I will take a look psychically at your energy and your situation as well. Well, I see that you’ve already made the decision as Spirit to change. I’m seeing that you know that it isn’t for you and that you’re not enjoying it. What’s holding you back is its like kind of like ‘I feel like I need to have something replaced to replace it before I leave.

And that makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s usually what most people do. From a spiritual perspective what I’m seeing is that it is the correct decision for you. It looks like you’ve already decided it and making the change looks very bright and very positive. Sometimes when we let something go it creates the space for the new creation to flood in. I feel that you’ve already created this as Spirit. You’ve already created opportunities for yourself to move into as Spirit.  Somehow you’re holding on to the old energy…”Watch the video, Is This A Good Or Bad Time To Quit My Job, and learn more about this issue. You, Will, Find More Card Reading Responses By Dr. Lesley Here!!!

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